News: Natchez, Barbara Walters, Stem Cells, Gay Panic, Pete Wentz

 roadStudent's lawsuit against L.A. City College over speech in support of Proposition 8 prompts anti-gay protests, formation of "gay unity" club, and death threats to a man who had nothing to do with it.

 roadLife in the Castro of Natchez, Mississippi: "Though it’s seen, and not often discussed in proper company, there’s a grand gay scene in Natchez. Thom Miller and Shawyn Mars have been together nearly 18 years and
have had Natchez as part of their dual residency since the 1990s. Miller said he and Mars make up one of just many gay couples that call Franklin Street home." (via box turtle bulletin)

 roadBarbara Walters: people want to be on my face?

 roadNancy Pelosi promises passage of inclusive ENDA.

 roadThe origin of eight high-tech names: Tivo, Hulu, Bluetooth, BlackBerry, Wii Wikipedia, Asus, and Prius.

 roadScientists no longer need embryos for stem cells: "In a breakthrough that could have huge implications, British and
Canadian scientists have found a way of reprogramming skin cells taken
from adults, effectively winding the clock back on the cells until they
were in an embryonic form. The work has been hailed as a major
step forward by scientists and welcomed by pro-life organisations, who
called on researchers to halt other experiments which use stem cells
collected from embryos made at IVF clinics."

 roadAre all these men fun and fearless?

 roadOnly Pete Wentz's hairdresser knows for sure.

 roadMatthew Mitcham takes four diving titles at weekend's Australian Diving Championships.

 roadBarry Manilow music employed to drive out mall rats.

 roadTahoe board rescinds domestic partner benefits: "The Incline Village General Improvement District board has decided to
rescind health care insurance benefits to domestic partners of district
employees. Board Chairman Ted Fuller says he voted to rescind the benefits because of the need to cut costs and the potential for abuse. Board member John Bohn says he again voted against the benefits
because he doesn't think the north Lake Tahoe community supports them."

 roadGay panic defense emerges in eight year old Fresno murder.

 roadOutrage: Jury buys gay panic defense in trial of gay couple's killer in Spain.

Greek roadGreek
teen gets love interest in the form of Gregory Michael from Dante's Cove.

 roadThe reviews are in for Jimmy Fallon's first night as host of Late Night.

 roadA very trippy ad for MAC cosmetics.

 roadArizona teens leaning left, survey says: "There's greater exposure to different media and different ideas, and
you would have more acceptance of abortion, you would certainly have
more acceptance of a gay American, and you'd also be raised in an
atmosphere that was more ethnically diverse than one your parents came


  1. patrick nyc says

    Jimmy Fallon sucked on SNL, and he was worse last night. This will help Craig Furgeson, who is truly funny. I give the show until the summer.

  2. txstevo says

    “gay men like pretty things”
    “A modest gay man can live like a queen here”
    “All the men are gay after midnight in in Natchez”


  3. bading says

    I have always loved Floria Sigismondi’s work. Her video of ‘Beautiful People’ for Marilyn Manson reminded me of the work of Joel-Peter Witkin whom I J’adore! Who has never dreamt of being swallowed by a pink tulle vagina and being met at the other end by hello kitty leather daddies? It is one of my recurring lucid dreams!

  4. says

    Ok, I completely don’t get the “gay panic” defense. Can anyone explain it to me? I mean, if I shot a black person, could I claim “black panic”? Or if I shot a man, is it “male panic”? I mean, it’s just absurd. It dosen’t make any sense. I’m sorry you panicked, for whatever reason, but that doesn’t make it okay to go around killing people…

  5. Eric says

    I agree DCKATE. The premise is that the fear of being hit on by a gay man is so great that the murderer became temporarily insane.

    Basically allowing such a defense means that the courts think it is okay to kill a gay person because of the “harm” they might cause you.

  6. says

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  7. Joey Tranchina says

    Erik wrote: “Basically allowing such a defense means that the courts think it is okay to kill a gay person because of the “harm” they might cause you.”

    That is not precisely correct. The correct analysis is: it is okay to kill a gay person because of the “harm” THAT YOU IMAGINE they might cause you. That is substantially different and exponentially more stupid. If anyone needed evidence of institutionalized bigotry against gay people, that’s it. The courts stretch legal logic in order to defend indefensible acts of assault and murder. No one would find this excuse acceptable in the case of a crime against anyone who they cared about.

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