1. JerzeeMike says

    FUCK YOU, KEITH PHOENIX!!! Blaming the victim has become a standard tactic with lawyers and I’m sure his is telling him that it’s his word against the victim’s brother. If Sucuzhanay had a gun what fool would’ve gotten out of the car and grabbed a baseball bat?! Fucking idiot!!

  2. Sportin' Life says

    Any attorney who would allow or encourage their client to lie this blatantly and stupidly should be disbarred and jailed for conspiracy to commit perjury. He has a responsibility to the court and to truth, along with his responsibility to his client.

    His name is Jay H. Schwitzman (from the Times article linked), and his office number is 718 797 1000.

  3. SFshawn says

    Isn’t it nice to know he isn’t anti-gay?
    Hope he feels the same way when he becomes somebodys BITCH in prison and they tear his ass to shreds! FUCK HIM! He’s got great cocksucking lips too so he’ll be put to good use satisfying the inmates. Just because he has a perty face and that cocky bravado going on makes him feel immune to his actions and the consequences of those actions? What a waste of human life.

  4. Will says


    He will get what he deserves. His lawyer is not that stupid. They both know that Phoenix is going to be convicted and sentenced to a good deal of time, less time if there is a whiff of self-defense. They are just laying the ground-work.

  5. Joe says

    This guy is a two bit thug who has no sense of responsibility for anything he does. Clearly his lawyer is telling this thug what to say so as to reduce his sentence. The photo of him smiling at the toll booth collector clearly says so much about how little he was effected by the beating to death of another human being. Thank you NYPD!

  6. alex in boston says

    “The deceased was the aggressor.” He later told reporters: “To me, it is not a gay bashing or gay hate crime.” They are pursuing this line of defense since a “Hate Motivated Crime” of this degree requires a longer prison sentence! So the victim crossed in front of his SUV, there were 3 men in the vehicle and Phoenix’s only recourse was to grab a bat and beat the man dead? Why didn’t one of the passengers call the police?

  7. Andy says

    These barbaric monsters just appear more and more despicable and worthless with every passing day…if that were possible. Any remnant of moral conscious is clearly missing from their genetic make up. They are a waste of this planet’s oxygen, water, resources, and space. They offer nothing to society but a burden.



    And spare me any of that “death penalty makes us just as worse blah, blah, blah” crap.

  8. CJ says

    Let me understand this “story”. The defendant claims the victims kicked his SUV and had a gun. Thus, the rather muscular defendant got out of his large SUV with similar sized men because two smaller sized males kicked his SUV and may have brandished a weapon at the dark of night. Why did the defendant not drive away and phone the police? Why did the defendant come out with other men, outnumbering the victims? Why did the defendant shout anti-homosexual remarks towards the victims if he was not anti-homosexual? Why did the defendant come out to attack a man who he claims brandished a weapon?

    Too many why’s and not enough plausible answers. It seems the defense attorney has recommended the defendant claim non-anti-homosexual bias and a self defense strategy to lessen the blow. Good luck with that…

  9. Mark says

    Yeah. Cuz The Gays are SO threatening. Cuz The Gays are always attacking and shooting straight men. Oh…I’m sorry. I mean “defending” themselves.

    Listen up Keith (and all you straight guys): there’s plenty of us faggots out here who are your worse nightmare and one day you’ll tangle with the wrong one.

    SUV = little dick

    Killing homos = little dick

  10. says

    Soooooo, a baseball bat can defend you from a bullet? We need to pass on this info to our Army immediately…..!!! If you’re in fear of your life you LEAVE the scene – not escalate it by confronting someone head on.

    There’s more holes in this story than there are perforations in a sieve.

    Rotting in jail is too good for this moron: FRY THE BASTARD! Preferably with electrodes attached to his minuscule balls….

  11. Marc says

    No but he has once again supported the premise that it is perfectly acceptable to make light of rape in some situations. I’m tired of it. Rape under ANY circumstance is not something to be made a joke of. Hopefully at some point we will as a society expect more from ourselves.

  12. Marc says

    As a post script, you do realize the connection implied between homosexuality and rape for all to see each time this is entered into print by someone.

  13. Sportin' Life says

    I agree with you, Marc. I’m tired of people saying that anal rape is a suitable (and humiliating) punishment for criminals.

    But maybe a lucid comment with the point made would be more effective than a non-specific STFU?

  14. Marc says

    Ya know Sportin’ Life, I’ve tried that.

    I’ve done my best to be as articulate, considerate, tactful and reasonable as possible. But because it obviously has not worked, its time to stop the “time out” tactic and start to verbally spank some people.

    I think that way has continually shown our weakness and left us emasculated. It has allowed that kind of talk to continue unabated on these boards and in society at large. It’s not acceptable period.

    You do realize that every time that someone posts that kind of comment on a board; forever for all to see, that it subconsciously links rape and homosexuality together?

    I’m trying to make people think about what they say, do or write, rather than point out their error after it is too late to retract it.

  15. So Left I'm Right says

    This is the highest form of bullshit ever attempted. I’m sure a death-inducing beat down was required for “kicking” his car, which I doubt even ever happened. Oh the complete lies involved here. End this bastard’s freedom.

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