1. Eric says

    I’d love to make an intelligent comment about this but the only thing that comes to mind is my immediate visceral resonse.

    I hate you all, you miserable fuckbags and I hope the Chinese space orbiter falls out of the fucking sky and lands on you, you stupid fucking white trash, inbred embarrassment to the human species!

    No wonder aliens won’t actually land here and say hello.

  2. Daniel says

    anytime i hear the Christers blathering about the sanctity of marriage at the same time they’re protesting gay marriage rights, i wish they would instead focus on how DIVORCE laws are hurting their precious sanctity of marriage.

    If that bullshit line about sanctity of marriage were really their point, these protesters would be up in arms to change the law about DIVORCE. It should be clear they’re really against GAYS here, not protecting the sanctity of marriage.

    Sometimes i wish the gay side of the marriage debate, the ones who say “it’s our human right” and so forth, would realize that repeating that mantra never seems to change the Christers minds.

    Christ never said 1 word about gays. They have no ownership of Jesus or God in their (false) piety on this issue.

    Tell the haters to work on dismantling the divorce laws & leave gay folks out of it. Hopefully that would show the Straights who aren’t taking sides on this issue how deluded & hurtful these protesters really are.

  3. David in Houston says

    I’ve had my fill of religious people thinking that they have the right to dictate public policy based on their religious beliefs. Our government is not run from the Bible. Why these Baptists don’t understand that simple fact is frustrating and dumbfounding.

    If their strongest argument is that gay marriage will lead to animal or robot marriage, why are they even bothering? That is quite possibly the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. Anyone that takes their concerns seriously should be removed from office.

  4. Tralfaz says

    Isn’t it ironic this story follows a story about a gay bashing.

    These fuckers are not only just as bad, but part of reason people are beaten like the man in Dallas.

    “Christian” my ass!

  5. says

    While I would publicly denounce ANY attempt by a crazed, lone, queer gunman who fired randomly into the crowd, I would NOT be surprised when/if it does eventually happen one day.

    Some of us have “anger issues” that are VERY real against those who persecute us; “violent rage” may be a better way to describe it. And this RAGE is growing exponentially. Again, it would be WRONG to harm those who harm us, but……..

  6. jessejames says

    These Christians think it is safe to openly attack the gay community. They would like to attack Jews but can’t do it openly anymore. They have merely changed their focus, not their character.

    They are a result of the poor educational standards that surrounded their upbringing. Pity them for their ignorant ways.

  7. TANK says

    No, I think that would be a terrible mistake not because I’m all that concerned with the value of their lives, but how it would look and how they’d use it to substantiate their baseless propaganda that they’re under attack from the godless homosexuals and their agenda…

    They promote violence with their hate speech and rhetoric–they have blood on their hands. But, it would just terrible if a gay person were to exact much deserved revenge on them, because it would harm us more than help us.

    As far as lighting cars on fire and rioting…more of that needs to happen. That’s the kind of leverage (fear) that wins rights.

  8. Marc says

    This is but one of the many reasons why I could stand to live in NC for no more than a year and a half.

    Its landscape is faked, its baptists bereft of any higher power, its glbt spineless and ineffective. Why anyone would even care to visit is beyond me.

  9. JH says

    It is unfortunate to see these “Christians” exhibiting their destructive and skewed views of morality and religion. However, many Christians I grew up and attended church with at a large well-funded and old southern baptist church in Charlotte, NC do not share these hateful and outdated beliefs. My church and several other large NC congregations have denounced, and therefore dropped memberships with, the Baptist State Convention of NC since their newly revised charter specifically prohibits openly-identified gays in ministerial positions as well as general acceptance into the congregation. (Myers Park Baptist Church, St. John’s Baptist Church, and now others) Hopefully, brave and intelligent pastors who head these progressive churches will redefine what it means to be a ‘conservative’ baptist in the south.

  10. TANK says

    “Its glbt spineless and ineffective.”

    And apparently you can also include the religious moderates (like all religious moderates) who help the fundies and provide token “doctrinal disagreements”.

  11. buie says

    My nanny was a Baptist, she used to tell me that I would go to hell, my mother is catholic and said that I am already burning my soul in hell while I’m still alive… SO I’m used to being bashed…

    Oh and trivia from the bible:
    Bigotry is a sin; Hatred is Evil;
    and Judging isn’t for humans…

    The Rally is BULLSHIT. Half of these people should actually READ the damn bible and not take the preachers word for it.

  12. says

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  13. dawn naman says

    i let guy get marry i am bi it is are chosie to love who we what not you i been bi every sin i was 8 years old now i am 20 years old it ant you choics to chose how we love it is are chose to love who we what you tell me what wronge is it to love a woman and woman and man and man?

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