1. B says

    It’s called a gobo. What a great idea. I think I’m going to have one made to shine on the Mormon Temples.

  2. light fantastic says

    Yeah that is pretty wonderful. Like the towers of light post 9-11, simple, elegant and to the point.

  3. says

    if anyone would like to get involved in future light projection projects, please give me a call at 619 516 3737 ext 323

    thanks, glad you liked it!

  4. Bakely says

    I love this! And there’s probably no way they can legally stop it because it’s not damaging anything and not trespassing.

    If they’re going to go after us with legal loopholes, let’s go after them with some of our own!

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  8. says

    Glad folks like the light :) The light is the property of UNITE HERE (hotel workers union). We just got a new gobo (the thing that says “boycott” you can make it say anything) and will be out shinning our light of shame on the Manchester Grand Hyatt again soon, if anyone cares to join us feel free to email me. :)

    -Michael Anderson
    Boycott Coordinator for UNITE HERE