1. Derrick from Philly says

    For those of you who worry about images of gay men, and getting rid of stereotypes (or atleast countering them)–here’s one for y’all. A former cop, and probably doesn’t know who Judy Garland was.

    He looks tastier than the best Philly Cheese Steak! with fries.

  2. John says

    While capable, this man is incredibly scared of being gay. He refuses to have his photo taken with other gay men, doesn’t socialize with ‘obviously’ gay men, or like to be seen at gay events. As he said, he only came out because he was asked. I don’t begrudge him any sucesss, and I’m sure he’s very smart, but he’s hardly a role model for the gay movement. Being gay, for this man, is something he thinks he has to ‘deal with’ not embrace.

  3. jimmyboy says


    Are you saying he might be a bit dorky???


    I loves me some dorkyness(inteligent and socialy akward).

    dorky (check)
    coco colored carmel man flesh (check)
    not a republican (check)

    now if he is tall to boot then I might have to stalk him


  4. Billy says

    “As he said, he only came out because he was asked.”

    Uhh, I fail to see the problem with that. He’s not hugely famous. He got appointed as CEO of Chicago schools and came out. He was already out to his family and friends. Considering how most gay people live their lives, I will not fault him in any way.

  5. says

    “something he has to deal with not embrace”……..John, I don’t think that it’s holy writ that we all have to choose “embrace” rather than “deal with”… are being a little bit doctrinaire. A lot of fellow gays need space ……I was looking at Jay Brannan’s (the singer )blog about not wanting to be hog tied by the gay thing !

  6. Rob says

    That was a really good, and informative interview. This is why I hope and pray that public television never goes away. I can’t say that I am a regular public TV viewer and that I contribute to their fundraising drives as often as I should.

    But there’s something so fundamental about interviews like these that CNN, FOX et. al and the Sunday morning gabfests do not, have not, and apparently will not emulate. That is getting down to the person behind the desk, and picking their minds so cleanly of whatever knowledge they have that is pertinent to the topic of the moment.

    I liked that Callaway left the “Gay question” to the very end, after he gave Huberman ample opportunity to speak first as a hardworking, high-achieving, well-learned, public official, before he made it known to viewers who didn’t already know, that Huberman is a gay man.

    See, it is people like him that we need out there who can illustrate that gay people are not all swishy, overly fashion-conscious, overtly sexual and, in some cases, extremely vile money/fame grubbing people with smart puns and comebacks. There are many of us who are simple-minded, goal- and career-oriented people from normal, All-American families with the same needs and aspirations as “Straights.”

    That said, I wish Huberman only the very best in his job, and that he can inspire more people like him in public office and positions to be open about who they are. We seem to have made headway in that area, with openly gay people working in local and states governments and on television news. So kudos to all!

  7. says

    He came across as smart and focused on doing what’s best to fix the broken Chicago school system.

    He is openly gay and IMO doesn’t need to be waving a rainbow flag everywhere he goes. And, I say that as someone who wouldn’t repress my flame even if I could.

    He hasn’t set himself up as a role model for the gay movement. He is an openly gay person who is succeeding because he is effectively doing his job. That’s enough of a role model for gay youth.

  8. Marlon says

    This is EXACTLY the kind of role model gay youth (and many adult gay men) need. Living his life openly while doing something meaningful and without all the “affectations” that many gay guys feel the need to take on. And MASCULINE to boot?! oh, yes……

  9. Rob says

    “… He hasn’t set himself up as a role model for the gay movement. He is an openly gay person who is succeeding because he is effectively doing his job. That’s enough of a role model for gay youth….”

    Thank you. You summed it all up pretty well there. Him being gay wasn’t the/an issue of the interview or his appointment for the job, and isn’t one for the responsibilities he’s been tasked with.

    Just because he’s said publicly that he’s gay does not mean he has to have his photo taken with other gay men, or socialize with ‘obviously’ gay men, or have to be seen at gay events. Those have nothing to do with his job, which means all of that comes under his freedom to choose as a private citizen.

    Not all gay men like ballets, art exhibitions, dance clubs with pulsating electronic beats and 80s tracks blaring from speakers, or wearing designer tuxes and hanging out at GLAAD or HRH (or the local equivalents) balls and dinner parties.

    Being the CEO of a large and demanding education system, esp. like that of Chicago’s, definitely does not sound easy and I would expect that Huberman would want to slip away for some personal downtime when his attention is not required. Stop hating, John @12:26PM

  10. Silly says

    The comments by John are absurd. I know Ron and he has been to my home on several occasions for social events with other gay people. I’ve attended “gay” events with him and he is very at ease. He is a decent, thoughtful and brilliant man who just happens to be gay.

    If more gay men focused on who they are and what they can contribute vs. the shallow, self-absorbed, stereotype John seems to prefer, there might just be more role models like Ron.

  11. Bill says

    A real MAN! If more gay men would calm down and work out our personal problems would lesson. How many effeminate gay men complain about the lack of masculine gay men? How about you do something about it and calm down and work out? Take up a hobby that will turn gay men on like Judo or wrestling. Gay men on average have higher levels of free testosterone than haterosexual males. Free testosterone is responsible for giving men their gender specific traits like a deep voice, broad shoulders, body hair, musculature etc. Gay men also have bigger dicks on average than heterosexual males.

  12. cb says

    Just because someone doesn’t “burst” out of the closet doesn’t mean he is “hiding”. And how the hell do you know John who his friends are? From what I can tell, it is a well rounded group of people. Cops(yes,there are gay cops), woman, couples(both gay and straight). Also,like anyone with a brain,his life doesn’t revolve bars and bar culture.
    He was asked if we was gay. He answered. End of story.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “…have higher levels of free testosterone than haterosexual males.”

    Mine must still be in bondage ’cause I aint gonna’ ever ever butch it up….unless you can guarantee me that Huberman will leave his spouse for me. Shit, I’ll go to the gym everyday for him…but I’ll probably only be butch in front of him. In private, I’ll still be doing Dietrich impersonations.

    …ever seen gay couples like that? One partner is butch around his lover, but a flaming queen around everybody else? What pressure to put one’s self under.

  14. cb says

    Yes,that’s what we need. The superidentent of the CPS to “swish it up”,in order to make homophobic homosexuals feel better about themselves. I find that insulting.

    So if he was black,would you ask him to sing a little song or eat fried chicken?

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “So if he was black,would you ask him to sing a little song or eat fried chicken?”

    And if he was white (rather than Semitic) would you expect him to have no rhythm and WISH he could prepare some decent fried chicken?

    Don’t tell me that you were only making a point about stereotypes. DAVID was making a joke, and you know it….Adolf.

  16. Derrick from Philly says


    that’s interesting. I thought I’d read that he was biracial (like our glorious President), but later I also read that he was born in Isreal WHICH DOES NOT MEAN that you’re not biracial. Whatever he is, he’s fine…with juciy beefy stuff!

  17. jimmyboyo says


    I thought he was anglo -african american mixed with the honey colored goodness skin tone of his.

    Google search

    Turns out born in Tel Aviv, Israel = Jewish. No mention on just cultural or a believer though I’m crossing my fingers on atheist.

    anyway; my bet is on his ancestors going the spain, north africa, or arab nations route as vs euro route during the dispersal.

    Whatever, it is a nice mix = pretty pretty coco carmel golden skin tone with thickish textured hair = Jew Fro LOL. YUM! A north african convert or 2 in that family tree of his way back when and he could be packing a nice fatty schlong. Like we will ever see it.


  18. Jason says

    Well, he did say both sides of his family came from Holocaust survivors. He seemed a little unsure at that point, but…*shrugs* He’s nice to look at no matter what his background.

  19. nic says

    i had just figured by his complexion and last name (duh) that he was of mixed ethnicity: jewish and somethin, somethin’ of the black “persuasion”? ha,ha. mostly, i just thought, “hot damn!”

    i’m sure that his job is a mutha-fuck, and i wish him much success.

  20. rudy says

    Articulate, rational, thoughtful, and damn hot. He’s the complete package. I bet he was every mother’s favorite date for her daughter or son when he was growing up.

  21. DonnyB says

    Thanks, Bill. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier.

    Apparently the penis size studies are legit, but I’m dubious about the free testosterone claim. Gay men are exposed to more androgen in the womb, sure. But then later it says…

    “He said his findings are consistent with other, very sketchy indications that some gay men are hypermasculinized, having a greater average number of sexual partners in a lifetime than heterosexual men, higher than normal levels of testosterone circulating in the blood, and larger genitalia than heterosexual men. ”

    Some gay men? Well, then obviously some gay men DON’T have more testosterone. And, thusly, some straight men have more testosterone than some gay men. So that part seems a little…sketchy…to borrow a phrase from the report itself.

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