1. Wayne says

    “push that one down the road a little bit”

    Once again our issues of equality are put on the back burner – is that the same as being thrown under the bus?

    Change? Sounds like the same old story to me.

  2. Gary says

    Apparently the only change we can count on from this administration is that they seem to have no problem lying to our faces. At least the repugnicans are up front about their homophobia. The only thing Obama has spoken the truth about on GLBT issues is that he opposes marriage equality. In spite of stated support for ENDA and expanded hate crimes protections, repealing DADT and DOMA, we get spin, positioning and delay. This is what he calls “fierce” support for GLBT rights? With friends like these….

  3. TANK says

    Give it time. If it’s not reversed in Obama’s four years, however, (with the passage of federal workplace antidiscrimination legislation and a hate crimes bill that includes sexual orientaion and gender identity) I’m never voting for another democrat again. Third party all the way! Get in on the ground floor as the republican party continues to rally the tribalist minority with its death groans.

    I read that Mike Wallace punches himself in the groin as hard as he can everytime he sees fox news sunday…which isn’t all that often.

  4. rudy says

    Hardly surprising. Obama is a consumate politician. He is not about to get entangled in this politically costly social issue any time soon. I long ago predicted that DADT will be addressed in the third year of Obama’s second term, assuming he gets re-elected.

    He is not about to repeat the bumbling early mistakes of B. Clinton, as much as we may wish otherwise. Is repealing DADT the right and moral thing to do? Of course, but it is too politically sensitive–with too much downside risk–for a President already dealing with unpopular wars on two fronts and an economy in tatters.

    Political reality will always trump moral desirability in the eyes of politicians and their advisors.

  5. says

    Why are Americans so stupid that changing this policy can be “politically sensitive”?

    Sure, no problem. Let’s go ahead wasting millions of dollars a year to kick qualified people out of our military. Spend money and make the military less effective! Brilliant! Oh, and ruin some lives at the same time as a little bonus.

  6. Wayne says

    “Politically Sensitive” or not, Obama was the one who made repeated promises to end DADT and DOMA. He made promises. He should keep them, or risked being labeled a liar. And does anyone really think that later on “down the road” Obama and the Dems will decide to take up gay rights? In a year or two there will be mid-term elections and Obama’s own re-election campaign to worry about. Does anyone really think that Obama will then, right before his re-election campaign, decide it’s time to live up to his promise of being a “fierce advocate for gay and lesbian Americans”?

  7. Bob says

    “….let’s push that one down the road a little bit….”

    Yeah, like how about November 2012 (if Obama’s a one-term president) or November 2016 (if two-terms) because then they can say, “Oh gosh, darnnit, there’s not enough time. The next President will take care of it, so run along now.” *rolls eyes*

    Yeah, I know the economy is the Big Hot Casserole he’s got in the oven, but Obama’s got an army of people working for him. They can’t ALL be checking on that important dish at the same time. Puhleeze!

  8. Dan COBB says

    Let’s see how much things change under Obama (other than meaningless rhetoric). So far I see a continuation of corporate military-industrial complex policies. Nothing different from Bush. NOT A THING. I didn’t vote of Obama (I voted Green) because I am so convinced that the GOP and the DEMS constitute our complete political class and they have ceded power to the corporate class. Let’s see: Increasing our military presence in Afghanistan; not leaving Iraq; not repealing DADT; increasing tax payer money going to the wealthy –bail-outs for Goldman Sachs, rich insurance countries, etc. No CHANGE you can believe in.

  9. DR says

    So the government will actively recruit non-citizens to become linguists and fill other positions while the LGB soldiers are being kicked out, but Obama doesn’t have the time to deal with DADT? Yeah, he can hurl more soldiers at an already losing war to follow in the shrub’s footsteps, now he’s gonna give immigrants a fast-track to citizenship via military service while continuing to allow us to be second-class citizens unable to proudly serve our country.

    What a load of bovine excrement. I’m so glad I’m no longer a registered Democrat. I’ve joined a different party.

  10. Matt says

    What I don’t get is what’s so “politically sensitive” about allowing gays to serve openly in the military? In what sense is this a “politically costly social issue”? Don’t something like 75% of Americans support repealing DADT? Is this really cowardice, or just laziness?

  11. Disgusted American says

    don’t be too will be repealed – I mean, come on – the war in aphganistan is ramping up….now, they’ll need everyone they can get…its convientent to USE gays now.

  12. 24play says

    No, Paul Cotton. Because only total morons are jonesing for Obama to make the same exact mistake Clinton made and move aggressively on DADT before he has enough of the top military brass lined up behind him.

  13. 24play says

    Besides, I doubt the president is losing sleep nights worrying about whether he’s fulfilling his campaign promises fast enough for the liking of people like Paul who didn’t even vote for him.

    Take your complaints to the fools you did vote for, Paul.

  14. TANK says

    In fact, this is an entirely politically contrived scandal from start to finish. It serves Obama to not introduce this as a self proclaimed bridge builder, and to talk out of the other side of his mouth to us about how it’ll happen.

    There is literally an army of current and former top brass and politicians–former DADT supporter–who are now against DADT, and study after study after study have been published which, without any ambiguity, all indicate that it’s a baseless policy supported by irrational bigotry and makes us more vulnerable by weakening our military. Now is the time, not tomorrow, not next year, not 2010 or 11. It could happen RIGHT now. It won’t, and that has everything to do with political spin, not reality.

  15. 24play says

    It has everything to do with how Bill Clinton made a total hash of the same situation in 1993. Obama’s hands are largely tied by the political necessity of not being seen to make the exact same mistake.

    For that reason, you’re not likely to see the White House move on DADT until after the midterms in 2010, which is fine with me since, of the GLBT issues facing Congress and the White House–ENDA, hate crimes legislation, DOMA, the census–it has by far the smallest impact.

  16. TANK says

    “It has everything to do with how Bill Clinton made a total hash of the same situation in 1993.”

    You’re telling me that Obama and the democratic congress can’t push through a repeal of DADT because of what Bill Clinton did over 16 years ago? Things have changed…opinions, majorities…circumstances.

    “Obama’s hands are largely tied by the political necessity”

    No, he has the support he needs, and congress does, too. It’s not ’93 anymore. Most of DADT’s crafters and supporters have reversed their opinions, and would testify against it.

    “of not being seen to make the exact same mistake.”

    There’s no mistake to make anymore. Most people are against it.

    “For that reason, you’re not likely to see the White House move on DADT until after the midterms in 2010,”

    And there’s no difference between the support that repealing DADT has right now, and what it will have in 2010. None. This is about winning over bigots that aren’t needed to sustain a democratic majority in both houses.

    “which is fine with me since, of the GLBT issues facing Congress and the White House”

    You’re buying into a lie spun by politicians who are trying to avoid confronting the issue. They’re not going to magically tackle this after they’ve been reelected; instead will repeat what they’re doing now. There is NO politically tactful way of reversing DADT for these people. Running a campaign doesn’t stop after the midterm elections…in fact, it never stops anymore.

    “–ENDA, hate crimes legislation, DOMA, the census–it”

    We’ll see about those. I doubt they’ll be passed before 2010. In fact, we’ll be about DADT, too.

  17. Chris says

    @ MATT – I don’t get it either. Clinton’s brush with this was 16 years ago, and public support for the ban has collapsed since then. Clinton was also in a much weaker position, having been elected with only 43% of the vote. I understand there are still risks involved because while the people who are still opposed to gays in the military may be in the minority now, they’re a very vocal minority that could cause a disproportionate amount of trouble. But 2009 is not 1993, and I wish people would stop talking about DADT as though nothing had changed in the last 16 years.

    Anyway, I’m fed up with the excuses. I thought we were supposed to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Besides, this isn’t some frivolous or tangential issue. We’re preventing qualified people from serving their country at a time of war. I’ve been a staunch supporter of President Obama, but if the Democrats can’t bring themselves to scrap DADT now, when it’s so obviously not just the right thing to do, but also the smart and, yes, even popular thing, then I have no hope left for the party and my days in it will be numbered.

  18. says

    The people who end up under the bus are those who don’t act.

    Let’s not overreact, but let’s ACT.

    Don’t like Gates’ announcement? Say so:

    Capitol Hill Switchboard number (202) 224-3121

    White House Switchboard number (202) 456-1111 or

    Anyone can just sit around and complain, or worse, throw up his or her hands and give up. How does that get us anything? We elected Obama and gave the Democrats larger majorities in both houses of Congress. Give them some feedback, now.

    Time to step up, folks; flex your muscle, or you’ll lose it. Consider it a test, a trial balloon. If Congress and the WH are flooded with responses, you might not end up under the bus after all.

  19. paul c says


    This may come as a surprise to you, but the president is responsible to ALL citizens…not just people who can prove they voted for him or who have given him money.

    His duty is to uphold the Constitution for everyone.

    After eight long years of having someone in office who thought he was above the law and who chiseled away at our rights, it’s unbelievable to think that anyone would accept another president who doesn’t give a shit about citizens who aren’t like him and who can’t help him out with the political benefits he wants for himself and his cronies.

  20. 24play says

    Paul Cotton, I know the president is responsible to all citizens. But, as I said, I can’t imagine he’s losing sleep over disappointing a bunch of twats like you who thought McCain/Palin were the answer to your prayers. As James Baker so succinctly put it, “Fuck ’em. They didn’t vote for us anyway.”

    Your good friend John McCain’s still a senator. If having DADT overturned immediately is suddenly such a priority for you, get on the horn and demand that McCain introduce legislation overturning the policy. Don’t whine about Obama. He’s keenly aware that the two most spectacular defeats of Clinton’s first term were DADT and Hillarycare. Since Obama has made healthcare reform a top priority of his own first year in office, you can bet he’s not going to jinx it by grandstanding on gays in the military.

    BTW, Paul, you failed to mention whether you voted for the Constitution-shredding asshole who was in the White House for the past 8 years. Bet ya did.

  21. fem in the city says

    Gays got duped. Kudos to this blog for posting this. If you are in media and talk about Obama the lezzies and the gays jump on you in the most hostile ways. I do not feel part of a community anymore. Not after watching “my community” thrash any woman that dared to run against this liar. They’re all the same anyway.


    They call anything that exposes them conspiracy. They want you to continue to trust THEM instead of thinking for yourself. Informaed people know Obama is a fake.

  22. fem in the city says

    Hey Paul Cotton. In case you forgot in the middle of your fantasy about Barack. This is a free country. We can whine about whatever we want. If you want people to shut up when speaking the truth about Obama’s lies … then I suggest you follow your lead and “Don’t whine about people whining about liars” … This is still a free country my friend. Kissing Obama’s butt isn’t going to get you anything. Obama is not a friend to the gays, he was never meant to be. WAKE UP.

  23. NR says

    Yes, the president made the promise; it is equally true that he made a number of other commitments and he told everyone he would have to prioritize. He’s been in office < 6 months. If all he can do is keep the economy from imploding, we should consider it a win. I believe he’ll honor his commitment to us and he may even have some positive surprises for us. Yes, I want my rights, but I also want my employer to not lay us all off, and I’d also like to have 40million people in this country have health care. I’m giving him time – and I’m keeping the faith. I believe he is an honorable man – he will keep his word.

  24. nic says


    i agree with you and 24PLAY. yes, the dismissing of qualified individuals from the military for being gay is simply, well, un-american and stupid, particularly when the pentagon is changing physical, intellectual, and criminal requirements to accept less qualified people in an effort to meet recruitment goals.

    but, the prez has a huge mess to take care of, and i can be patient. his strategy is called prioritizing while spending political capital wisely.

    please, let’s stop with the ‘throwing us under the bus’ metaphor. it lost its currency after the first million or so malcontents (gay/straight or dem/repub) used it.

  25. Wayne says

    Seems like since the election the only one Obama has been a “fierce advocate” for was Rick Warren. The gay community in America organized a massive protest movement against Prop 8, a mobilization to a degree not seen since Stonewall. Yet Obama didn’t even bother to offer support for our cause. He spent more time defending his choice to honor an anti-gay bigot like Warren at the innauguration, than he has spent advocating for equality.

    Fierce Advocate? Change?


  26. says

    Well it’s good that some people can “be patient” in waiting for civil rights. That’s nice of you. Maybe when you’re 6 feet under they’ll start thinking about gay civil rights. Truth of it all, is gays can’t admit they got duped, and that Obama is an even more fake, phoney bigot than possibly even W himself. Bush passed the torch to Obama and he is carrying everything out that Bush started. Obama is a bigoted liar and is no friend to gays. When gays wake up out of thier drunken stupor for this guy is when we’ll all be better off. I will never ever vote democrat again. I certainly didn’t vote for him, he was an obvious anti-gay sexist. “Sweetie” didn’t fool me. I have a memory that lasts longer than it takes my webpages to download. Third party, if I even bother to vote at all.

    The economy will be used as an excuse for his breaking all his promises to the fawning queers who licked his butt crack and continue to do so. Anyone who refuses to see the truth as he spits in your face, deserves everything they get. Unfortunately thier stupidity comes at the peril of us all.
    We need to be raising hell in the streets. Obama isn’t Jesus. Wake up.

  27. jason says

    Face it – you’ve been duped again by Obama and his gaggle of sleazy, lying Democrats. These sleazeballs treat us gays as the politically useful pity class. They’ll pander to us by pretending to be concerned about our rights but, when it comes to the crunch, they chicken out.

    Of course, let’s not forget the other area of distortion that these liberals partake in. Ever heard of the bisexual double standard? It says girl-girl is “hot”, guy-guy is “gross” or “not as photogenic”. This is the philosophy of sleazy Democrats and their enablers in the media. Do you ever wonder why Rolling Stone magazine and MTV avoid male bisexuality but heap copious praise on female bisexuality?

  28. Wayne says

    Seems like since the election the only one Obama has been a “fierce advocate” for was Rick Warren. The gay community organized a protest movement against the passage of Prop 8 that had marches in almost every major city, yet Obama did not even bother to notice let alone offer support. Obama spent more time defending his choice to honor an anti-bigot Pastor Warren at the innauguration than he has defending equality.

    Fierce Advocate? Change? WHERE?

  29. says

    And just how does Barack plan on fixing the economy? By giving all of his banker and wall street friends hundreds of billions of dollars? While people are being laid off, losing thier homes and w/o healthcare, Barack making sure that the filthy rich criminals don’t go to jail and are rewarded billions and billion and billions. I see, sure I can understand why some people have so much faith in him. I agree with Barack that we should continue to bail out every single bank in Europe as well. 2 million jobs lost and the best he can come up with is to tell Americans they should give up some of thier hours at work so thier friend doesn’t get laid off at their 10 or 20 dollar an hour jobs. Thanks Barack.

  30. says

    Jason they only “praise” female bisexuality because it defiles supposed lesbian sex. It is for male pleasure, meaning lesbians exist only for male pleasure in thier sick worlds. When it comes to giving lesbians civil rights, well that’s another story, they don’t praise us at all you see.

  31. nic says

    may your hyperbole serve you well wayne, lesb maf, and one-track minded jayson. i will not be spiting my face any time soon. further, one need not have the patience of Job to give obama more time than what you are willing to give. you demand longer shrift from others than you are willing to give. you have already sent barrack to the gallows.

  32. ObamaTheFraud says

    I love the way all those self-hating, self-deluded gay men who voted for Obama try to rationalize his homophobic delays to grant our basic human rights. Why do we have to wait? We are talking about basic human right purportedly guaranteed by the Constitution. What’s this crap of an excuse about the President having a lot on his plate? I thought Obama said he could walk and chew gum at the same time. I’va always thought Obama was a fraud, and I never understood why so many gay men took his promises at face value.

  33. ObamaTheFraud says

    Who is the bigger self-hating self-deluded gay man on this board: NIC or 24PLAY? Rationalizing the President’s denial of our constitutional rights is as sick as anything from Roy Cohn. You two are disgusting and pathetic the way you think so little of your gay selves that you actually would defend the President on this issue. What could be more important than defending the Constitution and human rights? Oh right: the Prez wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan. Were Obama and Bush separated at birth? They’re certainly acting the same.

  34. anon says

    The problem is that the Republicans will probably make large gains in 2010 in Congress, making it nearly impossible to repeal DADT. Time is not on our side (if you want to join the military). That said, as a matter of policy, they could create higher standards for bring up charges, or make investigations run longer such that the policy becomes somewhat impractical, but I don’t think they want to.

  35. SJ says

    @24play:Aint that the truth! I said it before and Ill say it again.

    “Its so like the bitter white Fa** to expect a black man to clean up a mess for them,yet not even lift a finger to wipe their own ass and not even think to include those gays who are Black,Hispanic,and Asian as part of the gay community.There is an awful lot of Arrogant white MoFo gay people and their true colors have really started to show as of January 20,2009.How Disgusting!!!

  36. SJ says

    Not to mention some of these same self-indulgent queens think that having McCain/Palin in the white house would have been the better deal.Talk about plain CLUELESS.So half of you Jackasses actually believed that we would have been better off going into concentration camps and going through “The Anti-Gay Holocaust of 2009″ would have been the best answer all because Obama isnt foing what you wanted him to do in a 24 hour time duration? But yet condemn those that support him.Looking back at my last post I definitely used the word “ARROGANT” in its proper context.

  37. nic says

    the self appointed gay sanhedrin is out in force expecting everyone to swallow their shibboleths whole like a mindless minion would. i would also like to suggest we do away with accusing each other of self-loathing. that is any easy, lazy, and quite cheap shot that demeans the user of the epithet more that the intended target of it.

  38. paul c says

    @24Play – I’ve never voted for any of the Bushes, and I intend to continue that no matter how many of them ever run for office. I appreciate you playing devil’s advocate for your man, but there is a point when you cross the line and become a delusional Elisabeth Hassleback/Shaun Hannity character.

    @Fem in the city – read more carefully next time. I don’t defend Obama and his anti-gay bigotry. He’s a fucking user who has no interest in equal rights for gay people…unless it would benefit him somehow.

    @SJ – your racism and homophobia are the most disgusting parts of any comments on this thread.

  39. Trasker says

    When people like Sam Nunn are coming out and saying that it was a mistake and that they were wrong you know its not exactly the same as it was when Clinton bungled it so badly. Stop making excuses. The right thing to do is the right thing to do.

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