Towleroad Guide to the Tube #437

HELICOPTERS: President Obama calls on Senator John McCain at today's White House Financial Summit.

ALAN KEYES: Stop Obama, or the U.S. will cease to exist.

LUCA ERA GAY: "Ex-gay" sings to 14 million Italian TV viewers of conversion from homosexuality at the Sanremo Festival.

TOOL: George W. Bush turns down job as hardware store greeter.

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  1. TANK says

    So this is the kind of fiscally responsible commentary we would have endured had McCain been the victor. Shaking his fist at whitehouse mower gas costs? Talking about the electricity bill in the oval office? What a particularly irrelevant old man.

    But way to go, Obama… Get a senate task force up and running on nixing the peanuts on marine one, and putting the kybosh on the in flight movie selection. Useless people. You [obama] keep thinking that courting their good opinion will insure your victory in 2012…

    I thought the italian singer was doing a pasta commercial. What a schmuck.

  2. Jim says

    It would be pretty easy to regard the Keyes remarks as inciting violence against the president. Free speech is one thing but he’s right on the edge.

  3. Rick in Ohio says

    Bush went shopping at the hardware store for flashlights and batteries? What does he know that we don’t – yet?

  4. gayalltheway says

    A big middle finger gesture to Alan Keyes and someone please give him his meds. He looks like he needs it desperately. Maybe the next thing he’ll say is Obama is actually an alien from outer space trying to destroy the Earth.

  5. Cj says

    What is more shocking are the dozens of comments supporting Keyes. As so many Republicans started the phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome” to represent Bush dissenters, it seems Keyes is beginning to represent “Obamaphilus”.

  6. carl in SD says

    This singer is another miserable closet case. Claims to have dabbled in homosexuality then found god and poof he is straight…given enough time he’ll “dabble” again when he realizes it is who he is and it something he can’t wish away. Luckily this song was countered by a great speech given by the beloved Roberto Benigni in who told the same millions watching that being gay is not a sin but what is a sin is the stupidity leading to the persecution of gays.

  7. 2nd Class Citizen says

    Keyes rambles on like a broken commode and proves that he too is full of sh%t. And Illinois politics has such a bad reputation? Please let Obama be the exception.

  8. nyrkr says

    Forgive my ignorance but who is Alan Keyes ?
    The name rings a bell and I rmemebr some reference to him being rather “out there” so to speak, but what is his background etc. ?

  9. Cj says

    Take a look at the YouTube poster of the Alan Keyes video. He’s (supposedly) a retired 65 year old living in the U.K. His videos on YouTube borderline on an obsessive fascination with Obama being a communist, or not a citizen of the U.S., or the Anti-Christ. This user even deletes comments from his videos that he doesn’t agree with, it’s very, very sad.

  10. TANK says

    WTF? Lightninglord, check your racism at the door. Alan Keyes doesn’t need any help destroying himself, and all you’re doing is making him seem more resonable.

  11. patrick nyc says

    LIGHTNINLORD calling Keyes crazy is enough said, leave the hate to him and the GOP.

    And the idiots at the hardware store? Priceless.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    I think LIGHTNINGLORD may be practicing a little “intra-racial, name-calling” priviledge. You know, like the Rappers who use the n-word freely, but dare a white guy to use it. I agree with LIGHTNINGLORD, but not publically, dear hearts.

    …although he left out something, “crazy-ass UGLY….”