1. DaveO says

    Massachusetts: Romney
    California (briefly): Schwarzeneggar
    Connecticut: Rell

    If Douglas lets it become law, every state where marriage has become legal will have done so while under a Republican governor.

  2. John in CA says

    As usual, Republicans are taking credit for things that have nothing to do with them. Just like the douchebags who tried to claim credit for the Obama stimulus package that they voted against. Even if Douglas vetoes, the Democrats appear to have more than enough votes to override.

    MA: Romney did everything he could to ban same-sex marriage. And when that didn’t work, he resurrected a 1913 segregation law to keep out-of-state couples from coming to Boston for a wedding (just to play the Grinch).

    CA: Schwarzenegger doesn’t know what he wants. He has the most inconsistent record on same-sex marriage of any governor. He’s against it personally. But if X, Y, Z conditions are met and the stars are aligned correctly on the summer solstice, then it is OK for somebody else to legalize. He seems to confuse domestic partnership benefits and civil union (using both words interchangebly as if there were no difference). Thanks for nothing, Arnie.

    CT: Rell was going to pull a Romney. But Connecticut’s difficult referendum process makes it impossible for her to act.

  3. Alex says

    The fact that any of the preceding states had Republican governors is pointless considering all three states preceding allowed gay marriage through the judiciary, not the executive or legislative branches. What does the governor have to do with that? Other than possibly politicizing the issue to the point that people brought lawsuits in courts to try to get equality.

  4. says

    The Senate vote was even better than expected, so this is excellent news in VT. Another hurdle down.

    Re: Republican governors, well, the progress is no thanks to them. If marriage equality becomes law in VT, it will be in spite of Gov. Douglas and not because of Gov. Douglas. The majority of our legislators, including some brave Republicans, will deserve big thank you cards, but Gov. Douglas will not.

    Looking forward to the House vote.

  5. says

    The vote on the amendment to have a referendum and postpone for a year was 11 to 19! I was amazed the final vote was so lopsided. Let’s hope the House vote is too, then see how Douglas could justify a veto. I don’t think it’ll happen (fingers crossed).

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