1. says

    This looks really good – i thought the film was going to be a theatrical release but i guess its going to be a TV movie on HBO?

    i was really impressed by Drew Barrymore. Jessica Lange looks wonderful per usual.

  2. Jeremy says

    I saw the entire film earlier this week and it’s quite good. Drew surprises with her best work yet and Jessica is as good as she’s been since the early ’90s. I have a few minor quibbles, but it’s a mostly a very solid piece of filmmaking.

  3. DrTheopolis says

    That’s just a terrible, terrible poster for this genre of movie, ostensibly a classy HBO production. Inane comedies (a la LICENSE TO WED, DR. DOOLITTLE, etc.) always get the red blocky type to denote just how “funny” they are.

    Better way to go would be a saturated grey (hey! that’s an idea) sepia of the delapidated house with the two wacky aunts in the distance or off to the side.

  4. paul c says

    It looks so great that now I’m looking forward to other documentaries being remade, like Sicko with Louie Anderson as Michael Moore or a Supersize Me redux featuring Bill Paxton.

    Who wants to watch a documentary with gross real people in them anyhow? Stars make everything so much better.

    I should start a Facebook group for documentary haters, and you will be able to follow what we do on Twitter. It will be great.

  5. says

    man, i cannot WAIT to see this. i’m sad it’s not going to have a theatrical release, as it seems from all the talk drew would have a shot at an oscar…

  6. TANK says

    I hear ya, Paul. Though, you’re about to be swarmed by a pack of furious queens with their tiny daggers drawn, because technically, it’s not a documentary–though INCLUDES the documentary, and wouldn’t have been made if the documentary weren’t.

  7. rustytrawler says

    I just don’t see the point here. The original is amazing and real — and that’s what makes it amazing. Why do I want to see Drew Barrymore mimic the real Edie?

    What also makes the original amazing is the puzzle it leaves you with. You DON’T get all the backstory, just bits and pieces, threads of inconclusive evidence.

    This new version makes no sense to me.

  8. TANK says

    ANd I think the maysles were carniverous cannibalistic exploitative bastards. Those who say things like it was affirming, because little edie was living life “her way” are reprehensible. She wasn’t living life “her way,” she was FUCKING NUTS and poor. Nobody chooses to live life that way.

  9. says

    The documentary is first in my Netflix queue, so I haven’t seen it yet …

    But OMG, Jeanne Tripplehorn is a dead ringer for Jackie O. Wow.

  10. David B. 2 says

    this is what happens when MILK is just a fictionalized treatment of The Mayor of Castro Street…

    Thanks Dustin Lance Black you talentless hack!

  11. Hdtex says

    This looks extraordinary! I can’t wait though I wish it had a theatrical release.

    I would also like to see the Broadway musical done as a screen version with the originals but alas…

  12. Lubin Odana says

    Can’t wait to see this. Drew Barrymore looks great and the whole thing looks lovingly observed. This will make a fantastic accompaniment to the original film.

    As for the snippy bitches who can’t see the point – I hope you have a great time not watching it.