1. David D. says

    Oh, Anderson. It’s true that not every gay man is a natural dancer, but you could at least shuffle back and forth from foot to foot. Or request something like Rock Lobster where you can get away with flailing around like a fool. This is no time for WASPy concerns like ‘dignity’ and ‘co-ordination’.

  2. michael says

    WASPs are just fine with dancing if they’re suitably liquored up ahead of time. Obviously Ellen just forgot to make the martinis. I was going to say jello shots, but I can’t see Anderson with them. Maybe with enough Kathy Griffin peer pressure.

  3. Bosie says

    BOOOOooo! Anderson cooper just went into my “uptight homos” if i thought he was sexy now i think he is just boring….sexy yeah but boring yikes…No way! a man that can have a laugh and dance..EVEN IF HE DOESNT KNOW HOW….is SEXY!

  4. dan says

    He can have a laugh and dance, he just doesn’t do the dancing part on TV. Unless you want to count that bizarre little bouncy happy dance he did on the Mole, that is.

  5. alguien says

    if any of you guys caught the video of andy cooper in the tanning booth, you’d know that his moves are spastic at best. he probably did the right thing.

  6. RJ says

    The way he talks about the Bravo TV line up (lets be serious here, only gay men and straight women watch that network) discards and trace elements of his faux-heterosexuality.

    Just out yourself. Maddow did it and her career is going well. Heck Suze Orman’s career took off once her girlfriend took control.

  7. Leland Frances says

    Wow! Two of the people I hate most for the price of one!

    1. Little Miss Muff Diver of Sunnybrook Farm who cares more about, invests more time and money in duckies and horseys than her own people who stuck by her when the straight world threw her to the curb. But wait, ye groveling gay sheep will bleat. Didn’t she tear up and talk with quivering, expensively blushed lips about marriage; didn’t she throw us $100k? Yeh, but talk is cheap and $100k is lint-covered chump change at the bottom of the Louis Vuitton backpack of a Lesby Anne worth over $70 MILLION. And don’t ya think she’d be a little embarrassed that STRAIGHT Spielberg and Pitt gave as much as SHE did; that STRAIGHT Steve Bing gave FIVE TIMES AS MUCH?
    Don’t ja think it made more sense to have Mrs. Ellen on her show BEFORE Prop H8TE passed than after when pretty Portia just needed to plug her new TV series? Just asking.

    2. And Little Anderson! Climb upon my knee, Sonny Boy, tho you were only three the first time you were on TV, Sonny Boy—and let me explain what “dignity” really is. (a) the name of a group of Catholic gays with two things you’re underendowed with: courage to be out and courage to fight for themselves and others. (b) what you’ll never have a claim to until you do.

    What? It’s not because you want to keep sending the message to your peers and queers that being gay is anything to be ashamed of, something ugly to hide under a rock, in the closet next to your designer suits? But ja are, Blanche, ja are! And after you blew [pardon the pun] your privacy excuse by writing about and exposing every other aspect of your life on TV this side of a live colonoscopy, now you’re twirling er spinning that it’s a reporter’s obligation to appear neutral. Sure, Bitch. (a) you’ve rarely been a reporter and 360 isn’t one of those times. (b) That would preclude your ever covering the wealthy, heart disease, skin cancer, suicide, South Africa, Ivy League schools, classical music, the CIA, Vietnam, high society, fashion, and any number of other things that you’ve had a personal association with in your privileged life. How many battered and abandoned homeless gay kids did you pass on your way to work today?

    Reclaiming your dignity, to paraphrase Camus, leaves you with only two options: coming out or committing suicide.

  8. TC says

    Strange that he refused to dance, since I use to see him sweatin up a storm on the dance floor at Body & Soul. Mind you, he isn’t the best dancer, but he always looked like he was having a great time.

  9. Wayne says

    How much money did you donate Leland? How many marches did you attend? Ever applied for a marriage license? There’s nothing like couch potato bitterness is there…

  10. says

    Leland Frances…good God, THANK YOU. So tired of Anderson getting a pass from guys just because they think he’s cute. He’s egotistical, hypocritical, and all-around lame, for all the reasons you mentioned. Glad I’m not the only one not buying his pathetic excuses. He can claim to be a journalist every second of the day, but sadly he’ll always be a poor little rich boy trying to run away from mommy’s shadow. Barf.

  11. JasonFreed says

    Leland Frances =>Misdirected anger. Self-righteous, bitter, lynch-mob mentality. Watch too much Olberman. AC will ‘come out’ of the closet when the likes of you go back into yours.

  12. bozemanmontana says

    yay! Two of my favorite people (whom I’ve never met). I think the Silver Fox is fine, whether he comes out or not, I certainly don’t view him as an enemy or an asset. Ellen, imho, has advanced the cause of equality further in our country’s living rooms than any financial donation could.

  13. says

    Yeah I’m sure he’s no worse a dancer than many straight guys she’s had on. He’s just afraid to look too g–! You know, that word he won’t even acknowledge. To me, he and Tyler Perry (and many others actually) are two peas in a pod. Add whatever jokes you like.

  14. says

    Yeah I’m sure he’s no worse a dancer than many straight guys she’s had on. He’s just afraid to look too g–! You know, that word he won’t even acknowledge. To me, he and Tyler Perry (and many others actually) are two peas in a pod. Add whatever jokes you like.

  15. mike says

    UGH, you must be joking. Anderson doesn’t get a pass. He gets unceasing outings and pressure. The multitude of other closeted gays in TV news are getting a pass while everyone fixates on Anderson simply because he’s the one they most want to fuck. The other closeted TV news folk must be laughing their guts out.

    Nobody in a big group of people who are all doing the same thing feels cooperative when he is singled out alone and given grief for bullshit superficial reasons.

  16. Stan says

    Ugh, here we go with the “but they should pay for everything for us” bullshit. Ellen and Anderson and whatever gays with money are under no more obligation to donate “millions” than anybody else. Stop asking others to pay your way. Get out raise money and/or donate whatver you want.

  17. Critifur says

    I agree with Leland! Just the way it is. BTW, I did march and I did donate. I am just not as important to the world as a celebrity.

    Alex: I know for a fact that Anderson likes him some latino boys!

  18. anastasia beverhausen says

    i’m so revolted by the idea that people need to pay for acceptance. Raise awareness not money. Incredible that public awareness is a commodity you need to buy in a democracy. Live, be free and don’t mistake freedom for chasing all of your lusts. Yes in this day and age and especially in your country people like AC have a moral obligation to come out collectively but ultimately let him do whatever he needs to do. Do your own things yourself. Stop giving AC a hard time just because you can’t have him.
    God I’d love to f*ck him…

  19. TANK says

    Why do people care about these douchenozzles? Because they’re gay? Yeah, and they’re also extremely boring. Is ellen going to do another cutesy standup routine where she gets to explain all of the inconvenient things NOBODY CARES ABOUT? And then have all of the power dykes in the front row shit their pants when she talks about god being female? This goes to show that gay men and the women who treat them like accessories belong together.

  20. Nick11 says

    Um I personally would be horrified to appear on Ellen and be forced to dance, but I’m not a celeb and never will be the point just is that even some homo’s just don’t like to dance. I never have. I’m uptight in that realm and very lose in others, it’s diversity, remember diversity? I think it’s kind of humiliating that she requests it of her guest to do it, but of course I would! 😉

  21. stansfield4602 says

    Mike, THANK YOU. I’ve felt all along that Anderson has been unfairly singled out as the sole whipping boy for the “closet”. What about Shep Smith, Suzanne Malveaux, Don Lemon and Robin Roberts? None of them have ever acknowledged their sexuality, but are ALL rumored to be gay like AC. And even non-newsguy Ricky Martin gets virtually no criticism for keeping silent about being gay, but everyone still says he’s “cute” and don’t seem at all bothered by the fact that he’s closeted. If you aren’t going to call them all out for their silence, then STFU about Anderson.

    Anderson won’t dance on tv, but he did say on 360 that he actually likes to dance and is a pretty good dancer.

  22. nic says

    i think “the coop” is adorable. he is not doing anything to harm us. i find it hard to find fault with people who are just going about their business and being productive. i may be thinking with my little head cuz i’d like to make him wriggle, but with my big head, i know that ellen has done more to advance gay rights than most of you naysayers will do in a lifetime.

  23. Me says

    The reason that people “pick on” Anderson is not that he’s cute but that he’s powerful. He wasn’t named Out magazine’s second most influential gay person in the country (far outstripping Ellen) for no reason. There’s also a reason all the other media people mentioned so far weren’t. The reason that people don’t pick on any of those people is that because of their lesser status in the public sphere no one really cares enough about them to even learn that they are gay. People simply don’t know about them the way the do about Anderson. Take me as an example. Aside from Shep Smith I never knew any of those people were gay. And even Shep I learned about very recently and from an obscure source; by chance, really. These people are not household names the way Anderson is, and not coincidentally, the unconventional nature of their sexual orientations isn’t common knowledge either. The fact of the matter is, like Ellen, Anderson would be a HUGE asset to us if he came out. This is the real reason why most of the sane gay people who care about him coming out care about him coming out. I take exception to some of you suggesting that it’s just because we want to fuck him, without even asking our opinion first. I for one was never interested in him sexually. My interests lie with his great potential to change public perception of the gay community.

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