Towleroad Guide to the Tube #440

HATE CRIMES: Lou Dobbs and Kitty Pilgrim on a decline in hate crimes?

“TROUBLING TIMES”: Right wing activist Cliff Kincaid targets Obama at CPAC conference.

MATTHEW STAVER: The Liberty Counsel founder lies about same-sex parents at the CPAC hate fest.

WORST PERSON: Keith Olbermann on Dennis Miller, Bill O’Reilly, Dave Schultheis, and Sean Hannity.

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  1. says

    Shouldn’t Matt Staver ask a different question in the prisons?

    Were you raised by a) one or more straight parents or
    b) by a gay or lesbian couple?

    How many hardened criminals do you think there are in our prisons that answer b?

  2. says

    Kitty Pilgrim’s “reporting” is completely shallow. For one thing, she never asked how the FBI, much less state and local law enforcement, defines hate crime. Wouldn’t that be an important question to ask before asserting that hate crimes have declined over the past 12 years? I doubt that many law enforcement agencies were reporting gay bashing as a hate crime 12 years ago. Many states weren’t reporting anything as a hate crime 12 years ago. Her report was meaningless.

  3. Alex says

    Even putting gay bashing aside for a minute, one might ask why Dobbs only compared hate crimes statistics from 14 years ago with the most recent statistics, when the FBI puts out crime info every year. Also, the most recent FBI statistics are from 2007, which predates two of the three causes. Mostly, though, I had to resist the gag reflex whenever Lou Dobbs speaks.

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