1. Matt says

    I loathe the Republicans but I’m totally against this bill. It is not a stimulus package it is a government spending package. The bill should have been about reinforcing food stamps and unemployment benefits and much more money should have been given to infastructure.

  2. Pete says

    Considering how the final bill is 1071 pages long and the previous version was under 600, Mr. Polis is speaking out of his ass when he says “The only pieces that we had to look at were ones that were changed in the final conference report…Most of the bill, probably 90% of the bill is what we passed a couple weeks ago.” – I’m sorry nearly doubling the size of the bill isn’t a 10% change. I cringe to think at the crap we’ll find in this once people have had a chance to go over it.

  3. says

    John Boehner is a total asshat. His only goal is to obstruct. If you noticed him during the inauguration, he looked so peeved to be there. He, like the other repugs, seem to have missed the ringing message on 11/02/08. YOU LOST! YOUR TIME IS OVER!

    Move along now and get out of the way of progress.

  4. John in CA says

    Congressmen don’t read. If anyone’s naive enough to think Boehner’s studiously going through this legislation line-by-line for “waste,” they don’t know much about Washington. His legislative aide(s) are the ones doing the reading. And as always, they’ll brief Mr. Boehner on the highlights of the legislation before his negotiations with the Speaker. They’ll give him their opinion of specific parts of the legislation and a rundown of how it dovetails with the GOP Platform.

    Even for a bill of this magnitude though, it should take no more than 15-30 minutes of his time to go through the briefing. For larger bills, they’ll split up the task among several people. For smaller bills, one aide will usually suffice. But the notion that members of Congress actually proof legislation personally is utter nonsense.

  5. Jordan says

    Can this silly little experiment with “bipartisanship” now come to an end? Bipartisanship for bipartisanships sake is STUPID. And obviously Democrats and Republicans have differing definitions of the word. For Republicans, it seems to mean “everything goes 100% completely [our] way at all times or F*CK it!.”

  6. paul c says

    So much for Obamacheney’s promise that the public would have 48 hours to read legislation before it is voted upon.

    Yet another lie from Obamacheney. I already see the pattern.

  7. mcQLA says

    I wonder if this might actually get our president to abandon this assinine “bi-partisanship” crap and start doing what he was elected to do, which is basically undo 30 years of Republican (yes, I mean Bill Clinton, too) mischief against the working people of this country and any part of the rest of the world that doesn’t want to enthusiastically surrender their wealth to our corporate leaders for a pittance.

    The Republicans have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they seek nothing less than total domination of the country and the world. The Democratic leadership has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that it either drinks from a bottomless well of naivete when it comes to the Republican agenda or that it actually shares the Republican agenda. I’m starting to suspect the latter.

    This political system is so broken at this point it may take another Revolution to fix it.

    Change. It’s the new Same.

  8. CK says

    Republicans (including those here that are trashing the President) have nothing but ‘more of the same’ to include in the stimulus bill and they have the gall to wipe their asses on the solution presented?

    What about the fact that these fucking morons screwed the country over with their braindead greedy-beyond-speech “I’m OK, so fuck you” attitude and policies don’t they understand was wrong and landed us where we are?

    Sorry, but so much for bi-partisanship…. during the Bush years the GOP spurned bi-partisanship, blocking the Democrats at EVERY possible turn, shutting them out. Now that they have well-earned and much deserved minority status, they whine constantly about lack of bi-partisanship? Are they kidding? They fucked us all with the last 8 years of misguided policies, and in the process, have totally fucked themselves in the present day.

    As Bob Dylan sang:

    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

  9. RB says

    INFLATION! That is the new buzzword for the Obama administration. Trust me, it is coming and it will not be pretty!

    This bill is a nothing short of an economic meltdown for the US! Proven fact, the US languished far longer in the great depression than we should have because of the policies of FDR. Well folks, welcome to the new FDR/Obama era.

    Can you spell pork? I think you can. We will not see ourselves out of this financial mess in our life time.

    Obama campaign lie #1: I will bring transparency to the white house and will sign no law into effect until it has been posted on the white house web page for 5 days. No more pushing through legislation in the middle of the night. Well, he has already pushed through adding millions to the role of medicaid, and our future tax burden, without transparency! The bail out has been posted in J-peg format, has marks all over it and cannot be scanned into a word document. Therefore it cannot be scanned and researched. Somehow someone has something in it that they do not want the American public to know about until it has been passed. So much for that transparency BS!

    Lie #2: I will repeal DADT. What the hell ever! Now he wants to create a committe to study DADT. It has been studied for over 20 years now…do what you say you will do!

    Again, inflation boys and girls, it is coming to a home town near you! We cannot afford this bailout….welcome to the United Socialist States of America. We are living in the beginning of the decline of the US.

  10. says

    I’m a hardcore Dem, but, dumping the bill late is the same shit Bush did and we were told wouldn’t happen anymore. No one can go through something this important in such a short time.

    We were promised 48hrs and technically we got it, but it just doesn’t look good. I hope they get their act together soon. It hasn’t been a good two weeks. If they keep messing up the Repugs will start eating Obama alive.

    I’m very disappointed in the Prez or his staff which I guess means the Prez.

    I had hoped things would be different. I still do.

  11. MAJeff says

    ****Proven fact, the US languished far longer in the great depression than we should have because of the policies of FDR. Well folks, welcome to the new FDR/Obama era.****

    Lying idiot.

  12. RB says

    Two UCLA economists say they have figured out why the Great Depression dragged on for almost 15 years, and they blame a suspect previously thought to be beyond reproach: President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    “Why the Great Depression lasted so long has always been a great mystery, and because we never really knew the reason, we have always worried whether we would have another 10- to 15-year economic slump,” said Ohanian, vice chair of UCLA’s Department of Economics. “We found that a relapse isn’t likely unless lawmakers gum up a recovery with ill-conceived stimulus policies.”

    Read it yourself Majeff:

    Of course they are not the only economist that believe that the RIDICULOUS “stimulus” policies of the FDR administration prolonged the depression. There are many and the proof is great. Some nay sayers choose to believe that he was a God send for his time, but much of what we learned from history is not only wrong, but that we have now actually learned NOTHING from it! WE are repeating hsitory and this “stimulus” package is not only NOT stimulus it will kill us before we see day light!

    But thanks for you one liner “lying idiot” comment. On this subject it appears that I am a little more informed than you.

    Take care

  13. MAJeff says

    Actually, RB, there are a couple of things to draw from that article.

    First, the authors overstate the power of their analysis. The one program they analyze is not the totality of the New Deal, nor of government expenditures. The consensus among economists is that what brought the US (and the World) out of the Depression was…wait for it…massive government spending. Yes, the economic stimulus of state spending in WWII. Additionally, the nation had been in recovery for most of FDR’s term until the retreat from such stimulus spending in 1937, when the unemployment rate jumped and the negative affects of the depression were intensified.

    Second, you obviously know very little about the processes and practices of social science research, which is evident in your nonsensical statement about the “proven fact” that the new deal prolonged the depression. There’s still a lot of debate among economists about the variety of effects of the wide ranging programs involved.

    go back to sucking Rush’s oxycontin-filled cock.

  14. Truth says

    Actually MAJEFF. the biggest thing that contributed to the second sliding of the economy was the strike down of many of FDR’s programs by the Supreme Cour as being Unconstitutional. Most historians think that FDR was nearing a disasterous conclusion had he not had WWII to focus the energy and industry of America on. Also, it allowed him to issue bonds under the auspices of patriotism to subsidize the war effort.

    This comparison to the Great Depression that seems to prevade the media currently is a tool by the DNC and the media to create a hysteria to further an agenda of a particluar politcal belief. Yes it is bad but not nearly that bad.

    I too, who generally support the programs of the Democrats become some less than enthusiastic when hearing of 50 million dollars to save a salt marsh mouse in California. Restraint is the better part of valor but it seems little restraint has been practiced with this bill and the far ranging effects of spending trillions of dollars leaves LITTLE doubt by most respected and NON PARTISAN economists not funded but the political parties that we are heading down a dangerous and slippry slope.

  15. MAJeff says

    ***I too, who generally support the programs of the Democrats become some less than enthusiastic when hearing of 50 million dollars to save a salt marsh mouse in California.***

    No such thing is happening.

  16. John in CA says

    Then Senator (now President) Obama has been pushing for this stimulus bill since September of last year. How much more time do the American people need to prepare themselves for bigger goverment?

    Lets put it off until 2010?

    Or 2011 perhaps?

    That was the sort of behavior that got us into this mess in the first place. And if you didn’t want any new spending, why exactly did you all vote for the guy who explicitly promised more spending?

    Obama wasn’t my first choice for president. But he’s doing exactly what he said he’d do. I was annoyed at former Bush supporters for pretending they didn’t know what W was about early on. And I’m not going to let former Obama supporters get away with it either. You knew exactly what you were voting for. Don’t try to pull that “he lied to me” crap.

  17. -ray says

    Forget about the so called stimulus bill. What frightens me is the little known fact that there will be a “health board” that will decide the fate of millions Americans when it comes to treatment for diseases. This will have a profound affect on the elderly. If the board does not think it is cost effective to the government then treatment will not be given. In the UK, where I am from, we had a board that was formed by the same model that the US is looking at. This board withheld a treatment for macular degeneration for the elderly until they had lost complete vision in one eye. Once this happened they were given the medicine. had a nice write-up about this.. I encourage all to read. It gives the page numbers of the stimulus bill where this is mentioned. Please read the bill!!

    If you do not think that this will have an effect on the gay community, I have one word.. HIV.. Since there is currently no cure for this dreadful disease what makes you think that this new board will withhold treatment because it is too expensive to just prolong a life?

  18. RB says

    ***I too, who generally support the programs of the Democrats become some less than enthusiastic when hearing of 50 million dollars to save a salt marsh mouse in California.***

    No such thing is happening.

    Posted by: MAJeff | Feb 14, 2009 11:40:11 AM

    Actually MaJeff, you are not correct again. However it is $30 million not $50 million, AND it is in the beloved Nancy Pelosi’s district. No bills in the dark of night, no pork, no BS. Sounds a lot like Bush Sr’s statement “read my lips: no new taxes” to me.

    Talk about a pet project. A tiny mouse with the longtime backing of a political giant may soon reap the benefits of the economic-stimulus package.

    Lawmakers and administration officials divulged Wednesday that the $789 billion economic stimulus bill being finalized behind closed doors in Congress includes $30 million for wetlands restoration that the Obama administration intends to spend in the San Francisco Bay Area to protect, among other things, the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi represents the city of San Francisco and has previously championed preserving the mouse’s habitat in the Bay Area. Washington Times.

    Ray, you are correct! We are about to destroy the US healthcare system, dilute care and increase waiting for treatments that hopefully will be approved. Terrifying to say the least!

    John in CA, you are 100% dead on correct! And I for one can say that he is doing everything that he said he would do and that I have posted over and over that he would do. There are absolutely no surprises for me yet, and HELL NO, I did not vote for him!

  19. 24play says

    Sniveling idiot RB doesn’t just get his talking points from Faux News. He also gets them from the Moonie-owned Washington Times!

    Perhaps that shit-for-brains choice of sources is why he’s whining about inflation when the real threat right now is a deflationary spiral.

    Not too bright, that RB.

  20. 24play says

    Here’s RB’s Moonie Mouse Scoop thoroughly debunked:

    Like most Republicunts, RB is a filthy liar—and a sloppy one with piss-poor reading comprehension, at that.

    Girl, you really need to try and get your information from reliable sources—not Rush, not Fox, not Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times—if you ever want to be taken seriously.

  21. says

    “ had a nice write-up about this.”

    Except, Ray and RB and any other FOX News mouthpieces, Betsy McCaughey is a Rush sweetheart and right wing darling whose past claims about health care–like these current claims–have been widely debunked. Every time she offers her health care critiques, recanting and apologies tend to follow.

    The idea that HIV+ people have more to fear under Obama than under Bush . . . hmmm, just doesn’t past the smell test.

  22. Cj says

    Or lord, RB and Rudy need to get it on. I am so tired of self loathing homosexual Republican trolls. It’s done, move on, NO ONE here wants to read your rhetoric.

  23. 24play says

    Ever notice how RB is only too happy to spend the better part of a day or two fouling Andy’s blog with his irrational Republican lies, posting his tired Fox/Drudge/Limbaugh talking point again and again and again, but then when he gets called on it, and whatever ridiculous claims or arguments he’s been posting get thoroughly debunked by other commenters here, he just disappears in a burst of sulfurous smoke? Not another word from him in this thread. But next thing you know, there he is responding to one of Andy’s posts above, expansively blathering on about something earth-shattering like how the shade of Suze Orman’s jacket really brings out the fire in her eyes.

    No acknowledgment from RB that he’s, as usual, full of shit, and that he’s been mindlessly spewing lies on here for hours on end.

    I guess I expect most Republicans to be liars, and RB is certainly typical, but does he also have to be such a goddamn coward?

  24. CJ says

    AMEN 24PLAY. I notice a lot of individuals who play “devil’s advocate” on Towleroad tend to vacate the topic when called out on the misinformation they spread. Interesting that some of them have very similar talking points and even language in their writing. Makes you wonder if someone is trolling and posting under different names.

  25. TANK says

    Could someone explain to me how cutting education funding–which is already paid for on credit–and increasing tax cuts is a step forward? Isn’t this cut MORE than erased in deficit spending to make up for those new tax cuts?

    Also, could someone explain to me specifically how the AMT tax cut expenditure is going to stimulate the economy?

    And why is healthcare to the poor being cut along with state and local aid? What kind of a stimulus is this?

    And who’s to blame for this complete and total lack of understanding about basic economics? Who’s to blame for republicans crying for tax cuts when most of our extant infrastructure are being floated on credit? In this case, the senate, it seems…and specifically, senate moderates.

  26. says

    Ain’t it the truth, 24PLAY. The Republicans arrive only when the posts involve $/tax cuts and/or to regurgitate right wing Rush/FOX talking points. Then they vanish like so many trolls under the bridge (remember some of the pre-election trolls; we need a Where Are They Now? special for them) . . . other gay issues–like, say, civil rights–don’t particularly concern them because they include us crazy liberals. If they weren’t gay themselves they’d probably be first in line spouting anti-gay rhetoric.

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