1. says

    I repeat my comment attached to the piece about psychiatrists. It’s not that Scalia is a homophobic bigot (thereby making himself unsuitable to hold judicial office) but there is a growing sinister trend on trhe part of Opus Dei to put its members into high office to thwart any progress on social issues. They have already infiltrated the Europen Court of Human Rights and many domestic European Courts. And it’s not just Italian Catholics leading the parade…… I really believe that we have not given enough attention to the push by Opus Dei over the last twenty years. They have an organised and dedicated following of members in high place doing their bidding. No, this is not paranoia; I am certain. We need to “out” these right wing bigots before they can do more damage.

  2. Robbie says

    Umm…I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that Antonin Scalia was a homophobe. Why is everyone so surprised that Barney Frank’s loud mouth called him out on it finally? Why is this even a news article?

  3. Craig says

    I can do Barney one more. In the oral arguments of Boy Scouts of America v Dale:

    Justice Breyer: You don’t ask. You don’t ask. I mean, if it never comes out, you don’t make any effort to find out, is that right?

    Mr. Davidson: That’s correct, Justice Breyer.

    Justice Breyer: All right. How are we supposed to know… and this is genuinely bothering me. I don’t… how are we supposed to know whether the basic principle that the Scouts is operating on is thinking that this is very, very bad conduct, or is simply being quite concerned about public reaction? I mean, if it were very, very bad conduct, it’s surprising you don’t look into it, but if what you’re concerned about is public reaction, it all makes quite a lot of sense.

    Justice Scalia: Do you ask, Mr. Davidson, if Scouts or proposed Scout leaders are adulterers? Is that one of the questions?

    Mr. Davidson: No, Justice Scalia.

    Justice Scalia: Do you ask if they’re ax murderers?

    Mr. Davidson: No, Justice Scalia.

    So, Scalia lumps us in with adulterers and ax murderers. For their book Courting Justice, Deb Price and Joyce Murdoch, interviewed James Dale and of that exchange wrote :

    “James Dale had to suppress an urge to raise his hand and ask, ‘May I say something?’ He wanted to point out that his leadership application had asked whether he’d ever been convicted of a crime and that most ax murderers would be weeded out by that question.”

  4. TANK says

    Yeah, there is, actually. Frame him with a dead male prostitute and several kilos of coke. Good luck with that…people have been trying that for years…he’s got magoo luck.

  5. paul c says

    It’s shocking that this is even being debated. Do we next have to prove that the sky is up and that Tara Reid had bad boobie work?

    Some things are just obvious.

  6. Georgiaguy says

    Scalia reminds me of the segregationists of my boyhood in the Deep South. I just turned 54 today and those people kept the races separated for their own political purposes. There will come a time when being a homophobe will be just as disqualifying from political office as being a racist. I lived to see the first African-American President and I know Jesse Helms gets no peace in hell.

  7. 2nd Class Citizen says

    The Bush plan for the Supreme Court is working. The only way Obama can change that is with the events of retirements or deaths. Is this the new (The) Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream for the LGBT coummunity?

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