1. Mike in the Tundra says

    I’m having trouble breathing right now, and I’m terribly, terribly jealous of that guy.

  2. David in Houston says

    Wow… that was bizarre and incredibly funny! What was that entrance all about!?

  3. bading says

    This an ancient custom of Japan’s Edo-era samurai class that’s equivalent to the current locution…”how’s it hanging?”

  4. tjc says

    I really like the way Jackman handled himself afterwards — smiling, laughing, and joking.

    Also Andy, why no screen cap of the shot at 0:43? :-)

  5. says

    this is where I express my extreme sadness that Hugh Jackman did not pinch MY nipple and let me grab his balls.

    *shakes fists to the heavens and wails at the cosmic insjustice I muse deal with*

  6. Jim says

    Hmmm… when I was in grade school (a long, long time ago) we called that a Pearl Harbor Sneak Attack. I wonder how that would have gone over on Japanese TV?

  7. rudy says

    It would be impossible for me to love Huge Jack Man any more than I already do. Talented, unbelievably handsome, and completely at ease with who he is and who others are. I watch his Tony Awards hosting vid clips periodically and remain in awe of his talent and grace.

  8. cj says

    That’s just.. odd… lol I suppose when tv pranks such as raising port-a-potty toilets 10 feet into the air while people are taking dumps are normal this is just par for the course…

    On a somewhat similar note, did anyone see Leno last night? There was a segment of police mishaps on audio and video. One clip (that is on youtube) shows a cop frisking a guy. The cop is behind him, and the guy is wearing an oversized white tank and jeans. The cop gets to his belly button, feels something and asks what he’s feeling. The guy, very casually without missing a beat, replies “That’s my penis”. The cop very calmly apologizes, continues the frisking, and after apologizes again. TOO FUNNY.

  9. Andrew says

    I lived in Japan for a while and every time I tried to understand Japanese tv I just got further and further away…