1. says

    uh, did anyone else notice the “sponsored by e-harmony” sign when she and portia played the newlywed game against another couple?
    did i miss something? are teh gehs and e-harmony friends now?

  2. Marcel says

    Aww, I like both of them; and only recently, Portia more than Ellen. It’s sad that she’s losing her Australian accent though there are bits that appear to creep in now and then. I miss Ally McBeal too. Damn FOX, I wonder what the hell they’re waiting for to release it on DVD.

  3. jimmyboyo says




    I was flipping through the channels last night and lo and behold G4 airs re-runs of “Arrested Development”. I almost had an orgasm

  4. CJ says

    @Jeremy. Yes, I saw that too! e-f’ing-harmony??!! What is up with that? That creepy guy that founded e-harmony is a total homophobe. They never used to allow gay matching on that site, but I believe there was a court ruling in one state (NJ?) that said they couldn’t discriminate. I really wonder about Ellen sometimes. She had on D.L. Hugley not all that long ago who, in a discussion with Dan Savage” referred to being gay as a “lifestyle”. I’m loosing my respect.

  5. yeahisaidit says

    …just IMHO jose I love when you are closely associated and evolved enough with someone to be able to talk about them like they are not there, especially if you are being earnest, and it’s no big whoop…isn’t that preferable to talking behind someone’s back to instead be able to say what you feel or think with no qualms. chaos or drama right in front of them…I think it’s weird when people think that ro do so is weird, but that’s just me…

  6. Rob says

    I thought it was odd, too, that there was product placement for eHarmony. Apparently, there’s a new version of The Newlywed Game debuting on GSN soon, and eHarmony is the major sponsor. I thought perhaps both shows had the same producer, but Ellen’s show is produced by Warner Bros. and GSN is owned by Sony. I dunno.

  7. ricky says

    LOL, why hold a formal interview with your own wife? No wonder she’s trying not to look and she’s “pretending” Ellen’s not there.

  8. maria zivetta says

    Ellen is neat but her “wife” isn’t–that will be a point of contention later. She is a slob if she isn’t neat, and ellen hates it–you can see it here in the video. She will start to hate this slob she is with

  9. debbie says

    portia needs to be a little more considerate of ellens feeling i dont think portia realizes how great she has it she has someone who adores her and then talks about her like she is not even there SHAME ON YOU PORTIA

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