Madonna Swings by NYC Gay Bar with Brazilian Model Jesus Luz


HX reports that Madonna swung by Hell's Kitchen gay bar The Ritz for a birthday party for her trainer Tracy Anderson:

"The Big M kept it quiet and cute, sipping cosmos upstairs at the
private party with her new Brazilian boy toy from that W Magazine
spread in tow. The hottie apparently
brought along a mix CD for the occasion and insisted that DJ Xavier
play the whole thing. During Bianca Del Rio’s show, a random contestant
in the 'Name That Artist' contest mistakenly identified Britney’s 'Gimme More' as a Madonna track. The crowd was aghast, but Bianca saved
the day giving Madge her blessing to come get all Chris Brown on the
ditzy chick. Just another Monday night in gay NYC!"

In related news, Madonna has reportedly received hundreds of copies of the Stephen King book and film It after it was revealed that Guy Ritchie refers to her as "It" to friends. "It" is not pleased.

Perhaps she should claim ownership and make "It" the name of her next album.

(image: Steven Klein W magazine)


  1. GM says

    Wow. He’s Madge’s — rather “Its” little fuckstick (presumably), and he thinks he can insist on dictating what the DJ plays? Enjoy it while it lasts, dumbbell. Gonna be a cold morning once you’re on your own.

  2. matthew says

    I have seen other pictures of him and I would like nothing more that to slowly and gently caress my hands all over his naked body. I would like for him to be my little fuckstick for just one day. Madonna, I will reurn him unmarked (mostly). Sorry if I seem like a cock-hungry drama queen but he is hot (at least to me) :)


  3. tony the tiger says

    I feel sorry for that kid that Madonna adopted from Malawi: when Madonna was married to Guy Ritchie the kid was so happy and high energy. But in the more recent pictures he looks miserable (especially the ones where he is with both Madonna and her boy toy).

    While most of us grew up in a stable home environment with childhood friendships with other kids that endured for years this poor boy will get shuttled around the globe nonstop. I bet he misses Guy.

  4. Ben says

    I just noticed in that Klein photo from W how they’ve so photoshopped her face and hands…yet left the nicks and bruises on her legs that she clearly gets from the touring work…ha!

  5. troschne says

    Madge is playing a dangerous game, taking that effing hot little morsal to a gay bar. I don’t care who she is, I would be on that like a cheap suit!

  6. says

    Not that I imagine Madge is totally without fault in that relationship, but someone who keeps making the same movie over and over, only more boring each time, has some nerve doling out the mean nicknames. I’m just saying.

  7. AM says

    … And Madonna keeps making the same record over and over, only more boring each time. You would think they would be a match made in heaven, no?

  8. tony the tiger says

    Thanks for backing me up on that Derek.

    You don’t need a degree in psychology to realize that all of these celebrity kids (Brangelina’s and Tomkat’s are the worst examples) who get dragged around the world like toys will not develop normally like the rest of us because they don’t have an opportunity to develop childhood friendships and a long term stable home environment.

    Just take a moment back to think about how closely your life experience was shaped (and how you were socially developed) by all your childhood experiences with your friends. Its kind of like you learn right from wrong from all of that. They are not going to have that. They are all going to be little monsters or horribly screwed. There are plenty of celebrity kids who are now adults that are examples of that.

  9. JoeyOh says

    Sadly I knew once she lost hubby#2 it would get all Judy,Liza, Liz and Cher-like. She needs that older European Gazillionaire like yesterday, good luck Ma.

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