1. says

    I may be mistaken, but shouldn’t Pence’s comments be considered “Unamerican?”

    Republicans are acting like spoiled children who have been given new rules by their new daddy.

  2. paul c says

    Yes, let’s focus our attention on that fat old pillhead from the radio!! Don’t look at what Obama’s up to while our country crumbles — there’s a glorified disc jockey over there! Look at that!!

    This will take attention away from the fact that everything Obama has done so far has been either a contradiction of campaign promises or just generally fucked up.

    Bread and circuses make a nice distraction while our country falls apart under its second consecutive incompetant president.

  3. MT says

    Someone needs to tell Rush that Republicans presided over the biggest government expansion in history. Hello Homeland Security! Maybe the GOP would be slightly more credible if they didn’t do all the things they scream about Obama doing.

  4. MikeMick says

    It’s nice that we have people like Paul C here to provide ideological balance. The debate would be so much less productive without chronic malcontents, right-wing dagwoods, and media sluts like Limbaugh bitching about Obama’s policies while having none of their own.

  5. Acronym Jim says


    I get the impression that Robert Gibbs was being intentionally snarky when he referred to Lumbar as the head of the Republican party. Just check out the subtle smile.

  6. 24play says

    Paul C,

    I previously directed you to an independent Web site ( that’s keeping track of Obama’s action on 510 campaign promises. Yet you still promote the lie that Obama is breaking campaign promises right and left. He’s not. At all.

    It’s no wonder you’re unhappy with the media focus on Rush, since most of your debunked talking points can be traced directly back to the fat old pillhead.

    Don’t let facts stand in your way, dear. Rush prefers you keep on spreading that manure around.

  7. Brian says

    Who pissed in Paul’s bowl of cheerios? His observation that “everything Obama has done has been just generally fucked up” could not be more wrong. Ending torture and closing the travesty of Guantanimo is fucked up? Helping people remain in their homes is fucked up? Trying to save jobs through stimulus spending? Starting the process of ending don’t ask, don’t tell? Providing a tax break to 95% of Americans? Asking the wealthy to step up and pay their fair share of taxes? Pushing new initiatives in clean energy and green power? These are right in line with what Obama promimsed during his campaign. President Obama is off to a great start, especially given the dismal mess he inherited.

  8. says

    Let’s silence all criticism of the Obama Administration. Last week Gibbs attacked Rick Santelli from CNBC; this week Gibbs attacks Jim Cramer from CNBC. Anyone who confronts Obama and the Imperial Presidency is un-American. Pass the fairness doctrine and let’s stifle debate that does not pay tribute and offer respect to our dear leader. America is best with one-party unchallenged rule.

  9. 24play says

    Looks like Nobama/Biden Time/Just Biden Time/No Thanks/Vet/Liz/Leah has returned to us under yet another screen name.

    A troll by any other name…

  10. Matt says

    I can’t stand Rush. I listen to talk radio in the morning and when they have his “Rush Update” I either moan or turn the radio down.

    That being said, I am not for big government. Obama is increasing it just like Bush did. We need to cut taxes for everyone not just 95% because lets face it those 5% employ most of us. I think we also need term limits in congress. Both Dems and Republicans get in there and forget they work for the people and do whatever they need to do to stay in power.

    In response to Brians comments, I agree with closing Gitmo. The question is, where do we put them. Some countries don’t want them back. Also I am not for helping families stay in their home. If someone is foreclosed on they can go and rent. Also the cheap price on a foreclosed home is a great deal for someone as a starter home. 92% of all people with mortgages pay on time and they don’t feel like they need to help those struggling. Also Brian, what is the fair share for the wealthy? I mean they are almost at a 40% tax rate. It just seems like being wealthy has become a bad word in this country. I’m sure if we were in the top 5% we would be singing a different toon. Hell I want to be filthy rich so I can provide opportunities to others either through charitable giving or job opportunities.

  11. troschne says

    Mike Pence is a huge douche, and I’m not even sure he has opposable thumbs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get caught like one of his cronies, Larry “Bojangles” Craig doing a tap, tap, tap in an airport bathroom.

  12. says

    Thank you Prez Obama for providing a tax break to 95 percent of all Americans. That extra $8 a week in my paycheck has more than made up for the massive destruction of my 401K that has occurred since your election to which Wall Street responded with a plunge in stock values. I know you don’t care about Wall Street, Mr. President, but 50 percent of all Americans have money in the market including union workers or state employees whose pension funds are invested. I know you don’t care about watching the stock market, Mr. President, but its a foward-looking economic indicator that is decidely unimpressed with your cap and trade carbon policies, your proposal to increase capital gains taxes (which impacts everyone who invests in a mutual fund), and your profligate and irresponsible spending plans. Just because George Bush generated a $1 trillion deficit in 8 years why do you feel compelled to generate an additional $1 trillion deficit in 4 weeks? Basically Obama is taking every idiotic thing done by Bush and cubing the idiocy.

  13. Ed says

    Kennedy cut the top tax bracket from 90% to 70%. Reagan cut the top tax bracket to 28%. Moving back to 38% is not that bad of a jump.

    Being wealthy is not a bad word in this country. As someone making less than $100K, my tax rate is 28%. Asking someone making over $350K to pay 38% (10% more than me while they make 400% of my salary) doesn’t seem to be a tremendous burden.

    Assuming I make $75,000, moving my taxes up 2%, drops my income to $61,000 – a real burden to someone trying to raise a family. Moving the tax burden up 10% on someone making $350,000 drops their income to $315,000. A bigger hit but certainly less likely to affect the lifestyle.

  14. Ed says

    My bad. I did my math wrong. It 75,000 would become 72,000 with a 2% tax move. (This is why I should always use a calculator. – sigh). A 10% move would mean $67,500 for 28%er.

  15. Brian says

    Some of the rich don’t mind paying more in taxes. They realize that someone needs to pay for government services and programs and after the Bush years, the middle class is pretty tapped out. Charle Barkley, retired NBA player, said this when asked about taxes. “Well, I think that if you’re rich — I thank God I’ve been very successful — if you’re rich, you’re always going to be rich. If we pay more in taxes, I got no problem with that. If you’re making that kind of money, a couple hundred thousand dollars here or there are not going to change your life.” American policy has been to divert money to teh top and let it trickle down. Hasn’t work very well. Obama seeks to build from the bottom up, more sustainable and more wise.

  16. Gary says

    Impeach the Prez? The destruction of your 401k since Obama’s election is his fault? Wow, dude-were you not noticing that your 401K was probably laden with high-risk funds? Perhaps some oil companies, which Cheney worked out an agreement with (in a secret meeting back in 2001)?

    Grow a pair and deal with the fact that so many people lived beyond their means.

  17. Mike says

    Forgive me if I don’t get why this is such a big deal. If Republicans wanted Democrats’ policies to succeed, they’d be Democrats. The Democrats spent 8 years fighting Bush’s policies, and before that the Republicans spent 8 years fighting Clinton’s policies. It’s the very nature of partisan politics and the two-party system. Why are we expecting the Republicans to fall in line and say “we agree with the President” when nobody expected the Democrats to do that under 8 years of Bush?

  18. says

    You’re right, Mike. The Democratic obsession with fat old Rush is a red herring, and by engaging in an irrelvant pissing match with a radio talk show host who is tied to a Republican Party with no power, Obama and his team can distract Americans from the economic disaster that is being compounded with their tax-and-spend policies. Just wait till Americans are hit with massive energy bills as Obama’s cap and trade carbon plan is implemented. Good thing Team Obama has given 95 percent of us all an extra $8 a week in tax cuts because we are going to need that and more once the power plants — 50 percent are fired buy coal, 50 percent are fired by natural gas — raise their rates in response to Obama’s mandated cap and trade plan. But hey, it’s more fun (even if not productive or relevant) to talk about what a fat cow Rush is because it just makes us feel better. Team Obama certainly knows how to manipulate his supporters into focussing on the inane.

  19. GiveMeABreak says

    “when nobody expected the Democrats to do that under 8 years of Bush?”

    After 9/11, if you weren’t in line with Bush, you were a terrorist sympathizing traitor. Then in 06 most people caught on to the greatest lie in modern history.

  20. BC says

    Completely agree with Mike. Everyone here who is falling in line with Obama were the same ones PRAYING for Bush to fail – some even praying that worse things would happen. Why is it so different. And if you look at the votes on stimulus and coming up on the budget, the true bipartisan vote was on the NO side, as several democrats voted against the stimulus, but no one is attacking them.

    Here is the problem with more taxes – the “rich” people own businesses, which then hire the “not so rich” people. So we tax the rich more, they have less income than they are used to having so they cut costs somewhere else – either by raising our prices or by laying people off. So either way, the “not so rich” pay the price.

    And it is Obama’s “non-leadership” in this crisis that is causing the market to drop lower and lower. The market reacts on a daily basis to what is going on THAT DAY – NOT to what happened 3 months ago. Its interesting that when the market started to drop in October it was Bush’s fault b/c he was president, but now, its still Bush’s fault. Double standard, yet again.

    And again, WHY can’t people with differing views come on this website and have a rational, respectful discussion? It is 100% true that anyone who questions Obama is completely shut down. Whether its in the media or on a site like this. I am sure that if we discussed this rationally, we could truly respect each others’ views. I hope we succeed as a country – although I disagree with a lot of what the administration is doing. I’m allowed to say that, AND be gay at the same time.

  21. european says

    @ Mike,

    Surely no sane person wants policies aimed at rescuing the American economy to fail? I imagine that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that the latter don’t expect the President’s policies to succeed.

    Hoping that the policies will fail strikes me as a text book example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    @ Impeach the Prez,

    The man’s been in office for little more than two months. If any single politician is to blame for the economy, would it not be more fair to blame the person in charge the 8 years before that?

  22. AG says

    Mike: in a completely partisan approach to politics, you’re correct that it would be foolish for opposing parties to ever support each other.

    On the other hand, there is such a thing as bi-partisan support. If politics were supposed to be completely partisan, we wouldn’t have this, but some things are too important not to do, and laws do get passed with support from both parties.

    Further, as voters, while we might not expect an opposition party to fall in line with the talking points of the other party, we *DO* expect our country to be governed for the common good. That whole “promote the general welfare” thing.

    What we have today from the Republicans is an unprincipled obstructionism bordering on deliberate undermining. Had they adhered a little more closely to their own stated principles under King George, their stance today could be taken a bit more seriously. Only now, out of power, has the party rediscovered federalism, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional authority. They would very much like us to forget that, under Bush, there was Terry Schiavo, huge entitlement increases and borrowing and spending into deficits (because they “don’t matter”), and executive “signing statements” that permitted extraordinary rendition and torture.

    The meyer-lemon icing on the cake, of course, is their vocal desire to see Obama fail. They also want to forget that in the early days of the Iraq war, all criticism of the war and of Bush was considered unpatriotic, and that “liberals want us to fail.” Now that they are out of power, they’ve wholly embraced the desire to see Obama fail, under a veneer of “we only want what’s best for the country.”

    How do they square this? “Because we ‘just know’ these policies will fail.” No empirical data, just supposition and fear and total faith-based knowledge that their policies are right and they know what’s best for the country. And an amazing desire to send down the memory hole the consequences of their stated policies for the last 8-12 years.

    Limbaugh is merely one of many nasty eruptions of modern American conservative tribalism (hence “IOIYAR” — “it’s okay if you’re a Republican”). The sooner they realize this — and fix it — the sooner a majority will be willing to trust them again.

  23. mike says

    Impeach The Prez, meet Paul C. Paul C, meet Impeach The Prez. Wow! You two sure do make a cute couple! Now, here’s some of that redistributionist wealth. Go see a movie–Predator or something. Then, go to dinner–maybe at Denny’s, someplace like that. After that–wink, wink–you two are on your own! Oh, yeah there’s a Log Cabin Republican meeting on Friday night. Yeah, and they’re gonna talk about smaller government, a strong national defense, lower taxes and personal freedom. I think they’re having a give-away drawing, too. A special “over-night” at G. W. Bush’s new digs in Dallas is the top prize! They’re also going to have a discussion group titled “Same-Sex Marriage and the LCR–Why We Must Never Accept The Homosexual Agenda!”

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    I guess no Republican over the age of…oh, thirty-five thought they’d ever see the day when Democrats would wield so much power in Washington again. Well, you aint seen nothin’ yet. Wait until we get our LIBERAL, NEW OBAMA DEAL hands on the federal judiciary.

    Oh, our President doesn’t want us to gloat…I don’t care! It’s just like the great FDR’s second coming…coming to save our nation from the greedy, the selfish…

    Remember my forgotten man, you put a rifle in his hand
    You sent faraway…fight for the USA
    But look at him todaaaaaay
    Remember my forgotten man….

  25. Mike says

    @ European:

    Hard as it may be to believe, there are people who legitimately believe that the policies being implemented will not rescue the American economy and will, in fact, make the problems even worse.

  26. Jeffrey says

    Why are conservatives so dense? We already did what they are asking for–smaller govt, less regulation, and cut taxes for the wealthy. And what we got was the unmitigated disaster that we now have to fix. Isn’t it only logical that we have to do something different to turn the country around? But their answer is let’s do more of the same. Yeah, cause that has worked out so brilliantly.
    I guess we don’t know for certain that Obama’s policies will work but they could.
    What we do know for sure is that the Republican policies don’t work and led us to this mess. Why do they keep denying reality and why on earth should we listen to them?

  27. AG says

    “That extra $8 a week in my paycheck has more than made up for the massive destruction of my 401K that has occurred since your election to which Wall Street responded with a plunge in stock values. ”

    This is the kind of partisan dishonesty Americans are not being persuaded by. 401(k)s did not suddenly decline from being sunshine and rainbows to in the latrine on November 5th. Anybody tracking it saw the long slide down since 2007.

    “The market reacts on a daily basis to what is going on THAT DAY – NOT to what happened 3 months ago”

    BC, yes the market fluctuates day by day. But, two things. One, the market has had “up” days as well since Nov 5th. Ascribing only the down days to Obama is partisan disohonesty.

    Two, where we are *now* is not the product of a daily fluctuation. Since 2007, the economy has been on the decline. This is not a sudden drop, but a steady recession resulting from unsustainable markets and overextension of credit, both at the personal level and in the name of Bush’s imperialist venture.

    You also echo exactly the point I made previously (that I don’t see posted yet): the idea that the American left somehow monolithically wanted Bush to fail was — and is — bullshit. The American center-left went so far as to support him at the outset. He sold us, and congress, a bogus set of goods, and many people who had relevant, good-faith criticisms were silenced as unpatriotic. Many of them were proven right, and history will remember this.

    In contrast, Obama as sat down with Republicans and listened to their concerns, and gone so far as to modify parts of his stimulus bill based on their input — and they still shot it down. While I’m willing to believe at least some of them had a principled reason for doing so, the lock-step way they behaved, coupled with the kow-towing Steele, Cantor, and others have had to do to Rush fucking Limbaugh lest they appear to disagree with him tells me — and currently the American public — that the GOP has some serious problems right now, not the least of which is a problem being taken seriously.

  28. Jeffrey says

    And people didn’t have to pray for Bush to fail. He was really good at failing and didn’t need help. He excelled at failing.
    The democrats did not call for him to fail at his job. In the beginning of his presidency, they were overly supportive. They basically gave him everything he wanted after 9/11 because they cared about the country and they knew we had to pull together. Bush took advantage of that and lied us into a needless war, authorized torture and bankrupted our nation. Now we have an even greater crisis and the Republicans are giving no support to President Obama.
    That is the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans are only fighting for political position, the Democrats are trying to do what’s good for the country.
    That is becoming crystal clear and the polls are showing that the American people see the Republicans for what they are, and are backing away from them.

  29. says


    IMPEACH THE PREZ: I strongly believe that visitors to this site need to hear the other side as often as possible (we can get a little preaching to the choir around here). Having said that, your points are often hackneyed and shrill. My advice is for you to try and be a little more balanced.

    Admit, for instance, that The Bush administration was probably the most destructive administration since Hoover. I think that’s a pretty easy point for us all to agree on.

    I too have my reservations about how OUR President is handling this crisis. I think the large corporations (especially the banks) are getting away with murder. I think you would get further if you spoke from your heart and not from talking points sent out by various right leaning websites and other media.

    Where’s RB? He was a Republican who knew how to argue his points rationally. Have I just missed his postings? Has he morphed into the rabid IMPEACH THE PREZ?

  30. CK says

    What can be said of Conservatives that has not already been said about Hemorrhoids?

    Those here trashing Obama just because he is not following the failed policies of Bush and the Republicans need to get a fucking life. YOUR people fucked the country up and left us to pick up the pieces. LAUGHABLE how one person is even blaming Obama for the Stock Market troubles.

    At this point I have given up on expecting ANY kind of help from the GOP in the attempts to right the country. They are acting like petulant little pissants and refusing to go along with anything… well, kids, if you don’t wanna play in the sandbox, STFU and let the adults try to sort out your shit-heap-mess you created. The voters told you who they trust to lead… get used to it!

    Wanting the policies that are trying to right the country to fail? Seriously? To those that say that: FUCK YOU ALL, you good-for-nothing morons!

  31. Marc says

    For once, I don’t think that I could possibly add anything more of value… With one, tiny minor exception;

    WE let the Republicans drive us into an unjust and immoral war and our economy into the ground while WE allowed the Democrats to not lift a finger or a voice in disagreement to this tyranny. And WE sat back and allowed them both to relocate our jobs elsewhere so WE could further glorify the almighty dollar. There is no way that point could honestly be negated and to defend it is what is truly an “unAmerican” posture and a bald-faced lie.

    It is not just the parties themselves but all Americans who are guilty. Because in pursuit of our greed and our lust for individual power, we chose not to raise our voices loud enough in defense of our Constitution or our Bill of Rights. WE each are guilty in the complicity of a way of life that seeks to always subjugate someone else to ourselves and until we personally accept and learn this lesson as well our responsibilities individually, WE will continue to slide further and further into a vacuous moral and ethical standard.

    It is not the size of government or the party in power that is the problem, it is the inability of its citizens to accept responsibility for its problems.

    What ye sow, so shall ye reap!

    I for one am not altogether unhappy at this turn of events. We needed a wake up call. It remains to be seen if we will heed it and become a cohesive people at last. Because since the creation of those two documents above which we are supposed to hold so dear, we’ve been anything but a truly UNITED states.

    Shame on us all.

  32. TANK says

    I’m delighted that this is being talked about so much. The more Limbaugh’s presumptive status as head of the republican party is touted, the stronger third party prospects to supplant it become. And thankfully there are a good deal of republicans on this comments section looking to defend Limbaugh’s desire that the president’s economic policies fail. You are literally writing yourself out of political relevance. MORE PLEASE!

  33. Brian Griffin says

    As a democrat, I never had to either hope or pray that Bush and is policies would fail – just had to sit back and watch. Knew it was coming.

    To me this suggests that Rush has no idea whether President Obama will succeed or fail, and has absolutely no ideas to counter what President Obama is putting forward. I mean, I only pray and/or hope when all else fails.

    I’ve also thought of this in terms of, say, doesn’t the thief always hope that the law will fail? Doesn’t the autocrat always work to undermine democracy?

  34. BC says

    AG: give me your definition of bi-partisan. Because as I said above, the votes AGAINST the stimulus were more bi partisan than the votes for. Bi-partisan does not mean to fully agree with the left.

  35. BC says

    @AG (again): sorry I didn’t see the rest of your post before I hit “post.” The far left had absolutely NO respect for Bush from day one, and had 9/11 not happened, it would have continued. There was a brief push of support mainly because they got smart and saw that if the terrorists see us completely divided, they will have succeeded. There was absolutely nothing that Bush could have done post 2004 that the liberals agreed with. Liberals were ruthless in their personal attacks on Bush. Notice that I am not attacking Obama personally.

    And he did allow Pelosi to write the bill and then kept his hands clean of it. Same thing he is doing now with the pork-filled budget.

  36. TANK says

    Also, what does a multimillionaire like Rush care if Obama’s “stimulus” fails? He’s got nothing that he needs to lose. He’s luring a lot of very financially vulnerable folks into chanting for their own demise. The republican party, like christianity, has become a death cult (a while ago, actually). His standard of living will be completely unaffected even in a depression; you guys (republicans of modest means supporting this rich elitist douche) out there will be suffering. I can say that about a lot of the republican politicians intoning his call for america’s failure.

  37. nic says

    oh, for gawds sake. no apologies here. i frankly despise bush and cheney for the simple reason that they condemned thousands of young americans to death and mutilation and a lifetime of hurt for themselves and their families in a costly and completely unnecessary war. for the piss-ants who want to tear down our new prez, i urge you to use a dental dam when you firmly stick your tongues into limbaaugh’s big, fat ass. (can anyone imagine what that might smell like? ugh.) why people listen to that pill-popping, lard butt is beyond me. but, perhaps, he is the harbinger of the death of the repug party.

    obama is not leading us to war. ’nuff said?

  38. european says


    You misunderstood my comment. Smart people can disagree. In fact, they do all the time.

    My point was that hoping someone will fail when that failure would also hurt you is, in my humble opinion, not smart.

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