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Morrissey Still Ripping His Shirt Off for the Fans


Morrissey, who is on tour in the U.S., is still tearing his clothes off in concerts. I remember seeing him do the same at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago at one of the last Smiths concerts in the late 80's.

Flickr user WhippetGood shot the photo above at a recent concert in Buffalo, and writes: "'Close your eyes and think of someone you physically admire' croons The Moz as shirt #1 comes off."

 He's been on tour for his ninth solo album Years of Refusal. BrooklynVegan has a load of photos from his concert in New Jersey.  And for those of you who love Morrissey, he [hearts] you too.

Or at least his perspiration does:


Morrissey turns 50 in May. He told NME he's contemplating retirement.

The full shirtless Moz shot, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. As you become older you start to clearly see the appeal of an stout man - even more so since you turn yourslef into anything like that :)

    Anyway, agining is upon all of us (unless we seriously want commit suicide)

    And besides you can only see him if you are just so close, so I could this as honor for the fellow :)

    Posted by: ioni | Mar 24, 2009 11:32:17 AM

  2. He did it a couple weeks ago in Richmond too, does it on every stop I think. It's sort of ritual now. And they still fight over pieces of like Pirana too.

    Posted by: Rob Lett | Mar 24, 2009 11:50:27 AM

  3. Well I think he's hot hot hot!

    Posted by: Tom | Mar 24, 2009 12:45:34 PM

  4. And we love it! He stripped his shirt off for the Pittsburgh show too. I took as many photos as I could but fumbled and didn't get to my camera in time when he went shirtless. It was an amazing show from start to finish. You'd know if you were there.

    Posted by: Alec Sarkas | Mar 24, 2009 2:22:42 PM

  5. i love that man!!

    Posted by: Daniel | Mar 24, 2009 4:56:33 PM

  6. I wish he had an ass...

    Posted by: Chuck | Mar 24, 2009 4:58:46 PM

  7. Oh, yes, Morrissey's become a hot daddy! :D

    Posted by: Alex | Mar 24, 2009 5:23:57 PM

  8. Oh that's so cute! How adorable he looks. I love Morrissey. People age and their body changes and that's all there is to it. I suggest anyone thinking about hating on him to realize you'll be there someday. Effin hate ageist people. The man is in his prime!

    Posted by: Marie | Mar 24, 2009 6:21:54 PM

  9. Andy? Queen is Dead tour, 1986, Aragon Ballroom? Were you the stud in the Blackhawks jersey, shoes - and nothing else?!

    Posted by: Big Mike | Mar 24, 2009 9:26:01 PM

  10. Right on, Morrissey.

    As a teenager, I totally crushed on your lean frame clad in shirts or not and thought you were so dreamy in your expression of everything I knew to be true.

    I've given you some slack with some of your solo efforts - you deserve it in my opinion for all that you've contributed overall - and your shows have always been all kinds of entertaining. But I really love that years later I'm still crushing on your bod as a sexy, hot-as-hell MAN that I would hang off of any day. (Pending approval from my spouse, of course. We don't have any such arrangement but I expect he would understand. IT'S MOZ, FFS.)

    Posted by: Rey | Mar 24, 2009 9:35:33 PM

  11. Yeah well, I wish I had gotten to see it myself. The fucker cancelled in Atlanta, and I'm still kinda bitter about it.

    Posted by: Aya | Mar 25, 2009 8:26:36 PM

  12. remember when that group shot came out with the records covering their peens. I think i stared at that photo for like a week...
    good god, he just gets better with age.

    Posted by: joey love | Mar 31, 2009 8:31:41 PM

  13. Mmm. I don't think this such a good idea. Other than that I'll keep my opinions to myself.

    Posted by: heiskell | Apr 2, 2009 7:33:56 AM

  14. WOOF!!! He looks amazing!!

    Posted by: Bear595 | Apr 2, 2009 2:41:21 PM

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