Is Cristiano Ronaldo Dressing ‘Gay’?


According to Asian News International news service he is:

"Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to turn heads once again on his recent shopping spree. Ronaldo, 24, who apparently looked gay, wore a tight leather jacket
and Army boots with laces undone, a figure-hugging polo neck tucked
into skinny jeans, and a diamond-encrusted belt, which had the initials
CR initialled on it. The Manchester United ace, who was carrying a bunch of roses from a
fan, spent up to 10,000 pounds on suits and casual wear at upmarket
store Flannels in Manchester. He came out with four bags full of goodies before heading back to his car with a pal. Virtually any other man would look utterly ridiculous if they wore what he wears, the Sun quoted an onlooker as saying.
But Ronaldo himself somehow seems to pull it off. Whatever he wears, he carries it off in style, the onlooker added."

Kanye West would approve.


  1. Rad says

    And let’s not gloss past the “Hair Don’t”. Ever since that mouthy twink won that gay dating reality show a couple years back with the “Ed Grimley” hair, it’s EVERYWHERE!

    And it looks HORRIBLE!

  2. rudy says

    Not to mention the o’r plucked brows, muddy bronzer (compare the hands and face), and the product laden faux hawk. And, yet, I agree that he manages to carry it off.

  3. MT says

    Whoever wrote this has obviously never been to Williamsburg or the East Village because then they would know those aren’t ‘skinny jeans’

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    I love butch queens like Christiano! They do all the “aint I pretty” stuff that Rudy just described, but yet they love the masculinity of their bodies, and most importantly, they’re mainly “tops”. Great for one night stands…but don’t let them in your life, honey.

  5. realitythink says

    UHM.. Isn’t he just dressed like a young European guy with little sense of style? Hardly gay.
    I don’t know about you all but the boys I’ve seen at the gym look very gay (plucked brows and shaved pubes) but they are clearly not. They are nice eye candy though.

  6. tony the tiger says

    Ronaldo is also infamous for carrying a “man purse” (which is fairly identical to a female purse except you don’t have a strap to carry it over your shoulder) around London. Now that is something I haven’t seen even on Eighth AVenue in Chelsea.

    Anyone else think the man purse has taken off anyplace?

  7. rudy says

    Uh, TTT, the manpurse is always a shoulder bag, cum “messenger bag,” unless it is an old style gymbag. Only real girls carry clutches. Manbags are rampant in DC, although most try to pass them off as a briefcase. I’ve carried a bag for so long (used to be a dancer [so it was my sole wordly possession] then became a gym rat, and am now an attorney carrying a variety of bags) that my arm feels naked without one in my grip. (Yeah, I’m trying “to pass”!)

  8. crispy says

    Ronaldo is from Portugal, lives in Cheshire, and plays football for Manchester.

    I doubt he’s infamous for doing anything in London other than drawing fouls from John Terry.

  9. David T says

    No, my gay friends dress with style. That’s just tacky. Most gays know how to dress better than that.

  10. redexile says

    Here in Moscow
    all young men, who are fashion-conscious – dress like this; it is a European, not a gay, thing. Russian teens & twinks are thin-waisted & have bubble-butts. They are a designer’s dream

  11. says

    As long as he scores and wins titles,it shouldnt matter how he dresses or what he likes to do off the field.

  12. nick says

    looked gay? thats an insult to gays, or anyone with taste, indeed eurotrash…words fail me…

  13. Christianos Father says

    hey all you gay mfs! he looks gay he is gay and he will always be gay .. stop defending him ! he is a no good piece of dump. thank you very much..

  14. Laurens says

    It’s called the metrosexual look and lots of straight boys are devout followers. Straight men are always a decade behind gay men in fashion. Now, if only CR would get rid of that awful peckerhead haircut.