1. RB says

    Amen! Go Meghan…preach it! She is saying everything that I feel. I will continue to be a voice for a more middle ground republican party. And no, I do not like Ann Coulter either!

  2. GR says

    Blah. Blah. Blah.

    The problem with Republicans is that they are Republicans.

    They lost and are falling apart. No matter what excuse they have. The “Good Old Party” stands for old fashion values and going backward in time. Won’t happen anymore.

    Bye Republicans! Get a life – a real one.

    This chick likes the party because she gets her jewelry and her new cars with the money they steal and take.

  3. GR says

    The economy issues are that the Republicans want the pork in their pockets!

    Like totally…she is sad. 24 and she sounds like Daddy’s My Little Pony recipient.

    Young Republicans are only trying to get acceptance from their parents – besides a new car.

  4. lis says

    I’m pretty sure Meghan is going to stay out of running for office until people no longer instantly remember the name of her father. Before he ran, she was fairly liberal in everything and didn’t actually register as a Republican until mid-last year.

    I hope she does consider it someday, though, because I think she’d be great at it.

  5. says

    Meghan McCain may just be the most intelligent person in the Republican Party. After they lost the election in November, some Republicans thought (for about a second and a half) that perhaps they should rethink their basic principles. If Miss McCain’s way of thinking takes hold in the GOP, they just might have a future after all.

  6. Michael J says

    While I agree with the notion that the problem with Republicans is that they are Republicans, GR is being far too cynical in saying that Megan McCain is a Republican only for the money. I think she sincerely believes that many Republicans like her father are good people with good values and some good policies who have been overpowered by Coulters and Limbaughs of American conservatism. However, she is hardly the first Republican to come to this conclusion and say so in public. Susan Eisenhower and some of the Goldwater kids have been outspoken critics who come to mind, though they ultimately have distanced themselves from the party altogether — a far wiser and more decent choice IMHO.

  7. says

    John McCain is a very honorable man. He was ruined by politics in this partisan age. I actually felt sorry for him during the election. Glad he didn’t win, but, sad for him.

    His daughter seems like she was raised quite well.

    If the Republican Party actually adhered to true Republican principles it might actually make sense.

    Of course, if communism adhered to it’s real principles it might work too.

    Neither one does. Neither one will.

  8. RJP3 says

    “Amen! Go Meghan…preach it! She is saying everything that I feel. I will continue to be a voice for a more middle ground republican party.”

    Uh RB did you watch the video … basically you just declared yourself to a braindead bimbo who admits to Maddow that she knows NOTHING about economics or finance – so she is a Republican because it is the elitist club she was born into.

    There are NO good Republicans.

  9. jimmyboyo says


    sadly you and meghan will be tilting at windmills till around post 2012.

    The repub party will keep going hard right for 2010 thinking it is the messengers not the message. they will loose more congressional seats

    Then 2012 they will still think the above but just need a natyional spokesmodel for the failed far right message ala pallin, jindal, or robot romney (which way is the wind blowing?)

    Then post 2012 prez lose and more congressional seats lost the Crists, Huntsmans, and Arnold Governators of the party will have their chance to kick the religious right to the curb as well tax cuts the answer for everything crowd to the curb and lead the repub party into a moderate future. That is if it survives that long for Huntsman, crist, and the governator to take over the leadership.

    Though I disagree policy wise with all 3, all 3 are respectable and intelligent. one can have honest and good debates with their like as vs the wacky religous right tax cuts and de-regulation solve everything crowd. remember Nixon created the EPA and Teddy R was the greatest monopoly buster. Republicans once upon time acknowledged some form of regulation and gov oversight without scraping and bowing low before corporations

    This rabid socialist wishes you all good luck, but I doubt you all will survive to post 2012. The repubs most likely will go the way of the wigs and know nothing parties.

    A decent opposition party only helps to refine the left. Mod repubs aren’t a decent opp party though

  10. rockcandy says

    Give the girl a chance. I don’t mind what she says, and it would be a boon to all concerned if the radical right wing simply died off. She’s finding her way. It doesn’t mean she’ll find the way to our side, but exposing herself like this is refreshing no matter what you think of her views.

    Haven’t you ever heard of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Well, Coulter, et al, are my enemies, and I commend any Republican willing to point out the extremism and publicity-hungry BS from the evil talking head authors and personalities in the GOP camp. Let America’s youth focus on the sense there, and identify and invite that part.

    “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  11. timgunn's uncle says

    Some good points, rockcandy. But I fail to see how the Nietzche quote is relevant here. Meghan McCain’s, um, like, total disinterest in economics doesn’t prevent her from spewing a learned talking point about “pork” with alarming certitude. She demonstrates exactly the kind of lazy reactionary posturing that is sinking the GOP. Its not an issue of thinking differently, its an issue of not thinking.

  12. says

    I think Meghan McCain held her ground during the interview with HM Maddow – she spoke passionately and clearly. Her article on ‘The Daily Beast’ was well written and shows the promise of the younger generation. I think she IS the future of the Republican Party and she should be encouraged and supported.

    Meghan McCain voted for John Kerry in 2004 as a protest against the Bush administration, which shows she is not one of the brainwashed masses that seem to permeate the Rethuglican Party today (she could have chosen NOT to vote in the 2004 election at all but took a stance).

    As much as I loathe, simply LOATHE the Rethuglican Party as much as the next queen……we DO need an opposition party to ensure we do not go too left or too liberal, and that decisions made are based on the best of the two sides. And if Republicans can reorganize themselves to thinking similar to Meghan McCain – it will make our country a much better place in the future.

  13. Tyler says

    Good for Meghan for speaking her mind and trying to find a middle ground, but good lord, I do fear for her. That Coulter is a raging she-beast. She will eat that poor girl alive and use her ovaries in place of coctail onions in the salty, salty martinis of tears that she drinks.

  14. RB says

    CJ, if only you could…

    Jimmyboyo, you make some valid points but I am not exactly sure that you are dead on accurate. I do not see the advancement of the dem party in 2010 as you say. I do not see them gaining seats and if we continue down this socialist path the independents will revolt! Look, Obama is doing exactly what I expected him to do. There have been NO surprises for me. However, to many, he is a equal to a turn coat.

    I have several employees that are recently surprised by his actions. One actually worked on his campaign and is now getting very concerned. He is not happy with his spending spree. I think he will not be the only one to question the chosen one in the coming years.

    To a certain degree I think that Obama gets that himself. He is moving so fast because he knows that he has only a short time to bring “change” before middle America says enough. He is cramming bills in the dark of night, without public review in order to deliver on his socialist agenda. When middle America wakes up and decides that they do not want to live in the United Socialist States of America his undoing, and the left wing’s tight grip on the government, will come to an end. I think the glass is half full and you think it is half empty.

    As always I enjoy your posts and opinions. I suppose it comes as no surprise that we disagree.

  15. argyle says

    Does RB stand for Rabid Bitch?

    “When middle America wakes up and decides that they do not want to live in the United Socialist States of America his undoing, and the left wing’s tight grip on the government, will come to an end.”

    Are you serious? Middle America saw the GOP overspend and it took 8 years to get rid of them. They watched them flail about and spew out TARP as an answer to their poor governance. Obama is not spreading socialism (maybe acquaint yourself with the meaning of the word before flinging it about) but rather he is trying to clean up the mess the GOP left for the world.

    What exactly is his supposed “socialist agenda”? Maybe you are psychic and can see the foul plans he’s conjured up, because given his performance thus far as a legislator and president he is hardly a pinko.

    Reading your mental meanderings, it comes as no surprise to any of us that you disagree with Jimmyboyo’s comments. Of course you LCRs are just jealous now that we have a functional leader with charisma and a good rating, while you’re left with Palin *haha*, Jindal *titter*, Steele *guffaw*, Limbaugh(?!) *yuck* and McCain *snore* are your various leaders. Good luck with all that.

  16. Lubin Odana says

    I thought she was articulate and made sense – although one wonders why she doesn’t just take the next natural step and just become a Democrat.

    The Republican Party are where the British Conservative party were in 1997 after they lost to Tony Blair. And I expect that just like the Conservatives, they were have to have an internal struggle between the moderates and the extremes which will last about a decade (during which time some of the older hardliners will die or go gaga, paving the way for younger, more moderate people). Selfish capitalism has been shown to be unworkable – and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better…

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