Students Plan Mass Kiss-in at UC Boulder

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder are planning a pre-Valentine’s mass make-out session at a fountain on the school’s campus tomorrow:

Trumbofountain“Student organizers say the demonstration, entitled ‘Make Out Stake Out,’ will give gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students — along with their straight allies — an avenue to playfully challenge societal norms about public displays of affection. If all goes as planned, at precisely 11:53 a.m., a ‘flash mob’ of student couples of varying sexual orientations suddenly will appear at the UMC fountain square, make out for two minutes — and then disperse. ‘We’re trying to remove the stigma that surrounds same-sex affection in public and, more importantly, the misconception that if you are queer and you are expressing affection in public that you are rubbing it in people’s faces,’ junior Spencer Watson said.”

If anybody gets photos, please send them to us.

Make Out Stake Out


  1. TANK says

    This, like most protests, are a waste of effort and resources. Just imagine what all that demonstrating could do if it were repackaged as constant harassment of elected officials, constant lobbying…PR that isn’t some starry eyed young organizer/ activist talking about our need for equal rights and protections under the law in a soundbyte on the local six o’clock (and many times, not even that…).

  2. says

    Funny that I have to read a blog to find out that a kiss-in is being staged in my backyard practically. Unfortunately, I’ll be working in the south end of Denver when the event is occurring. Of course, I tend to think that a kiss-in happening in Boulder is rather like preaching to the choir. They would have more of an impact in Colorado Springs (or as I affectionately call it “The Hotbed of Bigotry”). Perhaps they’ll take their show on the road (or I-25).

  3. Chris says

    Funny, we actually did this at Cornell today. And I hardly think it’s a wasted effort; we’re trying to change the opinions of our fellow students, because changing minds is what is ultimately going to win equal rights and protections for us – certainly not harrasment. Also, don’t assume that lobbying and direct actions like these are mutually exclusive (we were also in Albany a few weeks ago for the Equality NY event). Never mind that protesting, especially on a massive scale, has in the past made quite an impact on public opinion. It’s not naïveté.

  4. TANK says

    Assuming that was directed at me, I didn’t so assume. “…certainly not harassment [of elected officials!]” Including vocally homophobic congressmen who have large liberal gay friendly constituencies? Hmmmm…

    However, I am arguing about the emphasis for such involvement, and how it seems stuck on overly wasteful demonstrations and protests fueled by idealism and, in the case of universities–that aren’t visited by soulforce (they come to conrell to protest cornel’s rigidly anti lgbt policies and credo?)– smug moral superiority surrounded by people who agree, and moreso, just don’t care enough for it to make any impact…yes, you’re certainly changing minds: that this type of demonstrating isn’t the most effective way of making and winning the case. We can change minds through more effective means than getting a the angry gay five second slot on the news. I’m not saying it’s irrelevant…it has it’s place…a much smaller place than it’s currently given because some people just like a big production that they can take credit for and be at the epicenter of dra….instead of contact their local, state, and national representation, contribute to lobbying groups that they can depend on accountability from…

    It is naive. It’s why we lose so much.

  5. says

    The harder challenge is BEING out 24/7, even when it’s less-safe. I’d love to see us plan more surprise KISS-INS on live TV events (that could be fun), or just BE-INS where we act EXACTLY like the HETS do but in the places where we “DON’T BELONG” (family parks, churches, sporting events). I once dated a guy with 3 kids (all biological, 2 twins), and we FREAKED people OUT by simply playing frisbee and holding hands like any other couple does, IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN! [clutch pearls].

    For those who believe in carrying self-defense measures, this means sometimes walking with your left hand holding your partner’s hand and your right hand holding onto a concealed weapon (mace, knife, gun). Sometimes it means looking at people with the attitude “you are just going to have to DEAL with us existing in public”.

  6. TANK says

    Another problem is that these efforts target nothing specific. Broad and vacuous concepts like “changing minds, meeeyan” (god, I hate hippies)…through mass SNOGGING in PUBLIC? Could that be anymore retro…holding hands in public…closeted nineties. It’s juvenile, too…like a high school walk out. Look, you really want to make a difference? Instead of making out with someone in public with other people (many straight opposite sex couples, too), why don’t you come out to someone? That’d cover a lot more ground and be a lot more effective (nat’l coming out day…make it everyday!). Or, ask friends and relatives to vote for so and so, or contribute to such and such local group. This is just self satisfied, smug quasi hipster rubbish…like demetri martin’s comedy.

    most of our campaigns, protests, public displays are reactive…we can’t seem to organize enough to anticipate the actions of veritable retards… Instead, we’re constantly on the defensive. A losing strategy if ever there was one. Why don’t more gays play chess? Perhaps it just plays into the…well, I bored myself.

  7. tommy says

    I keep saying, we need this type of action every Wednesday in Times Square at about 6pm. The place is usually crawling with out-of-towners and kids on a school trip who are shocked when they see two men kiss or show affection. They come to our town to see a Broadway show and then they judge us. F*** them.

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