1. resurrect says

    Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold are unsung heroes of civil rights and advance the cause of GLBT issues consistently. Kudos for their committment to extending rights to all.

  2. andrew says

    Hillary doesn’t even support employment non-discrimination for transgendered people. I wouldn’t hold my breath. But I will remain cautiously optimistic, if a little skeptical.

  3. John in CA says

    Hillary supports a fully inclusive ENDA. Whether that’s what she actually believes or not – who can say for certain?

    She simply followed the position of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate.

    The transgendered provision was stripped out of the House version of ENDA by Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. They said it would have a better chance of passing without transgendered people. And they were probably right.

    The House passed the sexual orientation only version of ENDA by 235-184 and sent it to the Senate.

    In the Senate, Ted Kennedy said he won’t support an ENDA that doesn’t include the transgendered. Other Democratic senators, including Hillary Clinton, soon echoed the same position. In reality, the Democratic senators figured the GOP would filibuster it anyway (and Bush had promised a veto), so why not do some free pandering?