If You Were Wondering What the Future Holds, it’s Zac Efron


Interview magazine reads the tea leaves and gets a redesign for its April issue, less than a year after their last redesign, WWD reports:

"The changes just keep coming at Interview, with more staff appointments and yet another new look. The April issue will unveil a different logo and layout crafted by new design team M/M Paris (the handwritten logo is actually influenced by the logo used in the Seventies). The duo took over in February after Interview parted ways with co-editorial director Fabien Baron and creative director Karl Templer, and clearly M/M Paris has wasted no time in undoing the work Baron and Templer had done. They’d introduced their own new look for the title a mere eight months ago. Interview also named Joe McKenna as fashion director to replace Templer. McKenna had been a freelance stylist working on various fashion and lifestyle titles."


  1. David says

    If Zack Efron is the future, I will no longer take offense when people tell me I’m living in the past.

  2. says

    DAVID: Good 1!

    I loved interview in the 80’s. It was so right on target. It never just featured the latest PR created no talent. The party pics were the coolest and everyone it featured was smart and a true individual. I hope that the new staff truly do love and respect the original Interview.

  3. alguien says

    there was a period, shortly afater warhol’s death, actually, when “interview” was featuring hard hitting journalism and going after real news stories. it was after ingrid sischy came in and injected her special brand of suck up journalism into the magazine that it really started going south.

  4. styleboy says

    Love the familiar new/old logo…why not celebrate the brand? And putting Zac on the cover is pure Warhol…he loved a pretty boy!

  5. rudy says

    The future is vain, vapid, and closeted–a la Zac[k]? Gracias, pero no; seriamente No!

  6. so what says

    M/M Paris huh? Yawn, they’ve wrapped up the Paris market with a bunch of relatively self-absorbed public projects that have dated quickly and badly. I also recall a Calvin Klein campaign several years ago that they were responsible for that apparently made sales tumble 27%—they didn’t work for that client again… as with F. Baron, be french, make a lot of noise, ask for A LOT of money (which you can’t do in France) and do nothing interesting… well, BONJOUR !!!

    PS this cover is a bore

  7. latebrosus says

    Interview is my most frustrating magazine subscription. Usually when I finish with an issue, I’m appalled that I spent any amount of time with these inane nobodies who get ink simply by virtue of cheekbone sharpness or family name and who seem to live in a glittery rarified bubble of monied egotism.

    On the other hand, there are very pretty pictures.

  8. Paul R says

    Seriously, they have two hearts around his face. It might as well be Tiger Beat. Add me to the list of those who miss Interview when it was interesting—back when it was the size of a coffee table book and had amazing photography.

    Wow, that just made me remember when Details was a NY club and design magazine that was sold at trendy clothing stores. Times change.

  9. nickbilz says

    the future is indeed the past: i saw the picture before reading the headline and was sure that was Macaulay Culkin.

  10. Jerry says

    I think one of the most disappointing things about Interview after Andy died was the change to the cover (my subscription lapsed after the second Jodie Foster cover, and I didn’t bother renewing). Call me a revenant, but I do kind of like going all retro with the covers. I probably still won’t return to subscriber status, but I do have a bit of a smile on my face right now.

  11. says

    I agree- it’s a sad day when a magazine that has the reputation of Interview looks towards Zac Efron as the future or their future. What’s next?