New Book to Explore A-Rod’s Sexuality?


Outsports reports that Selena Roberts, the Sports Illustrated co-writer who broke the recent story of Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids in 2004, has a book on the slugger coming out in May.

Arod2Among the nuggets that it supposedly tackles is A-Rod’s sexuality.

Bob’s Blitz, a sports gossip blog, reports: “The Blitz has learned Hit and Run: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez by Selena Roberts will be out May 19, 2009 – exactly one week before the Yanks head to…Texas to play the Rangers. It is rumored that the book may take a look at A-rod’s struggle with his sexuality as well as his steroid use. The NY Daily News once had a curious quote, “A petite stripper at the Hustler Club said A-Rod ‘likes the she-male, muscular type. They brought me up to the champagne room one time. I spun around once and that was it. I’m not his type.'”


  1. Milano says

    There are lots of rumors flying around NYC and MIA that A-Rod likes his women muscular and masculine, with a lean towards trans (you hear that, Madge?)…

    Still that doesn’t mean he questions or “struggles” with his sexuality. Plenty of hetero men like trans women.

  2. Chris says

    I think that would mean he likes girls with some muscle, physically fit women as opposed to the barbie type tiny little girls .It doesn’t mean he likes chicks with dicks. That girl is just bitter.

  3. michael says

    As soon as I saw this post I knew Madonna would be mentioned. The venom towards her from insecure gay men never ceases to amaze me.

    As far as A-Rod goes, he can struggle with me anytime. The story itself is rife with gay panic, and homophobia. Of course that flew right over most of the empty heads here.

  4. John M says

    “As soon as I saw this post I knew Madonna would be mentioned. The venom towards her from insecure gay men never ceases to amaze me.”

    Insecure? Really? I love Madonna but your crazy if you don’t realize girl is a mess and can’t get a laugh out stuff like her kabbalah water and her freakish build.

  5. David says

    Why is it that everytime someone makes a crack about Madonna some self important airhead has to leap to her defense? It was tolerable at first, everyone’s allowed to be a fanboy once in a while… but it’s time to tread in deeper waters and enjoy a sense of humor. Madonna can take care of herself without the army of devout lemmings.

  6. Lito S. says

    I don’t think you have to be insecure to not like Madonna. Like any pop artist, she’s not gonna appeal to everyone.

    not so sure the story is rife with gay panic or homophobia as much as just sensationalism. How readers of the upcoming book tho may unfortunately be rife with gay panic or homophobia.

  7. says

    I think it’s just a comment out of context, and I would not read any more into it.

    Though I have absolutely no use for Major League baseball. They set wretched examples for our youth. The minor league’s are where men play for the sake of the sport.

    I am a fairly well adjusted gay male, and I am just not into Madonna. She just never did anything for me, artistically.

    I think it’s a generational thing. I grew up liking Bab’s or Liza more (and still do).

    That does not mean I hate Madonna; she’s just no on my radar as anything of interest.

    Jesus, on the other hand… I’ve already edited that blonde thing out of the pictures so my visual fantasies are not distracted.

  8. says

    1/ The reason people defend Madonna is that she has done a hell of a lot to loosen up this countrys’ attitude towards people who are different. Simple. Do I think she’s as crazy as a loon? Hells yeah. However, while it’s fun to make fun of her, a lot of comments made are just over the line. If you can name anything that you’ve done to take yourself from the bottom and rise and stay on top for over 20yrs (which in showbiz esp for a woman is almost unheard of) all the while entertaning and helping people, please all of you truly hateful detractors, list them.

    I’m waiting.

    Uh huh.


    That pic is of A-Rod and his trainer, but it does look rather “Gay”. I wish. Though I’m sure he wouldn’t be looking my way if he was a ‘mo.

    I know plenty of straight guys who like that muscle woman look. I don’t get it, but, whatever. I think most of us guys would think we’d want the full on Jessica Rabbit type, but who knows?

  9. Giovanni says

    “I think that would mean he likes girls with some muscle, physically fit women as opposed to the barbie type tiny little girls .It doesn’t mean he likes chicks with dicks. That girl is just bitter.”

    Agreed. I mean come on people!

  10. mike says

    That picture came out a few years ago after A-Rod joined the Yanks. It was taken in Florida and the older man is a curandero friend of Alex. BTW, it has been rumoured for a long time that Alex’ sexuality is, um, fluid. He has long been known to be on the dl. It might explain a lot of the anguished complexity of A’s personality. He’s a very, very needy guy and for all his athletic gifts, good looks and wealth, he is about as neurotic and insecure as they come. He wore his wife out because of that. She just couldn’t take it anymore.

  11. xxxx says

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