The Joke That Never Gets Old


No doubt about it. It's hard to keep a straight face on revolving loans and community development when someone's playing pranks with a farting device.


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  1. Girl needs to fix that hair....

    Posted by: Rugby411 | Mar 9, 2009 1:47:47 PM

  2. Finally! Something that you just can't help laughing at these days.

    Posted by: Marc | Mar 9, 2009 1:50:36 PM

  3. ".....a farting device."

    Yeah, well, that's what happens when you try to eat healthy fresh vegetables washed down with Kentucky Bourbon. But I'm still a human being, Andy!

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 9, 2009 2:44:05 PM

  4. LOL I'm sorry, I needed a juvenile laugh today, thanks!

    Any way to post this on Facebook?

    Posted by: CJ | Mar 9, 2009 2:44:58 PM

  5. I had to watch that about 4 times. Laughed every single time!!

    Posted by: MikeinSanJose | Mar 9, 2009 4:42:09 PM


    shouldn't that be 'healthful' rather than 'healthy'? anyway, you almost never fail to bring a smile to my face. i love you for that.

    no matter how grand we think ourselves to be, farts are the great equalizer. even queen elizabeth and obama let one loose, now and again. michelle and hillary never, never, never do. i won't hear of it.

    Posted by: nic | Mar 10, 2009 12:05:04 PM

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