1. Mercure says

    Ugh. So tired of this dimwit. I get it, he’s attractive, so any stupid thing he posts or Twitters is newsworthy. Bleh. Spoilt brat.

  2. Obmitar says

    I don’t view Mr. Kutcher as a dimwit. I believe he has matured rather well and Ms. Moore is one lucky woman. The whole extended Kutcher-Moore-Willis family is an example of how to deal with the unconventional family dynamic.

  3. says

    I cannot stand the guys that act as if waxing off a little bit of hair is the most painful thing imaginable. Try getting your entire back and neck waxed…it hurts, but at least I don’t cry about it.

  4. Geronimo says

    So Ashton says calling people gay or fag is stupid. But is calling Ashton stupid smart?

    And why is he climbing into (or out of) a kitchen sink?

    I will grant that it was incredibly brave of him to share his chest shaving ordeal with that world. If by brave you mean self-serving.

  5. Bob says

    Geez, some heteros are major pussies, aren’t they. Esp. if (or when?) they are talentless media whores.

  6. jimmyboy says

    waxing peach fuzz is not reall chest waxing


    sargon bighorn

    well, according to the bible myths, god hated esau before he was even born partly due to his being excessively hairy = chest, back, etc



  7. Rebirth says

    If they hate you; you complain, and if they accept and embrace you; you complain too. Ashton is just a guy sharing some part of himself with all of us. Yes, he is rich; but that’s not the point, if there is even a point at all.

  8. Phillip says

    Good for you Rebirth! Some people I guess are just jealous that they feel this need to call guys…who have by the way taken a stance on our side…stupid. Isn’t it time to try and get along with people and let go of your own anger and stupidity?

  9. clint says

    Ashton is a decent guy, totally not stupid, and totally IS supportive of gay people and all our rights. He’s not a stupid pussy, a dimwit, or whatever other insults anyone wants to throw at him. He’s successful in every way, including his personal life, and is someone worthy of at least a passing admiration, if not affection, when encountered in the news or on screen.

    I am generally repulsed by the celebrity cult, and esp. how prone our gay people are to be fanatical devotees; however I give honors where they are due, and Ashton deserves our respect as one who really has made it and is much more than a…um, ok gorgeous face and hott body. Oh yes, he’s that too.

  10. paul c says

    Twitter is cool and important. My pet rock uses it to keep his friends updated on all the exciting and unique things he thinks and does all day.

  11. Dhani Darko says

    Why waste time posting that you don’t care? If you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t post…Andy you are the best!