1. Jersey says

    Fuck, you got me tearing up at work. That’s like twice in 4 days. Friday I was listening to the “Fresh Air” interview with Dan Bachardy about his and Christopher Isherwood’s relationship and I had to pull off the road due to tearing up.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Pretty good overall, tho I’d rather not celebrate child-thrill kill murderers ***Leopold & Loeb nor “bug chasers” among all those colors of the rainbow. They aren’t elements of gay pride but simply among the functionally insane who happen[ed] to be gay.

    ***There is some evidence that their original target, out of pure revenge and not the subsequent popular version that they wanted to simply prove that as superior men they could commit the “perfect crime,” was someone who had spread gay rumors about them. Leopold married after his release from prison; Loeb was murdered in a prison shower.

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