Gay Man Stabbed to Death on London Doorstep

A man and his partner were attacked in the Bromley area of southeast London last night. One of the men died of stab wounds on his doorstep. His partner managed to "stagger" to a neighbor's house to call for assistance. He is in critical condition.

Police do not yet have a motive.

Said Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons: "We are keeping an open mind regarding a motive for the attack. We have found no evidence of a break in and we are not ruling out that it may have been a homophobic attack. The location of the murder is near a busy road in the borough of Bromley. It is largely residential and I would have expected there would still be traffic either going past or from residents arriving home.We want to trace a white man, possibly in his 40s, who may have been in the area at the time. At this stage I do not know if he is a witness or a suspect. I want to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time, who may have seen or heard anything suspicious. Did you see a man running away or a car leaving the scene which may have drawn your attention?"

The victims of the attack have yet to be named. They were in their 50's and had reportedly lived at the address for years.


  1. says

    This is tragic. And too familiar.

    Perhaps I need to send this to some acquaintances in town (and local law enforcement) who would prefer that I carry mace when I walk around outside instead of a gun and/or butcher knife. Problem is, these folks are NOT targets just for existing – I am (we are – my husband and I are VERY out in public). Don’t be naive – be realistic. Find a weapon you’re comfortable with using and LEARN how to use it. Here is an excellent article on
    Self-Defense –

  2. Marc says

    I’m all for arming ourselves John, whether that means taking a martial arts class or learning to wield a gun.

    Until we no longer appear an easy mark, on the streets AND in the courtrooms, we will continue to be harassed, harmed and killed. No one should relish the thought that you might have to take someone’s life. But if you are not prepared to defend yourself to the death, then be prepared with a good Power of Attorney and an Advance health care directive for your loved ones.

  3. TANK says

    I’m all for clubbing gay bashers to death like baby seals. Hanging them up on hooks like sides of beef, and…oh, this is about someone getting stabbed to death and another critically wounded. We don’t know who’s behind it…yes, there’s a better chance than not it was motivated by homophobia, but who knows.

  4. alex in boston says

    I totally agree with Tank! I am so weary of reading almost daily of some punk, miscreant, or otherwise ignorant SOB brutalizing, beating, maiming or killing someone from our community!!! I am afraid it may be time for retaliation and responses beyond “I am so sorry”, “Carry mace”, “Be mindful of your surroundings”, etc. It’s just becoming unbearable to read these reports EVERY DAY!! When do we act? When do we respond? When do we stand up and protect our families?

  5. sugarrhill says

    Typical, white people are so homophobic. It’s in their DNA and their music. Oh wait, commenters only drag race into gay bash postings when the bashers are minorities. My bad.

  6. TANK says

    Because, ya know, there’s no homophobia in the black community whatsoever… It’s not rampant at all…and doesn’t need to be addressed individually. Homophobia’s really this abstract concept that we can’t touch without being screamed down by the professional gays. Who, incidentally, have, on average, done SO much for us…look at all the results in thirty years of taking up space on the six oclock…oh, wait, not even that.

    Anyway, the perp was in his 40s here, which is unusual.

  7. Nic H says

    This is horrible and my heart goes out to these poor guys. How tragic and terrible. London is becoming less and less safe for gay people. My partner and I live only 4 miles from here and we have been subjected to unprovoked verbal abuse in the past just for walking our dog in the street. We are not an overtly gay couple, but I feel nervous when walking in the street now. There have been so many awful, disturbing crimes against gay people in South London: Geoffrey Windsor was murdered at Beaulieu Heights in 2002, Jeff Akers was stabbed to death in a toilet in Walton on Thames, Jody Dobrowski was battered to death on Clapham Common and there have been numerous queerbashings at Beaulieu Heights and other gay meeting places. These are dangerous times. I lived in France for 2 years where everyone accepted the diversity of sexuality and gay people were welcomed in all aspects of society and queer-bashing was virtually unheard of. I am beginning to think that our society, certainly in London, and possibly throughout England, is sick. And yes, I agree with previous posters here, take arms. It might be illegal, but I would rather be armed and prepared than be murdered by some queer-basher, just for walking my dog in the street.