1. paul c says

    I understandmaking the musical version, which I really liked, because that’s a musical. It adds a different emotional layer to the story.

    But why a fictionalized version of a documentary? Are we that braindead as a society (that is rhetorical) that we can’t watch an actual documentary at this point…we need a Disneyfied, prettied-up, all-star modern version?

    Boo hiss.

    I love Little Edie.

  2. A. Palled says

    “I was excited to bring my own pain to something” …and pass it along to all of you who know and love the documentary… and are pained at the thought of me appropriating a legendary piece of work and making it something (Barry)less.

  3. crazy not funny says

    Sorry, but this is I am Sam with chicks instead of Penn. Its a classic LA conceit — to think there is anything ironic about spoofing tragedy. Not funny. Not Baby Jane.

  4. Roy says

    I had my doubts about this project – but I have to say that this little trailer won me over. Didn’t think Drew could pull it off, but she looks and SOUNDS terrific. (I wasn’t worried about Jessica – she can do anything).

    For those who pooh-pooh the mere existence of this film, well, don’t watch it! You might think the Beals’ story is a ‘tragedy’, but I have always seen it as uplifting… they lived how they liked, and screw the nasty little Republican town!

  5. iain says

    Oh dear god, the charmless, rather unpleasant (I know whereof I speak, wink wink), certainly self-absorbed Barrymore bint reveals where her focus is with that glorious total of FIFTEEN First Person Singulars in the space of a short paragraph, not to mention the ‘my’ and ‘myself’ she throws in, no doubt not in the least concerned that her prospective audience is in danger of succumbing to Drew-engendered catatonia, prompted by her endless self-referential tirade. Please someone, anyone, replace all of Barrymore’s appearances with a decently competent British actress, a breed who never seem to want to talk about their own “pain” and “darkness” but about the quality of script, direction, costume, camera, etc etc. In other words, professionals, not whining, talentless little brats. Oh, just tell the awful little cow to shut the fuck up.

  6. Nonplussed says

    Nothing can compare to the Maysles documentary but this might be interesting, I hope it doesn’t strip away the mystique.
    We already know the destination,
    it might be nice to take the complete journey…

  7. Des says

    Well this looks interesting but don’t understand why we’d want to see actors re-create actual footage that we can see for ourselves. What’s the point?

    The comparison of MILK to the documentary THE LIFE & TIMES OF HARVEY MILK isn’t accurate. No camera followed Harvey around 24/7. We have some of his public speeches and public apeparances, but almost no personal footage exists. Dramatizing his life made sense.

    Unless the HBO movie can somehow expand upon the original documentary footage it is pointless to have Drew Barrymore dress up and recite lines we can hear the original person say.

  8. says

    David :-) exactly.

    The fact they were related to Jackie O is interesting for a few seconds, but they were just fascinatingly eccentric people, and the documentary brilliantly captured their love-hate relationship, along with Little Edie’s thwarted dreams and ambitions, not to mention her lasting fashion sense. The doc gave Little Edie the stage she never would have had otherwise.

    It’s hard not to be skeptical of a film remake of something that was so perfect, and Drew is too young for the part, but the promo looked more promising than I expected and might draw people back to the Maysles’s original.

  9. Freddy says

    Here here, Chaq!!! Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. Remakes or retreads of existing material are its only remaining strategies.

    Boycott this idiotic film and rent the documentary. That is the only truth.

  10. says

    I read the script for this a while back and unless they made massive changes to it, I found it really terrible (there’s a scene where Edie screams at Jackie “I should have been first lady, not you!!” and Jackie sobs, “Oh, Edie, I wish it had been you!” GAG!).

    It’s also hard for me to see Drew Barrymore play Edie Beale after seeing Christine Ebersole knock it out of the park on Broadway . . . and watching the real deal in the Mayseles films.

  11. Bapril says

    It’s not a reproduction of the documentary…from what I understand it includes their lives from around Little Edie’s teenage years to her 60’s.

    By the way, you all look absolutely terrific! Honestly.

  12. Sean says

    Jeez, some of you people lack basic comprehension skills! It’s obvious from both the trailer and every promo piece written on HBO’s Grey Gardens that this is NOT a remake of the documentary. It covers the Edies’ lives before, during and after the Mayles bros.

  13. Lubin Odana says

    Normally I hate remakes, but – THIS ISN’T A REMAKE! There are scenes in the clip that DID NOT OCCUR IN THE DOCUMENTARY. So anyone who’s using the word “remake” here is wrong. It’s a completely different genre.

    As far as I can see, it is as much a film about the success of the documentary as it is about the Beale’s.

    But it’s so heartening to see all the usual bitchy haters on this site confirming to type. You go girls…

    I like Drew Barrymore and I love Grey Gardens, and I’ll be seeing this movie.

  14. says

    Points taken, Sean and Lubin Odana. I, and others, hastily called it a remake of the documentary when it seems clear that the filmmakers took an opportunity to explore their lives before and after the documentary was made. (Which makes Drew’s youth make sense.) I think many of us are protective of the documentary because it’s such a lovely, ultimately sympathetic, and perfectly contained work, but hopefully the time expansion in the film will add a new dimension to their story. If not, the bitches will be back!

  15. Donald says

    I’m sort of sad that with such a broad exposure it won’t be this little “secret film” anymore you can bond with friends over or share with someone you think “will really appreciate it”. If some straight bitch quotes Drew Barrymore’s Little Edie to me I might have to slap her.

  16. TANK says

    Who cares if it isn’t a remake of the documentary? That changes nothing about this being…unwatchable exploding garbage. And that’s not me being overly protective of a cult classic; I didn’t find it that great to begin with. Once again, the documentary was only good because it was REAL; ya know, because it was a documentary. This is the brain death of an overly talentless theater queen who’s seen mommy dearest one two many times. Probably recite lines from the second season of twin peaks, too. Ugh.

  17. Matty says

    Thank you DeeVee, my sentiments exactly. I love all the psychic critics on here who have undoubtedly seen the film in their crystal balls and can talk rubbish about it.

    And like BApril said, it’s not a remake of anything, it’s a dramitization of their lives up to the point when the documenatry was shot, so obviously they would have to recreate some of those scenes.

    Typical jaded queens on here, nothing positive to say about anything even when they haven’t seen the finished product.

  18. Aaron says

    Old people don’t like remakes cause it makes em feel old. The masleys re invented the Beales with their editorialized documentary. It seems only fair that a remake with more perspective follow. Clearly the adaptation is beautiful and sentimental it a way that the original documentaries weren’t.

    Haters, i hate em.

  19. Julie says

    The movie was great and Drew Barrymore gave a magnificent performance as Edie. After seeing this I can not imagine anyone else playing this role. Jessica Lange was also impressive.

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