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    There’s a great lady named Angela Harvey here in Las Vegas who says very forcefully that we must tell everyone in our families and all of our friends and co-workers (with discretion where it would get you fired, etc)who we are and who we love. Only when people realize that they are friends, co-workers and family with us will the discrimination stop.

    I think she is right and I think this man and his family prove it.

    Check her out.

  2. JerryK says

    How moving! When I see Love like that, it fills the void in my development where I never got my Parents Blessing for being who I am. Knowing that a Parent Loves their Child and willing to risk telling the World that Fact makes my Heart warm.

    The irony of our Challenges is that if you shake every Family Tree hard enough , a few Gay People will fall OUT. We have to give a face to Truth and Truth is the foundation of Love.

    What a sweet sight that was.

  3. Paul R says

    The San Francisco rally, march, and second rally went off pretty well. A much younger crowd than I expected, which was both encouraging (in terms of their presence) and slightly depressing (in terms of all the gyms and bars where older queens were watching from the sidelines). The march was the most attended of the events; the initial rally probably started too early, and the second (City Hall) rally didn’t seem too well organized.

    I also didn’t need to see the City Hall rally start with a bunch of songs instead of an electrifying speech—as many have noted in recent days, touchy-feely isn’t what we need. We need effective strategy, inspiration, and implementation. My straight friends were asking me why, knowing that they’d be presenting speeches, so many speakers just seemed to be babbling. Sorry, I have to agree…20 minutes of strong speeches is way better than an hour or more of Kumbayah. Which is why the march was more powerful, and a lot of people bolted after it ended.

    On a very side note, most of the photographers of the march seemed fixated on a blond twink who was among those holding the banner at the start of the parade. I can understand why—he was adorable—but he was quickly kicked to the curb once the banner made it to City Hall and the professional gays moved in to take credit. I was near him, and would guess he was photographed a couple thousand times.

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    I just got back from volunteering at the Los Angeles rally downtown, which also included a mile-long march to the LA’s Supreme Court Building.

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa officiated at a recommitment ceremony for couples who married during the open window and called on those present to pledge their own commitment to fighting for marriage equality and to protecting the State Supreme Court justices who protected us.

    The LAPD was out in force, and — as always since the election — they were extremely helpful.

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