Prince Harry Rocks Pink Nail Polish on His Night Out


Prince Harry, who's currently training to be a helicopter pilot, showed up to Raffles nightclub in London on Friday night in pink nail polish, which incidentally matched his boxers.

The Daily Mail reports: "According to sources
at the club, the young Royal was escorted into the venue by a Royal
protection officer and stopped briefly to chat with Arabella Musgrave,
Prince William’s ex-girlfriend. ‘Harry arrived quite late at
about 12.30 and didn’t even acknowledge the bouncer when he lifted up
the access rope,’ says a fellow guest. ‘He clearly wanted as
little fuss made as possible about him coming to the club so no one
knows why he was wearing pink nail varnish."


  1. rudy says

    Uh Oh! The “Windsor” (nee Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) genes are kicking in. He better get all he can now, before permanent horse-face sets in. At one time I doubted he was Charles’ progeny but the beady eyes, big bulbous nose, and bad teeth are unmistakable. And Gingers should never wear pink. What has happened to standards? Does not he have a gay uncle/auntie to advise him on these matters? The global economic collapse and now this! Quelle horror!

  2. JS says

    I could barely see the nail polish, I was more focused on those beautiful pink boxers and the pubes sticking up out of them. Mmmmmmmmmm . . what I wouldn’t do to take them off with my teeth.

  3. mike says

    The pink boxers are adorable. The pink nail polish is some fad-thing going on in his military unit right now. He does, however, look like a Windsor, doesn’t he? Those Saxe-Coburg German genes sure do come on strongly as a Windsor gets older (and they DO age quickly, don’t they?) As for having some Auntie/Uncle give him some fashion advice, that’s what the Late Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, used to do for the Royals. She was a notorious, um, Friend of the Friends of Dorothy.

  4. says

    Friday was Red Nose Day here in the UK where we were meant to do “something funny for money!” (it’s a bi-annual charity thing). I expect it’s something to do with that (red is the colour thing… maybe it just looks pink..)

  5. Johninsf says

    Are the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha genes also the gay genes? Oh wait, his uncle on the Spencer side is also tribe– he’s got it going both ways. Unfortunate photo– while he’s looking very fit, it’s obvious he’s pissed out of his gourd. Our handsome Harry needs to trade the bottle for some herb and yoga. His habits are causing him to age way to fast.

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