1. Bob says

    What a beautiful man. It is, indeed, too bad that he has shitty acting skills. His last film that came out in December (and a couple more others before that) should be mandatory viewing for truant and ill-mannered kids, and unrepentant criminals and prisoners.

    I don’t know if he has any other meaningful pursuits in his life i.e. advocacy and education that he puts his fame to use for, but if he doesn’t, he should consider modeling.

    Has he come out already?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Lucky Keanu. Wow…to get better looking as you get older–now that’s a real gift from God, or the Goddess. Lucky bastard. Haven’t seen his teeth though.

  3. Michael says

    Why are so many in the gay community so frickin’ condemning?! Growing up, there were so precious few role models out there; I don’t mean to say “gay” role models, but role models of men who were supporting of diversity. Yet, Reeves, when asked over and over again if he was gay, always replied with “what difference would that make?” He wasn’t being coy; rather, he said that the question itself should be unworthy of being asked, just as “are you left handed or right handed” would be of little interest. He explained that the question was always framed in a way that suggested it was scandelous to be gay, and he felt that should be difused.

    While I think it is important to come out, one cannot deny that there is some validity to his response; moreover, it is doubtful that he is gay in the first place, making his stance all the more admirable.

  4. Hugo says

    Amanda de Cadenet now does photography? I remember her as a minor bimbo, Samantha Fox-style, on English TV in the late 80s/early 90s.

    She is the reference that Eddie in AbFab makes to Patsy after her disaster breakfast TV make-over appearance.”Even Amanda de Cadenet would have remembered the word ‘Accessories'”.

  5. rudy says

    Derrick from Philly, According to a friend who “dated” Keanu, it is not the cruddy teeth that are the real problem but his horrendous body odor. KR showers infrequently and uses [ineffective] crystal rubbings instead of deoderant. He smells of stale piss and pot. Hot in pictures but not in person.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, my, RUDY.

    What is it with these beautiful men (and women) who don’t like to wash? They say that James Dean and Brando didn’t wash either.

    Only a professional hooker can deal with heavy funk coming from a man’s stuff. I’m not putting a clothespin on my nose just to give head–even after downing a half of fifth. That’s a damn shame ’cause he is beautiful…although stale piss isn’t as bad as booty funk. Don’t you agree?

    Does he have Native-American ancestry…he looks it.

  7. gabe says

    I think Keanu’s dad has chinese/hawaiian/portugese blood hence the subtle exotic features.

  8. says

    eh. not the best beard- can’t even grow a full one. i’ve seen better pics of him. he just looks messy here. i like him w/ short hair clean shaven way more.

    ps. the crystal deodorant works fine – used it for 10 yrs. now available in liquid. the smell from bodies comes from within: diet. bet he has a horrid one. antiperspirants are horrible for the body- they block ur pores from acting properly.

  9. says

    @ RUDY et al., I use the “crystal” deodorant and it works very well. It doesn’t stop sweat, just the odor. One application will even last for two days if you don’t have a chance to shower. It has to be damp to apply (either your pits after the shower or a dash of water on the crystal).

    No sting, no mess, no allergic response!

    I have no idea why the very handsome KR has trouble with this.

    BTW, I thought his acting in Devil’s Advocate was very good (and it includes a nice close-up butt shot).

  10. Gabe R L says

    He has to be a little gay at least. No true straight man that age would look that good.

  11. Liz says

    Keanu has chinese heritage and Asians use to age very well. And he is looking absolutely, incredibly HOT right now! I can’t believe that man will be 45 later this year, I saw some candid pics of him and he looks stunning. I admire the way he behaves when people question his sexuallity, he is always respectful and never make statements to promote himself or denigrates gay people. He has an open mind and respect people choices and doesn’t make a fuss about it. When not working you just don’t see him being a media whore at all, he keeps his life private. Plus, people should stop calling him a bad actor, it is just silly bandwagon, the guy is in the business for more than 25 years, worked and works with the best people around, has made super popular movies as well really good indies, he deserves more respect. Some just need to watch him in The Gift, A Scanner Darkly and Street Kings and dare to say he isn’t a good actor! And now he is just rocking his terrible beard without giving a damn to what people think of it. Too cool for words.

  12. Gabe R L says

    I agree completely with what Liz said. But I do have to say again that his hold on his looks is great considering that most straight men approaching 25 are already losing if not lost their looks. He does seem very enigmatic.

  13. Dr Jay says

    Did he have some surgeries recently? It looks like he has an exploratory laparatomy scar and a scar from a laparascopic port. Any ideas?

  14. miaedu says


    Amanda de Cadenet has been a photographer for over two decade.
    Rare Birds, her first monograph as published in 2005. Her portraits and fashion images appear in such publications as Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, i-D, Allure, Spin, and Rolling Stone amongst others.

  15. Sarah says

    I always remember his interview on OUT magazine where he said “there is nothing wrong in being gay so to deny it is to make a judgement”. IMO he is one of the most wise stars in Hollywood in the last years, managed to keep his career (with highs and lows), makes action big movies and very good independent ones and still in the business despite being eternally picked by critcs and fanboys. Plus, you never hear of his private life. And people still saying the guy is dumb…dumb my ass!

  16. Tom says

    I want to fuck him so bad! I bet he’s a great fuck because he looks very submissive so he’d be eagar to please and be easy to control.

  17. Keanu'sMum says

    Why oh why does there always have to be someone who is a friend of a friend of someone who knows something about a celeb? How come the person themselves never posts about their own account? Purleeeease. The legend that he stinks is older than the one about Gere and the hamster – and both of those are false. DGIH.
    I want to applaud a poster here called Michael. Reeves’ refusal to answer questions about his sexuality should be applauded. Thank you for mentioning that.
    And with regard to his acting skills – can we put away the claws for a minute and realise that nobody – no matter how good looking, would be paid as much or last this long in Hollywood. I would have thought the people who typically post on this forum would have experienced enough negative stereotyping in their lives to never do it to anyone else. I guess not.

  18. Sonja says

    LOL Gabe, men “lose their looks at 25″. What a load of BS. Maybe many women lose their looks after 35, unfortunately, but men only get hotter and better. Young men are often unproportional and too prissy looking, and usually crap in bed too.

  19. Eeyore'sLove says

    OMG The man just keeps getting hotter and what a great interview. Comments on this site surprise me, lots of negative sterotyping. I guess some folks just feel threatened by a good looking man who is self confident and secure enough in himself and his life that he does not need to seek the constant reassurance and approval of the rest of the world that he is good enough. Keanu’sMum you are so right about the not bathing rumour I met him once after a Dogstar gig, scored myself a hug and a kiss :) he did smell sweaty but under that you could still smell his soap and cologne