1. MikeMick says

    I never get tired of reading about Matthew Mitcham. He comes off as the sweetest kid in the universe, and remarkably unaffected by his success.

  2. BMF says

    I’ve been to the Harbour Party before and it is, hands down, the BEST, BEST, BEST party I have EVER been to.

    Milkman: I cannot speak for this year, but I can tell you that there were plenty of all kinds of boyz there when I went. I mean I spent most of the time hanging out with these black American ex-pats when I was there.

  3. James says

    here’s a clip of Sam Sparro, when he performed at Harbour Party – apologies for the dodgy cell-phone video I took!

  4. Mike says

    Sydney Mardi Gras kicked off two weeks earlier at the Fair Day … we’re now in the final week of Mardi Gras celebrations. The Harbour party is a private party which is run at Mardi Gras time but is not one of the official events.

    The lovely Matt Mitcham turned 21 yesterday (March 2).