Earth Hour is Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow at 8:30 pm, people across the world are being asked to turn off their lights in Earth Hour, which the Secretary General of the UN is calling "the biggest climate change demonstration ever attempted." Organizers are hoping to get 1 billion people to participate.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

"In the US, the Empire State Building will dim its lights, along with Sears Tower in Chicago, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and the lights of the casino strip in Las Vegas. In Canada, lights at Niagara Falls and Toronto's CN Tower will be turned off.

Most major European cities are taking part. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe have signed up for Earth Hour, while in Rome the lights of the Colosseum and the dome of St Peter's will be switched off, along with the Acropolis in Athens. Scores of towns and cities in Britain have embraced Earth Hour, and at 8.30pm local time lights will go out in Big Ben's clock tower, the London Eye, Edinburgh Castle and Cardiff's Millenium Stadium.

"Across Asia, dozens of major cities are joining in, including Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and Bangkok. The Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing will turn off its lights along with the rest of the city's public buildings. In Kuala Lumpur, the giant Petronas Towers will take part.

In Brazil many cities and towns have signed up, including Rio de Janeiro where lights illuminating the statue of Christ on Corcovado will be switched off. Lights at the pyramids in Egypt will be dimmed, too.

Cities turning off their lights include Cape Town, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai and Istanbul.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has backed the event, which is organised by WWF Australia with the support of Fairfax Media, publisher of the Herald."

It seemed to make a difference in Chicago last year.

Earth Hour [official site]


  1. Thad says

    I’m actually in Vegas staying at Caesars. It’s going to be awesome to see the Strip go dark.

  2. paul c says

    A world with no light is a very fitting metaphor for what these people advocate.

    Rather than staging their worthless feel-good stunt (a la the craptastic Hands Across America), why not host mass steralizations of global warming/climate change alarmists? No children = no carbon dioxide emissions for tomorrow.

  3. crispy says

    Oh, Paul C. Between this and your pro-cop stance on the NFL player post, you are certainly vying for week’s biggest douchebag. Isn’t there a Log Cabin site you can go to?

  4. paul c says

    @Crispy – I guess I could if I were a Republican, but I’m an independant who leans libertarian.

    I’m sorry if hearing viewpoints that you don’t agree with is offensive to you, but I rather like to hear all sides and then form my own opinions.

    People who choose to simply go along with the majority make great followers for despots like Bush and Obama. Enjoy that path.

  5. Just Wondering... says

    Oh yeah, Obama is a despot and just the same as Bush. And people who bring attention to the issue of Global Warming are “alarmists”. LOL

    and you can’t spell.

  6. says

    I turned my porch lights ON. The Greens won’t be happy until we are living in the dark all the time, preferably in a cave, taking our craps in the woods, using leaves to wipe with and picking berries to survive. And they use “computer models” (garbage in, garbage out) to predict one disaster after another. Screw them.