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News: Daft Punk, Dianne Feinstein, End the Lies, Rihanna, Jacko

 roadSore Loser: Why is John McCain being such a jerk?

Tron  roadHarder, stronger, faster: Daft Punk to score Tron2.

 roadChris Brown to Rihanna: "You just did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you."

 roadHRC launches EndTheLies website to counter false statements made by anti-gay right wing groups: "As we gear up to fight for passage of our legislative agenda in Congress, will feature an “interactive wall” of anti-LGBT crusaders (i.e. the AFA, Sally Kern, and George W. Bush) and will provide ways for visitors to take action against their efforts. Users will also be able to nominate their own candidates for the wall."

 roadPOLL: Dianne Feinstein would be instant front-runner in California gubernatorial race.

Jackson  roadMichael Jackson takes mask off.

 roadSuspects in hate crime attack of 41-year-old man elude Seattle police: "According to police, the victim was assaulted by two men as he walked toward his home from a bar. The victim told police that he didn't get a clear look at the men, but from their voices he believes they were in their late teens or early 20s. He suffered a broken tooth, eye lacerations and injuries to his chin, nose, hands and ribs. According to a police report, the victim was wearing a white sailor suit costume that he had worn earlier in the evening while working at Gay Bingo in downtown Seattle"

 roadTwo men arrested for killing gay man and stabbing his partner on London doorstep.

 roadMan receives community service for punching gay man in face in San Francisco, calling him "stupid faggot": "Under a plea agreement reached in San Francisco Superior Court in January, Andrew Duhamel, 29, will be placed on formal probation for four years. As conditions of probation, in addition to a stay away order from the victim, Jerry Deal, 32, and payment of full restitution to him, Duhamel was ordered to pay $1,000 to Community United Against Violence. He was also ordered to perform 250 hours of community service or serve four months in county jail."

Lohan  roadLindsay Lohan thinks she's like a virgin.

 roadRyan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch Wolverine promo photos unleashed...

 roadNPR reporter bashes gays over Prop 8 donations: "[These incidents have] given rise to charges that as gay rights advocates tried to change public opinion, some stepped over the line and turned their protest into a witch hunt."

 roadRick Schroeder gets back to nature (nsfw)...

 roadRussian scholar says gays will have hand in U.S. collapse: "[Igor Panarin] also noted he had been predicting the demise of the world's wealthiest country for more than a decade now. But he said the recent economic turmoil in the U.S. and other 'social and cultural phenomena' led him to nail down a specific timeframe for 'The End' - when the United States will break up into six autonomous regions and Alaska will revert to Russian control. Panarin argued that Americans are in moral decline, saying their great psychological stress is evident from school shootings, the size of the prison population and the number of gay men."

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  1. Ricky Schroeder is fucking HOT!!!!! He has aged incredibly!!
    and that ass!!!! omg!!

    Posted by: Stan | Mar 5, 2009 3:55:06 PM

  2. WOW! Where to start?

    1. Chris Brown is a piece of shit.
    2. Dianne is (IMO) the democrats best bet for 2010 for Gov. I'll vote for her in primary if she runs. (ducking the flames)
    3. I hope the gay basher in SF gets ass raped in jail and his fucking friends choke to death on their own vomit.
    4. Lindsay Blowhand is a no talent twat and can go the fuck away as well.
    5. Rick Schroeder has an ass has a place on my face to sit as well has m' pecker.

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Mar 5, 2009 4:04:26 PM

  3. Opps ... forgot to mention Miss Jackson.

    Like Blowhand I wish that fucker would go away and never return.

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Mar 5, 2009 4:06:46 PM

  4. "1. Chris Brown is a piece of shit."

    I'll second that! Just read all the gory details of the police report on CNN. He needs to be locked away for a good long while!

    Posted by: Rob | Mar 5, 2009 5:11:22 PM

  5. * John McCain has always been a jerk.

    *The NPR story followed one featuring Gavin Newsom, which is why the story started with "Now a look at the other side of Prop 8" or something similar. That isn't to say they couldn't have been more balanced in the backlash story, but seeing it online takes it out of context.

    *Russian dude is stupid. People have predicted the fall of the US before, and we still rock and roll.

    Posted by: Alex | Mar 5, 2009 11:08:16 PM

  6. Also, I couldn't help but notice--being a proud resident of Kansas City, MO and, you know, able to read--that #8 and #3 on "Thursday's top 10 porkiest projects coming soon" seem very similar. Mainly because they are the same project. Now I know ol' JM didn't want MLK day, so I guess he's consistent, but the Jazz Foundation is friggin' awesome. I know some of our Lincoln Log friends will decry wasteful spending, but they LOST.

    Posted by: Alex | Mar 6, 2009 12:15:43 AM

  7. The backward coward, Andrew Duhamel, who went up to the gay man in San Francisco with his posse of trailer trash and punched the man in the face after calling him a "faggot"...well, a quick myspace search will take you right to his page where a prominent picture of his (nasty) smiling face and what looks like a he/she troll described as his girlfriend can be seen with the header "My girlfriends the most beautiful girl in the world..don't be jealous" ....seems he has no remorse whatsoever for his VILE actions. Might want to stand tall as a band of brothers and give said coward a piece of our mind via his myspace page.

    Posted by: Bayley | Mar 6, 2009 5:33:26 AM

  8. I heard that NPR story too and balked at the tone. The one previous was far less editorializing and the offending one had an air of "balance for balance's sake". I emailed the 3 NPR stations that I donate to, letting them know I', not a fan of a lie that both sides are equally deserving of time. Sometimes it's just reaching.

    Posted by: anon | Mar 6, 2009 8:46:44 AM

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