1. Strepsi says

    Good for them!
    One more reason why Obama and McCain’s position on same-sex marriage as a “State Issue” is WRONG.

    Another being, that in some States a gay person CAN be legally married — and yet that State status is still NOT recognized nationally, forcing people to lie on taxes, census, immigration, etc.


  2. Eric says

    It’s about fucking time!!! It is a shame that the United States doesn’t get with the program!!!! I’m glad to see that this issue is finally getting the attention it deserves!!!

  3. Marc says

    Watch the video. You’ll better understand the legislation and many of your questions will be answered.

  4. Dennis says

    That law has been introduced to the house and senate every year since 2000. But it never get passed. Hopefully it can be passed this year under the supervision of Obama.