Towleroad Guide to the Tube #445

TURTLE: The best shoe-humping video you'll see all day.

DAVID BECKHAM: Tells ESPN he's ready to get booed when he comes back to L.A. (if he ever does).

HOW DARE YOU: Former Press Secretary Ari Fleischer gets smackdown from CNN's Chris Matthews over Bush legacy.

32 SONGS: In 8 minutes.

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  1. rudy says

    Thanks for posting the vid of the young musician/singer. I was hoping you would. (The tip link is still not working.)

    He is very talented and charming. I hope some producer offers him a contract.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Absolutely, MARC,

    At first I thought they’d invaded the turtle’s privacy, but then I said, well, maybe the little pervert is an exhibitionist. That’s why I keep the lights out when I play with my toy…toys.

    Funny, how some animals have weenies that move on their own, aint it?

  3. Bob R says

    Chris Matthews is on MSNBC, his show precedes Olberman. Matthews is not on CNN. He also has a tendency to be obnoxious and annoying. Ari Fleischer is just a Bushbot, a complete GOP tool and an enabler of one of the most criminal administrations in this nation’s history.

  4. Tread says

    Blah. Chris Matthews didn’t do any kind of smackdown. He let Ari Fleischer lie again about there not being any terrorist attacks after September 11. It’s funny and convenient how the Bush administration forgets the anthrax mailings.

  5. says

    Yeah, Fleisher’s line about “Saddam could strike again” is just more Bushshit.

    Saddam would have to have struck a first time to be able to strike again. Fleisher just needs to go back to cruising bathrooms with Larry Craig.

    9 years ago I thought he was a bit attractive. Now he just looks like a wart.

  6. Daniel says

    Tread, i was thinking the same thing. Maybe Ari doesn’t consider the Anthrax mailings a terrorist attack b/c it wasn’t coming from a muslim arab? That’s the only thing i can think of to rationalize his obtuse comments.

    I just watched josh brolin as “W” the other night, that’s a good performance. Oliver Stone & his screenwriter did a marvelous job & that guy from the Daily Show , Rob Cordray (sp?) did Ari really well: an obsequious tool.

  7. David C says

    Chris Matthews is an asshole. (Or is that a whole ass? It’s hard to tell in his case.)

    Only a complete leftist tool would think Matthews delivered a “smackdown” to Fleischer. But then, Andy Towle, you fit that bill so well.

    The real smackdown in that video occurred when Fleischer took Matthews to task for giving him bullshit for defending Bush when Clinton’s minions like Carville didn’t get the same treatment.

  8. Sam says

    Chris Matthews has been plenty critical of the Clintons…oh wait, that was just Hillary. My bad.

    He’s a tool, I agree. And a leftist blowhard who talks over everyone incessantly. It’s almost unbearable to watch.

    That said, Ari should win an Oscar for managing to shovel that shit with a straight face.

    Carville doesn’t need to be lambasted. His president left office with a surplus and an approval rating that had two digits in it.

  9. says

    Defending the Bush presidency and the Iraq war is a losing proposition, but Ari’s still kissing W’s ass and forging ahead. He makes my skin crawl no less now than when I heard him speak on a campus where, no surprise, he was about as welcome as syphilis.

    Ari wasn’t smacking down anything. Chris had his moments, but also let some go by. He is obnoxious, but I’ve started to enjoy watching him, all spittle and glee in taking people on. But, then again, I’m a “leftist tool” like Andy.

  10. TANK says

    Ari Fleischer is a worthless propagandist, and always has been. He will go down in history as a man who with every toxic breath he could draw lied and mischaracterized the truth to inflict a morally repulsive out of control neocon/good old boy agenda. Do you think he can order a water without mentioning saddam hussein and 9/11? He still defends it because he knows he’s got nothing left; no real cachet in mainstream politics. He’s essentially protecting his resume. But he’s smart enough that he doesn’t believe what he’s saying, but desperate enough to cling to some sort of public self respect that it’s starting to sound authentic in that he’s lacking confidence in his lies…and up against a softball loudmouth pundit like chris matthews who he’s smarter than, that’s saying a lot more than he would ever have the conviction of character to be honest about. And when it sounds authentic, the game’s over. But now boiled potato has two dicks in suits on taking apart…what is obvious.

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