News: Pedro Zamora, Pakistan, Judy Shepard, Venezuela, Adam Senn

 road18-year-old Seattle man charged with anti-gay hate crime after confrontation on bus followed by attempted robbery.

 roadFamily in attendance at capacity premiere of MTV biopic about late former Real World housemate and AIDS activist Pedro Zamora. Pictured, Zamora's sister Mily and star Alex Loynaz.

 roadA shirtless Ed Westwick spotted proving he loves women.

 roadGay Pakistani man now living in New York tells Newsweek how a threat forced him out of the closet in Karachi: "He told me to drive again, and as we drove around for what seemed like
hours, I had a vague sense that I needed to play his game and find a
way to survive this ordeal. He demanded that I admit homosexuality was
a sin, and I eventually complied. I also promised to meet him at a
hotel the following day, where he would tell me how much money he
wanted. He warned me that he had my car's license-plate number, and
that he'd track me down if I didn't show."

 roadCiara debuts new video for "Love Sex Magic" with Justin Timberlake.

 roadA whole bundle of Wild Things photos now out in the wild

 roadGQ profile on gay bishop Gene Robinson, Hendrik Hertzberg's New Yorker editorial on Prop 8 victory among nominees for National Magazine Awards.

 roadMuslim cleric Anjem Choudary calls for gays to be stoned to death at London press conference: "'If
a man likes another man, it can happen, but if
you go on to fulfil your desire, if it is proved, then there is a
punishment to follow. You don't stone to death unless there are four
eyewitnesses. It is a very stringent procedure. 'There are some people
who are attracted to donkeys but that does not mean it is right.'"

 roadThe son of poet Sylvia Plath, who took her own life at 30 by gassing herself in an oven, hanged himself at home after a battle with depression.

 roadGay Missouri man who claimed his businesses were targeted by an arsonist because he's gay is charged with burning the businesses himself: "The fires destroyed the three businesses and investigators said
graffiti left at the fire scene initially appeared to support
Thornton's claims to media outlets that he was being targeted for his
sexual orientation and that the arson was a hate crime. Larson
and Smith were charged Thursday following an investigation by Stockton
police, the state fire marshal's office and the federal Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms."

 roadAlleged anti-gay attack in Atlanta questioned after surveillance cameras reveal nothing: Atlanta police "not taking stand" on legitimacy of hate crime.

 roadMale model fix: The City's Adam Senn.

 roadHookies: Even gay hustlers have their own awards show.

 roadFigure skaters getting pulled into a sequined vortex. Johnny Weir: "To be accepted worldwide, American skaters need to understand that
excess is necessary. And yes, I take credit for that. I'm a firm believer that if you're a figure skater, you should wear a
figure skating costume. You can't just wear all black and
skate to Beethoven. There needs to be a story, and you're the

 roadLesbian couple boycotts Napa after City Council declines to pass resolution supporting same-sex marriage.

 roadVenezuela's 'Organic Bill for Gender Equality' on fast track: "it would include language allowing 'the union between two people of the
same gender' in the form of something she called 'co-inhabiting

 roadJudy Shepard brings message of need for tolerance to 4,000 professional school counselors in Charlotte, North Carolina.

 roadVancouver Fountainhead Pub assault not likely to be labeled a hate crime because those involved were playing pool together beforehand?:
"The victim of the assault, Ritchie Dowie, a father of two, remains
in grave condition in hospital with massive head injuries and is not
expected to recover. The incident occurred in the Fountainhead Pub on
Davie St., March 13, at about 8 p.m. Vancouver’s
gay community have labeled the assault a hate crime following
allegations that Woodward called Dowie a 'faggot' when he was
apprehended by other patrons of the pub following the assault.
Woodward’s counsel Joel Whysall said Friday that there was no evidence
a hate crime had been committed."


  1. says

    I wish the Zamora bio was a well-made film. I watched the screener a few weeks back, and while its message is clear, and Zamora’s life worthy of a film treatment, it would have been better served if more money went into production and more talent went into the cast (the hideous acting is one of it’s glaring flaws). The script reads as phony as The Real World itself.
    While I never expect anything, well, good, from MTV (and I work here!) I was hoping for something better than this Lifetime movie-of-the-week. Yep, it’s pretty bad.

  2. John in CA says

    The American media has gotten so caught up in all the anti-Chavez hoopla that gays here tend to forget that his administration is actually fairly queer positive (at least in comparison to previous U.S. backed conservative governments in Venezuela). In 1999, Chavez signed a decree outlawing employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. His failed constitutional reforms in 2007 included a section on gay equality.

    That doesn’t change the fact that Chavez’s rule has been heavy-handed in many respects. But he’s no Ahmedinejad or Mullah Omar when it comes to domestic policy. He’s against the U.S. for strictly political reasons. Not because he’s a religious fanatic.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why Obama has continued to exhibit so much hostility towards Venezuela. Chavez isn’t that difficult to deal with. As far as “dictators” go, he isn’t particularly violent. Just stop trying to overthrow him and accept that the country is now socialist.

  3. Paul R says

    Ed Westwick: never take off your shirt again, ever. Thanks.

    Wild Things: I will buy the book every time a relative reproduces, and I love the fact that my bath mat is a handmade version of the main monster’s face.

    Sylvia Plath’s son: sorry for the genes and the legacy.

    Lesbian couple boycotting Napa: seem a bit attention starved.

  4. Paul R says

    Wait, the cleric says there have to be four eyewitnesses to homo love? Isn’t that, umm, an orgy?

    And to clarify, the Napa council and vice mayor couldn’t have handled that vote any worse. But all the letter writing and hand wringing from that woman seemed a bit overwrought for someone who never even went to Napa, much less suffered discrimination. Frankly, it seemed like she was trying to score free hotel rooms or just has way too much time on her hands.

  5. Rudy says

    Call Napa City Council. It’s easy. Leave voicemails expressing your views. Mail, phone calls, and emails DO work, and government DOES listen.

    It’s a simple 10 second call. If everyone does it and calls a councilmember, we can bring about change and end discrimination.

  6. tallrobert says

    I dare anyone to tell me just what is so attractive about Ed Westwick??
    I guess you have to be either a 14 year old girl or an executive at the CW to figure that one!!

  7. CJ says

    RE: Pedro Zimora. Such a tragedy. I will never forget November 11th, 1994, the day Pedro Zimora passed away (as it was also my birthday), or the ceremony with then President Bill Clinton that honored Pedro by naming a street in his honor in Miami. The last time the Real World was at all relevant was with the Real World San Franciso in 1994, then actual adults 24-35 were eligible. The new MTV generation has become so youth oriented it seems once you hit the age of 24 you’re dead.

    RE: Hookies. Seriously?… Seriously?…

  8. Jason Patton, LPC says

    RE: Judy Shepard,

    Judy presented to American Counseling Association (ACA), not specifically school counselors. We are therapists, school counselors, counselor educators, mental health counselors, etc.

    I was there in Charlotte and we were all moved and motivated to make a difference.

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