Gossip Girl Actors Tired of Being Mocked for ‘Gayface’



In the latest Rolling Stone cover story, Gossip Girl's male actors demonstrate that they know exactly what it's like for a gay guy to pretend that he's straight. During the interview, they mock a male Gossip Girl fan who approaches them, claiming he's using his girlfriend as a cover for meeting them.

And then, shortly thereafter, Ed Westwick (apparently unironically) uses the same strategy to (once again) deny he and Crawford are a couple:

Says Westwick: "[The rumors are] Fucking ridiculous! "It's funny because I love this fucking dude dearly. I would die for this fucking dude. He's my brother. But, by God, we are so into our women it's ridiculous. But what are you going to do about it? Get pissed off and stay home and cry about it?…I made out with a girl in public. Fuck it, I'll have sex in public. That one's still on the list. Still haven't ticked that one off. Well I have, but they haven't seen me. Not George Michael public."

Note: the photo above is a parody in case it wasn't obvious. Terry Richardson's original, from the magazine, below.



  1. Tread says

    Ah, the old “dude” cover-up. Sorry bro, but using “dude” repeatedly doesn’t make you any less gay. Trust me, I use dude all the time and I love me some cock.

    What a couple of sweaty taints.

  2. Scott says

    What a couple of annoying faggots. If I knew who they were or thought a shitty show like Gossip Girl was worth my time I MIGHT take offense. But I don’t, and they’re not, and in a year they’ll be doing shitty off Broadway plays and deluding themselves into thinking they’re big stars. They’re already yesterdays news, someone just forgot to tell them.

  3. jimmyboy says

    They are sucking someone’s cock. Maybe not each other but yeppers on the cock sucking of an owner or 2 of the CW.

    CW has canceled far too many shows with better ratings than this crap to have any reason to keep it on except they are getting their cocks sucked by the stars of the show.

    It is ranked like 105th by nielson ratings.

    The question with ratings like that how many top execs cocks they have to suck and how often. With such horid ratings they can’t just get by on sucking just 1 CW exec cock.

  4. jimmyboy says


    One wonders if their pr people put the rumors out on purpose since they obviously can’t pull in the tweeny girls to watch the show and are hoping the rumor thing will get older gay men to watch. The problem is older gay men generaly don’t find them to be attractive twinks or the show even remotely intresting enough to watch

  5. Tralfaz says

    I am so with you bitches about the whole “dude” bullshit. So these to queens think that throwing the “d-word” around will throw people of the stank from their lubeded up snatches? Wrong! Sorry boys don’t buy it. Don’t buy the little planted story of how your house where you two bitches live TOGETHER is “a mess” … ya know just like some “dudes” place would be.

    Don’t bother coming out ladies, go back and live in your little closet because once this shitty show is off the air you have to go back to sucking producers cocks to get parts.

  6. nic says

    wait. where does all this bile come from? are we not men? no, we are devo. working in the salt mines. old reference, i know. call me the uber gay dennis miller. (god how i hate that liver-lipped, hoary, pussy-mouthed cunt. he and ron silver, god rest her soul, and other chicken shit 9/11 repugs can go straight to hell, ch-ch-chachie.)

    were we talking about the use of the word “dude” and how it conflicts with gayness and other trivialities? pay attention people. this internecine crap needs to stop. WE are not the problem. slimy, unctuous, smarmy bastards like rush, and o’liely, and the whole lot at the weakly standard and faux news are. we have them on the run. their time has come. they are gasping for air. let us snuff them out now, while we have the chance.

  7. Scott says


    Just because there are bigger problems for the gay community right now doesn’t mean we should ignore the smaller ones. And the “dude” thing is a by product of the ‘Straight acting’ bullshit that too many queers buy in to. And I’d wager that in the long run, internalized homophobia is a lot more destructive to the gay community than a lot of the ‘bigger’ problems out there.

  8. mike says

    In this photos shoot, the girls are allowed to touch each other but the men aren’t. It’s yet another example of Rolling Stone magazine’s double standard in its approach to human sexuality. It’s a Jerry Springer-style approach in which visual portrayals of girl-girl are promoted as “hot”, guy-guy as “to be avoided” or “not sexy enough”. I never cease to be amazed that many of you dumb gay guys keep accepting this double standard in the liberal media.

    Liberals are our enemies, not our friends.

  9. jason says


    Don’t you realize that liberal magazines like Rolling Stone magazine have been promoting this double standard for years? The bisexual double standard, in which women are shown interacting with both men and women whereas the men are only allowed to interact with women, is the defining hypocrisy of liberalism. It’s the heart of the sleazy liberal philosophy. Rolling Stone magazine is guilty of this double standard.

  10. tomas says

    Jann Wenner is a cunt whose Rolling Stone magazine promotes the bisexual double standard. It’s a double standard based on fear of the male-male erotic interaction and the notion of male-male as sexy. Of course, Rolling Stone magazine will talk about us gay guys but only so long as we remain academic or amusing. Once we become sexy, Rolling Stone magazine avoids us like the plague.

    Of course, if it’s “two hot chicks”, Rolling Stone magazine goes out of its way to depict it, thus reinforcing negative attitudes to male-male. Fuck off, Wenner. This gay guy thinks you’re a creep.

  11. jason says

    Don’t underestimate the role of women in promoting the bisexual double standard. Women exploit the bisexual double standard in order to get preferential treatment for themselves. It’s a sleazy tactic which trivializes same-sex sexuality and reduces it to the level of the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Fuck off, ladies.

  12. jason says

    Don’t forget how much Rolling Stone magazine supported Obama and the Democrats. Now you have a stark example of Rolling Stone magazine avoiding the male-male interaction in its Gossip Girl photo shoot. This shoot shows women sticking fingers in each other’s mouths, lying in each other’s laps and licking the same ice-cream cone. But male-male is not shown. Not even a tiny interaction.

    Face it, Rolling Stone magazine, supporter of Obama, has a bisexual double standard. It avoids male-male as “sexy” but permits female-female. No wonder liberals have lost credibility.

    And you guys continue to be suckers for the double standard of liberals.

  13. alan says

    Don’t worry, Jason, Rolling Stone magazine will give you gay guys positive press but only so long as you are academic or amusing. As far as being sexy, hell no. That’s only reserved for “two hot chicks”.

    So, gay and bi guys, behave yourselves and stop criticizing Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone magazine reserves the right to treat you in an “ewwwww” sense.

  14. Alex says

    I first have to laugh at the idea of a “liberal” double standard when it comes to women v. men and bisexuality. Sure. It’s the “liberals.” The conservatives love themselves some man love…

    Back to the topic at hand: Ed, with that George Michael reference, do you still think you’re fooling anyone?

  15. TANK says

    Tomas/Jason, jann wenner is a cunt…no doubt about it. But…you’re crazier than glue. And I hope you never stop posting, because it’s hilarious.

    So ANNNNNNNYWAYS, which one of these two pickle kissers featured is the bottom? I’ve got bucks on Chace.

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