Jimmy Fallon Mocks A-Rod ‘Kiss’ Photograph


Jimmy Fallon yesterday posted a photo mocking Alex Rodriguez' Details photo shoot.

ESPN's LZ Granderson wrote about the A-Rod photo shoot yesterday with regard to homophobia in the sports world:

"Most men, particularly the insecure ones, hate [A-Rod] because he
reminds them of their own perceived shortcomings, and so to make
themselves feel better, they call him the one word they have relied on
to strip a man of his worth for decades: gay…Clearly, you don't have to be a gay male to be good looking or say, 'Tom Brady is a good-looking guy', but you do have to be secure in who
you are and who you are not. And obviously that's a tall order,
considering that when many straight males talk about the appearance of
another male in a positive way, he usually has to follow that up by
punching a dude in the arm or adding a disclaimer such as, 'My girl
likes him, so I guess he's good looking.' The true rub is knowing men
don't have a problem judging a guy when he's not attractive…It's funny how A-Rod often is criticized for letting his insecurities
get the best of him, yet it quite often is his male detractors who let
their insecurities get the best of them when talking about him."



  1. Yul Brynner says

    People should be making fun of it, but obviously not because it’s ‘homoerotic’ (‘narcissistic’ would actually be the better label)… They should belittle the photo because it’s amazingly stupid.

  2. MT says

    Am I the only one who actually likes the picture of A-Rod kissing himself. If it’s self-mocking (which I have to assume it is) then he gets major bonus points.

  3. says

    I think that if A-Rod was going to take such a picture, which could have been good, he really should have really went ad it with a passionate tongue kiss. He looks uncomfortable in the actual shot to where it doesn’t even show narcissism, self love or even the slightest bit of homo-erotica.
    Nothing wrong with the idea…he just failed at it.

  4. says

    Has anyone watched Fallons’ show? It is a trainwreck of epic proportions. I feel sorry for the poor guy, he’s in way over his head. I’m not surprised this “parody” falls flat. I’m sure the lame writers on his staff came up with it and he just did it real quick to be “topical”.


  5. Henry Holland says

    Best comment over at ESPN:

    “LZ, you’re crazy. A-Rod for RuPaul and picks? Lance Bass and cash for Jon Stewart and a family guy character? Who do you think runs our team, Isiah Thomas? (who, incidentally, we will trade for 10 maple bats).

    Tell you what, if you really want A-Rod, give us Neil Patrick Harris, Ian McKellen, a lottery-protected 2010 first round pick and retroactive rights to Leonardo DaVinci and all of his stats. We might also consider Freddie Mercury and cash for Jon Stewart and a family guy character provided it’s Quagmire or Cleveland”.

    No way would I trade NPH, McKellen AND DaVinci for Pay-Rod! :-)

  6. patrick nyc says

    Fallon sucked on SNL, only bit that was funny was his pairing with Tina Fey, which she did all the writing. I give him until the summer, by then all the adds will drop him and everyone will be watching Graig Furgeson.

  7. korin says

    it’s not homoerotic, it’s NARCISSISTIC! that photo is basically a literal interpretation of the tale of narcissus. it’s SO offensive to equate homosex with what is obviously just self-absorption. cheese and rice.

  8. nic says

    does cuteness count for nothing? i still heart fallon.

    what is with the obsession over narcissus? this is hardly a revelation. there is nothing new with that story. move along, people, nothing to see here. get over it, already.

  9. Marti says

    Everyone thought Conan was crap when he started and now they miss him. I’ll bet most of the people who trash Fallon just want to look cool and above it all.

  10. Chrisana says

    the first time I saw Conan, I see something special!!! of course he didn´t have TV experience but he has charisma and he´s funny.

    But Jimmy Fallon is not a funny guy.. is just an idiot and it always will be!!!

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