Jimmy Fallon Mocks A-Rod ‘Kiss’ Photograph


Jimmy Fallon yesterday posted a photo mocking Alex Rodriguez' Details photo shoot.

ESPN's LZ Granderson wrote about the A-Rod photo shoot yesterday with regard to homophobia in the sports world:

"Most men, particularly the insecure ones, hate [A-Rod] because he
reminds them of their own perceived shortcomings, and so to make
themselves feel better, they call him the one word they have relied on
to strip a man of his worth for decades: gay…Clearly, you don't have to be a gay male to be good looking or say, 'Tom Brady is a good-looking guy', but you do have to be secure in who
you are and who you are not. And obviously that's a tall order,
considering that when many straight males talk about the appearance of
another male in a positive way, he usually has to follow that up by
punching a dude in the arm or adding a disclaimer such as, 'My girl
likes him, so I guess he's good looking.' The true rub is knowing men
don't have a problem judging a guy when he's not attractive…It's funny how A-Rod often is criticized for letting his insecurities
get the best of him, yet it quite often is his male detractors who let
their insecurities get the best of them when talking about him."