Towleroad Guide to the Tube #436

ABBEY ROAD: A day in the life.

MICHELLE BACHMANN: Keith Olbermann dissects the Minnesota lawmaker's insane remarks on the Obama stimulus.

UAW: Mayor of Lansing, Michigan attacks FOX anchor.

SEAN YOUNG: Leaving the Women's Image Awards in Hollywood, she's "cash heavy" and keeping up her image.

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  1. noah says

    The Fox anchor was a condescending jerk. But what’s new about that? So-called “health care for life” means that a retiree receives health care. That is not a benefit singular to the autoworkers. Many big companies that offer(ed) pension plans have the same benefit.

    The mayor of Lansing is correct that we are in a race to a bottom. Also, the $70/hour figure the Fox guy quoted is inaccurate. That amount is not what the average worker’s compensation totals. That represents all compensation for workers and retirees.

    Moreover, UAW member have given concession after concession to auto companies over the last 20 years only to see auto company executives make the same bad leadership decisions over and over.

    The Axis of Conservative Evil, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the GOP, etc., have no problem crushing the economic fortunes of blue collar workers. However, as soon as someone suggests that gazillionaire CEOs taking government bailout money have their pay decreased, it’s a horrible socialist apocalypse!

    These idiots don’t seem to understand basic math. If the millions of blue collar workers slip into poverty, they won’t be able to buy the goods and services that make produce the dollars that fill the Axis of Conservative Evil’s pockets.

  2. shane says

    Noah, sell it to someone who believes you.

    The Mayor of Lansing is a douche – and he made it clear that he supports these crazy benefits because his family took advantage of them. Let’s see how they like it when GM goes belly-up and they have no income at all.

    And I am glad the Fox guy busted his ass about it being a campaign speech – that’s exactly what it sounded like. I wish he had been able to cut off the Mayor’s mic.

  3. White Label says

    Michelle Bachman makes me ashamed to be a Minnesotan.

    Really folks, there are dumb people in every state. Unfortunately ours elected a representative.

  4. nic says


    cutting off someone’s mic is a hannity tactic. but you probably are sucking his dick right now, so i’ll let you be.

    btw, the “Fox guy” was tottaly owned by hizzoner. what planet are you on, you little repug prick?

  5. Andy says

    Hey Sam…maybe the reason they are cash heavy is because they are driving a Honda and parking it themselves…and not living above their means like everyone else in the country.

  6. Drew says

    The mayor is completely right. This country simply has too many people for too few jobs; it’s overpopulation in an economy driven by technology and outsourcing. Machines can open and mail checks, machines can weld cars, machines can control a corporate telephone answering system. Everything else costs 80% less to produce in Malaysia and India. Hell, I refuse to buy an iPhone just for it’s note on the backside: “Designed by Apple in California. Made in China”. F’ the California-design thing, it’s made in China! Make it here to earn my respect.

    People keep saying nationalism is bad, but we’re so far to the opposite extreme, that we are litterally reducing our jobs and dreams to second-world levels. Shit, even two working parents can’t save money. When products were made in the U.S. 30 years ago, my dad paid for a house and three cars all by himself. Now, companies can run lean and on a skeleton crew, so what the heck do you do with all these extra Americans? Worse yet, companies based in the United States won’t have to pay as much: “Don’t like your reduced wages? Get out of our building and let the next desperate guy in.”

  7. alguien says

    presumably, if there was a national, single payer healthcare system in place, GM and the other automakers wouldn’t need to worry about extending health benefits to their employees post retirement.

  8. Cj says

    LOL @ Shane. So how’s is Bill O’Reilly in bed, it seems you’re his bitch…

    As for the interview. I have one thing to state:

    The NY Post?! The NY f*&king Post?! You mean Rupert Murdochs New Corp/Fox News owned tabloid rag the NY Post?! So Fox News quotes its own fellow rag, and a tabloid rag at that, in order to bolster its talking points rhetoric, niiiice. That’s tantamount to quoting the Enquirer to base your facts. Ya lose Faux News.

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Michelle Bachman makes me ashamed to be a Minnesotan.

    Really folks, there are dumb people in every state. Unfortunately ours elected a representative.”

    We also elected Keith Ellison. He should cancel out Bachmann.

  10. altona says

    ALGUIEN – you’re exactly right about single-payer; EU companies don’t even think about healthcare, so can you imagine what a relief it would be for US companies to have that crap taken over by the government. It would be a massive boost to business.

    CJ – I laughed out loud when he mentioned the Post. His credibility went into negative numbers.

  11. Jay says

    To say Sean Young is a hot mess would be stretching to word “hot” a bit too much. I never got the appeal – even in Blade Runner. When Daryl Hannah outacts you, you should pack it in.

  12. Derek says

    The Fox News channel piece needs further addressing.

    As the dbag anchor tries to spread the $70 lie to morons (like Shane) who eat it up, we have to understand the real figures! No one gets paid $70 to be an autoworker!:

    But then what’s the source of that $70 hourly figure? It didn’t come out of thin air. Analysts came up with it by including the cost of all employer-provided benefits–namely, health insurance and pensions–and then dividing by the number of workers. The result, they found, was that benefits for Big Three cost about $42 per hour, per employee. Add that to the wages–again, $28 per hour–and you get the $70 figure. Voila.

    Except … notice something weird about this calculation? It’s not as if each active worker is getting health benefits and pensions worth $42 per hour. That would come to nearly twice his or her wages. (Talk about gold-plated coverage!) Instead, each active worker is getting benefits equal only to a fraction of that–probably around $10 per hour, according to estimates from the International Motor Vehicle Program. The number only gets to $70 an hour if you include the cost of benefits for retirees–in other words, the cost of benefits for other people. One of the few people to grasp this was’s Felix Salmon. As he noted friday, the claim that workers are getting $70 an hour in compensation is just “not true.”


    that’s from here:

    please, like the mayor said, this is another fight in the class warfare of our corporate-captive govt.

  13. says

    Yeah, the Fox News guys is a big fat liar. He asks about the “fully-loaded” number then says he wasn’t asking about health care. What does he think “fully-loaded” means? Either he’s lying or he doesn’t know. Either way: douche bag.

  14. Mikey says

    They were each towing their representative political lines – neither was presenting the entire picture. The political impact of free trade certainly has its cons, but the economic reality is that if it is cheaper for american firms to manufacture in other countries, this ultimately produces a net gain for the American economy and even greater job growth domestically. We may lose 10 potential ipod makers to China, but we gain 20 software engineers in California…