1. Troy says

    Neither alcohol, money, dark of night, flat tire on a lonely highway or a hunger for Haagen Dazs, Dulce de leche would get me between the sheets with Karl. Sorry Karl no Peter for you.

  2. Jeff says

    Interesting that us men (gay and straight) applaud when someone leaves another for someone that is hotter, younger. You’d think that gay men would be a little more enlightened than their straight counterparts. But when sex is the driving force behind relationships it reveals how shallow the men are.

    Honestly Karl you just wanted to make love to narcissistic self, “He’s a sweet fellow and comes from the South of France. ‘He looks like me — well, maybe a better-looking version of me from a long time ago,’ Karl told her.”

  3. says

    Karl Lagerfeld is a wrinkly piece of shit. I don’t applaud a single nauseating thing he has done, and he really needs to stop rocking that ridiculous fucking look. There’s not a modeling contract in the world that would make me treat that man with respect. By all accounts, he is a horrible, selfish human being. Fucking SHOCK.

    Oh, and Chanel has sucked for years. Oust the fucker.

  4. Justin says

    “Long-term commitment whether in marriage, or in other forms, is harder these days because of change. The loved one changes, and we change ourselves with time; so our relationships change. We cannot live our whole lives at concert pitch. But when the tune changes, it need not be the end of the concert. What is there in us that can survive the changes of time, and the up-and-down of living relationships? Faithfulness is a bit of a mystery and a marvel; it has a value in itself. Faithful love builds up the one to whom we are faithful, expresses our hope in them. In spite of all our inadequacies, we stuck it out. Taken in part from

  5. Joe says

    I think the term is “rent boy”. Karl has one thing a hot rent boy loves, a big fat wallet!

  6. Matty says

    A hustler by any other name would still smell like cheap lube. The act of an old queen buying the affections (or services) of a younger man is as old as Karl himself.

    Seriously, why would anyone want to be around someone as shallow and horrendous as Karl Lagerfeld if it’s not for the money and notoriety?

  7. northerner says

    At least most are being consistent in lambasting both Madonna and Lagerfeld for robbing the cradle.

  8. JTlvr says

    He does look like a younger Lagerfeld — same jaw, same facial structure, same old sour church-lady pout.

    I saw him and Gaultier many times in clubs in France and Spain. Both of them lead charmed lives, jetting and yachting everywhere with their coterie of eager young beauties.

    Still, Sebastian’s more my type. All man.

  9. Christian Canterbury says

    I’m sorry. Was Brad in a RELATIONSHIP with Karl? I thought he was just his “muse” like Peter Johnson to Bruce Webber. I thought he was straight.

  10. Stan says

    Get all the cash you can kid!! (and of course, have sex with someone you REALLY want on the side!) The old queen is just begging to be taken for a ride (and not in the good way! lol)

  11. giovanni says

    I am curious what makes you guys think Karl is having sex with either of these two guys? Contrary to popular belief that is not always the way of this world. I’d say its more likely the Kaiser likes to surround himself with beautiful men much the way he surrounds himself with beautiful “things”. Given his slavish diet and countless other eccentricities I would be shocked if he had sex HIMSELF let alone anyone else.

  12. crispy says

    I’m sure you guys are right. Karl Lagerfeld is probably not having sex with these men. He’s taking them out for pizza and video games.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, Giovanni, I usually agree with everything you say on this blog. But are you serious?

    No, he doesn’t have sex with these beautiful young men, he just likes to lick ’em every now and then. So would I…if I had the money, although I’d prefer Moroccans.

  14. peterparker says

    I checked the link that JOHNINMANHATTAN posted, and Karl in his younger years bears a closer resemblance to George Wallace than he does to Giabconi.

    And I am in agreement with Andy: Sebastian is Karl’s hottest accessory. WOOF!

  15. nikko says

    Yuck, shameful, disgusting gay pseudo- relationships like this make me cringe at gay legitimacy. How can a gay man live like this and still have a conscience?

  16. giovanni says

    I hear ya Derrick but its just not the vibe I get from Vlad um… Karl.

    I am not quite sure why the rest of you mo’s have your 2 xists in a wad over Karl doing what rich queens of a certain age have done since the renaissance.

  17. says

    Of course Karl is not fucking these models, they are most likely straight anyway. Think of them as the “gay” version of Hef and the hos from The Girls Next Door. Escorting doesn’t ALWAYS involved sex…especially if you are an aged, reptilian, limp-dick sack of formaldehyde.

  18. David B. 2 says

    gay men having sex or canoodling with boys who look just like themselves when they were young….hmmmm isn’t that a sort of classical definition for narcissism????

  19. clint says

    @David B.2–I call them “narcissexual”. People who want to have sex with people who look just like themselves.

  20. Janie says

    Pretty pathetic to realize that no one loves you or cares about you or about what happens to you, no matter how “rich and famous” you are. What good is it to be a celebrity if you have to buy someone to act as if you mean something to them? By his age, hasn’t he figured that out-yet? How sad and pathetic. What would Mama say? Better yet, what would Papa say?

  21. Gabe R L says

    By the way, it was Brad’s decision to end the arrangement, not Karl. Brad coldly and carefully used Karl.

  22. TANK says

    which from brad’s perspective, is the equivalent of taking a cold shower for the rest of your life.

  23. Jason says

    Lagerfeld reminds me of Mason Verger, the guy who sliced his own face off in Hannibal.

  24. mb00 says

    If Victoria Beckham was a man AND corpse, she’d be Karl Lagerfeld. That man is DISGUSTING!
    I couldn’t even imagine kissing him, much less doing “it” to him.

  25. Ronald says

    Well, Karl should make healdines for his clothes and not for his personal choices. Unlike the peerless YSL, Karl seems not publicity shy.

  26. Jamane says

    I love him he is a SEXY ASS model who is going to get good press and more jobs because who he is following love it

  27. christina says

    I agree with Michael. Baptiste is really ugly. Karl should have kept his hands on Brad, but I’m sure Brad is tired of Karl’s old ass.