1. says

    I’m starting to hate this Fairey guy.

    If a young poor kid was to get busted for the same thing, would the ICA be as supportive? Why did no one rush to the infamouse tagger “Chaka”s defense when he was busted? His tagging was truly amazing as it showed up in the most random places all over L.A. and caused a huge discussion about what was truly organic street art as opposed to graffiti.

    Fairey is way too old to be doing this sort of thing AND he gives the conservatives yet another reason to bash Obama.

    If he truly cared about our new “movement” in this country he would just go ahead and do his “art” the legit way and leave the street level stuff to the kids and emerging artists who don’t have his access to the big established arts organizations that fund his hackery.

    He’s something of a tool with his stolen Soviet Collectivist ideas and bad judgement.

  2. Tom in BA says

    The “artist” should buy his own materials for his oh so important work and stop defacing public spaces. He making the city uglier than it has to be. He should pay the cleanup costs too. Down with “tagging” … what a waste.

  3. paul c says

    He’s beyond lame. But it is classy that he would try to rip off the poor Latino photographer who actually got off his ass and schlepped to where Obama was and took his own fucking photo.

    I guess Fairey was too busy destroying other people’s property and running down communities to be bothered.

    Yeah, he’s a real fucking talent.

  4. resurrect says

    getting busted on the way into DJ’ing the start of the party – fabulous! love the art and the mojo.

  5. Tyler says

    I love anarchy in the name of art. If it were up to me artists would all get 30 grand a year to create so they wouldn’t have to self promote.