News: Michael Phelps, Hubble, Beyoncé, DOMA, Iraq, Shepard Fairey

road.jpg Hillary Clinton: State Department gay and lesbian inequities on a “fast timeline”

Posterboyroad.jpg New York’s street artist “Poster Boy” (or at least one of them) arrested at art exhibition in SoHo: “While most other street or graffiti artists concentrate on adding their own imagery, illegally, to parts of the subway system, Poster Boy, a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage, has made his outlaw presence known all over the city by cutting and pasting the images that are already there in the form of ads.”

road.jpg Etta James wants to kick Beyoncé’s ass.

road.jpg DOMA hit: 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals orders health insurance benefits paid to same-sex spouses of government-employed lawyers.

road.jpg No 2012: Is Michael Phelps going to prove his critics right by letting a bong hit end his career?

road.jpg Manhattan’s maple syrup smell mystery solved.

road.jpg Hudson, Minnesota man pleads not guilty to attack on lesbian: “During the hearing, a signature bond was set for Dustan Warren, 27, in the amount of $50,000. As a condition of the bond, he was also ordered to not have any contact with the alleged victim or Wesley Stayberg, who the woman said came to her aid during the alleged attack.A $100,000 cash bond had been previously set. The 35-year-old woman had testified in December that Warren punched her in the face, pinned her to the floor and threatened to rape and kill her after making obscene comments about her sexual orientation. She said that Warren was an acquaintance who showed up uninvited to a small party at her Hudson home the night of Nov. 26.”

Hubbleroad.jpg You can vote on where the Hubble telescope is going to look next.

road.jpg Thread about sexuality of Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman disappears from popular local website.

road.jpg And they said it wouldn’t last.

road.jpg Cornify: A button that will make your computer shit rainbows and unicorns.

Apobamaroad.jpg AP going after Shepard Fairey for copyright infringement because “Hope” poster was based on photographer’s image.

road.jpg Gay Iraqi man faces deportation from UK: “Campaign group Iraqi LGBT says the asylum seeker will become the seventh gay Iraqi to be returned to the country by the UK, despite the country being one of only nine in the world where homosexual people are executed. Though a ruling was made in September 2007 allowing two gay Iraqis to remain in the UK, campaigners working on behalf of the man facing deportation tomorrow say his case was held too long ago to benefit from the change in case law achieved in 2007. Keith Best, the director of the Immigration Advisory Service, told the Guardian that the government ought to give the asylum seeker a fresh hearing.”

road.jpg Ashley Judd is pissed about Sarah Palin’s wolf hunting.

Orlandobloomroad.jpg A tree blooms from Orlando’s crotch.

road.jpg Penetration has a chat with Matt Alber, whose video we featured late last month.

road.jpg RuPaul in Details: George W. Bush was a drag on drag culture. “When we live in a fear culture—and it’s cyclical, it comes from time to time—gender experimentation goes underground because it’s the last thing people want to deal with. Sexual experimentation is thought of as subversive and dark—scary. Now I think drag is coming back.”

road.jpg Ferrari in Cristiano Ronaldo smash-up not faulty, but Ronaldo’s driving perhaps was

road.jpg British man pleads guilty to gay blackmail: “David Beales demanded £500 from his victim after he had communicated with the married man through a gay website. Beales sent the man a text between August 1 and September 19 last year asking for the money and threatened to tell his wife that he had been using the gay website if nothing was handed over.”

road.jpg Saugus, California woman’s car targeted in hate crime: “Sgt. Ron Price of the Santa Clarita Valley station said that a swastika and the words ‘gay’ and ‘bro’ were written on the windshield of the car. ‘She thought it was unusual because she told us she wasn’t Jewish or gay,’ Price said. The victim did have a “bro” sticker on the back of the car.”


  1. Solange Knowles says

    Wow, uh…Etta James doesn’t come off as bitter AT ALL, considering:

    1. She didn’t write the song.

    2. She didn’t perform the song first.

    3. She doesn’t own the rights to the song.

    4. She can’t sing anymore.

    5. Her signature song was still used to usher in a new era headlined by the country’s first African-American president.

    6. The song was performed at all 10 inaugural balls, by different people.

    Sounds like someone’s pissed that Beyonce is young and pretty, and few remember Etta James anymore…

  2. Strepsi says

    Thanks SOLANGE — I am glad you are defending sis. I will no longer call you “the forgotten Knowles”.

    re: Shepard Fairey — AP has no case. One is a photo, one is a work of plastic art by hand, which is clearly based on it. What’s next — Dole suing the painter of a still life for ownership of the banana? Or if AP wins, could Obama sue them for profiting from his image? Art is an interpretation for heaven’s sakes, and unless he was including the literal photograph as a montage, without crediting the photographer, AP has no case.

  3. TANK says

    Few remember etta james anymore? Well, the general lack of taste explains it, but doesn’t excuse it.

  4. kuros says

    again regarding Phelps
    A few years back Phelps had a run in with alcohol and he stated he was sorry…23 years old or not its time for you to get your act together Michael

  5. nic says

    i DO remember etta james. to not remember her equals blasphemy. beyonce, the rip-off artist, should not get off scott free.

    more and more, the white-out black man is betraying himself to be a creature of politics. where is the fuc8g change?

  6. PAUL says

    Hells yeah Clinton. Get me my damn benefits.

    As to Phelps: wow, someone young, rich, and famous using liquor and marijuana. Shocking. I would never have thought that could happen. This should clearly be in the news every day. He does have a huge lung capacity, what else is he sposta do in the off-season…

  7. SFshawn says

    I’m sure Phelps,like most Olympic athletes,spent most of his childhood and adult life practicing,training and competing to bring home the gold. He’s done it(x8) and good for him! if he wants to get drunk and smoke pot and not compete in the 2012 Olympics then more power to him…it is his fucking life after all.

  8. PAUL says

    Hells yeah Clinton. Get me my damn benefits.

    As to Phelps: wow, someone young, rich, and famous using liquor and marijuana. Shocking. I would never have thought that could happen. This should clearly be in the news every day. He does have a huge lung capacity, what else is he sposta do in the off-season…

  9. daveynyc says

    Go Hillary!

    I read she’s off to Indonesia “reach out to Muslim world”. Amen Hills! So refreshing after the last 8 years of embarrassment.

  10. Mike says

    Go on Etta, get her!! That no singing/talent Beyonce is just as bad as Britanny Spears when it comes to butchering songs.

  11. Jimmyboyo says

    I’ll bet the Eta Jones vs Beyonce thing is just PR

    There is a movie out since Dec with Beyonce playing the younger Eta. big coincidence! In Hollywood a well placed PR cat fight drums up free publicity. Don’t believe everything you read :-)
    Phelps has wimped out! Oh well, like someone else said….he has trained since a young kid 24/7 every day of every year of his young life without a childhood. He has succeeded 8X and is reportedly worth $50 million dollars. He doesn’t ever have to compete again or even do another endorsement. He is set for life (conservatively invested in stable CDs spread out to different banks = at 2-3.3% Jumbo CD = 1 mill-1.65 mill pre taxes a year) He should and has been living it up. He just needs to watch the driving while intoxicated or high.


    The right wing AP (sad trend over the yrs of it going right wing and is getting dumped right and left by newspapers and tv news due to that fact) doesn’t have a case. Just trying to get pr. In the end AP owes Obama for using his likeness

  12. Jimmyboyo says



    I thought she was off to China first. Indonesia (most populus muslim country) first as outreach would be cool on helping to calm relations between the USA and the muslim world.

    I could see muslims seeing it as showing a lot of respect to bypass larger and more powerful China to visit them first. Smart move.

    The more we can calm US /muslim world relations the quicker we can work on brokering Israeli/palestinian peace as well as get out of Iraq and deal with the taliban in Afganistan and Pakistan (who the majority of the muslim world are embarrassed by and dislike just as we are embarrassed by our back country hillbilly bible thumping militia groups)

  13. Mark in NYC says

    Re: Strepsi, AP very well may have a case. There is the precedent of a Jeff Koons sculpture that was destroyed because he created the sculpture from a photograph belonging to someone else.

  14. John in CA says

    Cue the hysterical Republicans with the “those damn activist San Francisco judges” stuff. And this is bad news for Obama personally as well. Everyone knows he doesn’t want to touch DOMA in the first term (or maybe even the second term). But if the Ninth Circuit keeps on underminding it, he may have too as President.

    So, the 1,000,000 dollar question:

    Will the Obama administration appeal this ruling on the grounds that “only Congress can repeal DOMA?”

  15. Yeek says

    I sense a little anxiety from the USOC. Phelps is a huge, huge draw and they know it. They certainly need him more than he needs them – let them twist in the wind a little.

  16. daveynyc says


    Yea she’s def hitting China

    AP says “this month will be Japan, indonesia, S Korea, and China..choosing Asia for her first trip”.

    It was funny, my friend was telling me that he
    can finally take his Canadian flag sticker off his
    backpack when he travels now

  17. says

    Etta James might be smart for throwing a temper tantrum — gives her the chance to blow off some steam and get free publicity at the same time

  18. says

    Etta has never been one to mince words or be diplomatic, but, having heard her at the Montreal Jazz Fest a few years ago, she most certainly still can sing. She’s lived a hard life, but her voice was strong and sure, and she could teach the young show-offs a thing or two about true singing. She’s also the rare artist who continues to record valid albums late in her career. I have most of her albums from the past 2 decades, and they’re great. Beyoncé will be lucky to have such longevity, and I’m sure she knows it.