News: White Knots, Eclipse, Yves St. Laurent, Arkansas, James Franco

NYT Op-Ed: A compromise on same-sex marriage? "It would work like this: Congress would bestow the status of federal
civil unions on same-sex marriages and civil unions granted at the
state level, thereby conferring upon them most or all of the federal
benefits and rights of marriage. But there would be a condition:
Washington would recognize only those unions licensed in states with
robust religious-conscience exceptions, which provide that religious
organizations need not recognize same-sex unions against their will.
The federal government would also enact religious-conscience
protections of its own. All of these changes would be enacted in the
same bill." Pam: Flawed...

Matthew McConaughey shows the Brazilians how to flex.

James Franco wins Independent Spirit Award for Milk.

Jaguars: First Mexico, now Arizona

Who wore a White Knot last night at the Oscars?

Yves Saint Laurent art auction expected to bring in $250 million: "A large portion of the proceeds is to go to a foundation to support AIDS research." His longtime partner Pierre Berge talked about the collection last December: "I’m very happy to have made with Yves one of the greatest collections
of the century. In a few years, I will be very pleased to see at an
exhibition the label ‘Provenance Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.’
In time people will tell one another, ‘You really should know about
these two guys, who lived in the 20th century in Paris.’ I don’t
believe in God. I only believe in human beings, in memory. That’s all.
The memory will persist."

Norwegian iTunes leaks Kelly Clarkson album to the internet one month early.

Possible self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci discovered in southern Italy: "The damaged oil-on-panel portrait was discovered by Nicola Barbatelli, a
medieval historian, while he was researching the archive and picture
collection of an aristocratic family at Acerenza (population 3,000), an
ancient village perched on a rock above the river Bradano near Potenza in
the southern Italian region of Basilicata. The family has asked to remain

Michael Jackson planning "biggest comeback in history": "In one of the most lucrative music deals ever, the cash-strapped singer
is reportedly on the verge of securing £1.5million-a-night to perform. Sources close to the negotiations have dismissed rumours of recent ill health and say a deal is weeks from being announced. The residency at the 20,000-seat arena will eclipse the longest run of 21 shows at the arena by U.S. singer Prince in 2007. Jackson is said to favour London over a U.S. venue because he still enjoys huge popularity across Europe."

Dallas Voice interviews U.S. Congressman Jared Polis.

Madonna pulls a Benjamin Buttons before heading to the Vanity Fair party.

Medical examiner details injuries of Ryan Keith Skipper, says slain man tried to fight back: "Deep cuts and slashes covered his back, neck and shoulders. He also had
small bruises on the back of his head from falling or from someone
hitting him, Volnikh said. It was the cut to the throat that killed the 5-foot, 10-inch man,
Volnikh testified. The cut was 3.5 inches deep. A blade tore through
his skin, tissue, muscles and, more fatally, an artery. Skipper quickly
bled to death."

Japanese probe photographs penumbral lunar eclipse as it orbits the moon.

Relatives remember Harvey Milk: "The first time I ever met Harvey was at our wedding. He flew in from
California to be our best man. He was already in the Navy, a deep-sea
diver. I thought he was very stunning when I saw him. He came in his
Navy uniform and seemed to be charming, very charming."

Arkansas Presbyterians approve gay ordination: "Arkansas Presbyterians voted overwhelmingly
Saturday for a constitutional amendment to allow noncelibate
homosexuals to serve as deacons, elders and ministers in the
Presbyterian Church (USA). The lopsided 116-64 vote
surprised leaders of the Presbytery of Arkansas, a collection of nearly
100 congregations spread across central and northern Arkansas.  'It
tells me that there’s no predicting the Holy Spirit,' said Interim
General Presbyter Sallie Watson, shortly after the vote. The presbytery, which has roughly 15,300 members, had narrowly rejected a similar proposal in 2001."

France not ready for a gay president.


  1. says

    The NYT op-ed was shameful and bogus. (Not surprising considering the authors.) I wrote a letter to the Times yesterday, immediately after reading it (which they probably won’t publish).

    First off, we’re not fighting for “gay marriage.” We’re fighting for civil marriage equality. There is a difference. Second, most of the piece is spent appeasing the religious (the need for civil rights for gay people is skipped quickly over), needlessly, since civil marriage equality will not infringe on religious freedoms, and where there are potential conflicts with anti-discrimination laws, it should be up to religious organizations of justify their discriminatory practices.

    Would what they are proposing be better than zilch on a federal level? Yes. But it is hardly the satisfactory “reconciliation” they’re pretending it is. Canada, with its full civil marriage equality, is still the role model, not these sissy, religious ass-kissers.

  2. Leland Frances says

    RE NYT Jews for Hitler-like piece:

    1. Pam’s comments are good [same arguments about interracial marriage in the past, etc.], and her first commenter surgically pulls out the rotten center of these fruits’ nonsense perfectly:

    “The nature of a compromise is that each party has to give up something. Under this plan, gays give up the right to be treated equally. What does the other side give up?
    Nothing. They actually get to keep discriminating against us and have it codified into law. So basically it’s this: We don’t get to marry and they still get to consider us less than equal. Some compromise.”

    2. What the authors [and Aimless Amy the Dyke Bee behind the pseudo “Join the Impact”] don’t get/refuse to accept that the core of the other side HATES US so they will NOT “accept” such a compromise because they don’t want us to have ANY equal rights. They are the same people opposing even a simple job protection law in Utah and elsewhere; even opposing Zero Tolerance for harassment rules in schools [Beat up a gay kid for Christ!].

    3. The collaborators er authors ignore the right of equal opportunity to words. Those who say, “Forget the word “marriage,” would probably have said to Rosa Parks: “what are you getting in a tizzy about? Front, middle, back of the bus… get where you’re going just the same.” No, we don’t.

    4. Just Say No To These Queer Quislings [and Aimless Amy] and return to what Harvey would be saying today if he were still alive: BULLSHIT!!!!! I was thrilled last night when Sean Penn called Shame on willful bigots before a billion+ people watching around the world. You cannot cure stomach cancer by pretending it’s only slight indigestion.

    5. They repeat what, to the best of my knowledge, is a myth—that Obama “supports a ‘federal civil union’.” There’s no “federal straight marriage” so whence comes this concept? If anyone has a link to objective proof that he has ever phrased it this way—versus simply saying that he supports the opportunity for the same federal benefits for gay couples as straight—please post it.

  3. Mark in NYC says

    re: Who wore the white knot last night?
    I was jarred for a second when I saw a red ribbon on Emma Thompson in one of the (tedious) video montages. It made me aware of the absence of public support for causes in later (and current) years.

  4. James C. says

    What I want to know is what this so called compromise would do in a case where the closest hospital to treat a member of a gay family happens to be a religious one? The Catholic Church owns and runs scores of hospitals across this country. The one in my town sure is. Does that silly conscientious objector cop out apply there too or just to religious ceremonies? Plenty of women who were raped have had to fight with cold-hearted bastards who won’t give them contraceptives as part of a rape kit. They get treated in the end, but it’s one more hassle to have to put up with after being traumatized. Why should we be enticed into agreeing to this?

  5. Bobby says

    I see nothing wrong with a compromise as long as we get equal rights they can call it saltine crackers. And yes, there are people spreading lies about churches being FORCED to perform gay weddings. Now it’s truly sad that someone would believe that bullshit, but we are talking about people who believe a man lived in a fish and another one lived to be 900 years old. We ain’t exactly dealing with MENSA members.

    I’m all for balls out fist fighting if we have to, but the softer approach at first can’t hurt.

    A majority of right wing nut jobs say they are in favor of gay civil unions. Let’s test them and see just how “in favor” they are.

  6. says

    “I see nothing wrong with a compromise as long as we get equal rights they can call it saltine crackers.”

    But, Bobby, we don’t get equal rights! We get an unacceptable compromise, that’s the point. Equal rights = civil marriage. Read all the fine print (amid the lack of discussion of our rights) put in there to, needlessly, appease the religious, who have no business owning civil marriage. If, for instance, Vermont passes a full marriage equality bill (which we’re likely to do this year), it could be rejected at the federal level for not including enough religious exemptions. We shouldn’t have to settle for second class citizenship, period.

  7. Bobby says

    You’re right Ernie. I guess I’m just about ready to give up. The church has power and they want to use that power to push us out of existence. How can we fight ignorance and hatred? It seems almost impossible and I hate to say that, but it’s the way I feel.

    Is it going to take a revolution where even more FAMILY gets killed and hurt and disowned?

    I want full equal rights, but even Obama is letting us down on that issue.

    I fear there’s nowhere to turn.

  8. *M* says

    I finally saw Milk today and I have never been so inspired by anything. I am unofficially part of the straight alliance and truly felt like getting on my own soapbox with a megaphone and shouting “my name is maria and I am here to recruit you”.

    (Which would be a great protest, if thousands of people did that across the country-world)

  9. Mike says

    Screw the soft approach, it ain’t working. These people are fricken’ bigots and frankly I’m sick of it! Here is the compromise… Civil Unions for everybody – no one can get married anymore. How’s them apples…

  10. Bill says

    Perhaps the Federal and State Governments need to get out of the Marriage business alltogether, or even recognizing “marriage”, and rather only grant Civil Unions, well, like has worked for over a hundred years in France. Any and all rights and privileges would be granted to civil union partners.
    The churches, temples, mosques could recognize marriages. My church will marry a homosexual couple, but won’t marry someone who is not a member of the congregation. That seems to work without violating anyone’s rights or “spiritual” sensitivities.

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