Zambian VP Kunda: Report Homosexuals to the Police

In parliament this week, Zambian VP George Kunda told officials  that the government knew of people who had married to hide their homosexuality, and instructed people to report those people to the police, according to a Zambian news outlet.

Said Kunda: "Zambia is a Christian nation and it shall continue to be so because it
is part of our constitution. And acts such as homosexuality are not
part of the Christian norm. In 2005, this house passed stiff laws
against homosexuality. For people having carnal knowledge of each other
against the order of nature the punishment is a minimum of 15 years
imprisonment. If you have carnal knowledge of an animal you serve a
minimum of 25 years…I know there are some prominent people in our society who are
practicing homosexuality, some of them are engineers, some are lawyers
and some are journalists. If you have information about such people, report them to the law
enforcement agencies. There are also some people who are bisexual and
they marry to cover up their activities, but at the end of the day we
know them."

The news outlet, Behind the Mask, also reported cries of "shame" during Kunda's statement, as well as laughter.


  1. David T says

    i can’t even write down the horrible thoughts that enter my mind when i read stories like this.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Kunda’s kinda’ dishonest, hypocritical, stupid. Contrary to popular belief–he probably doesn’t even have a proper sized penis. ‘Course as I’ve said a thousand times on this blog, I aint no size queen.

  3. Dan Cobbb says

    Typical primitive politics from Africa. Ugh. When Mugabe started hunting gays in Zimbabwe you knew he was in trouble… he used gays as a distraction from the dying economy and a decade later a once flourishing nation with productive farms turned into a nation of starvation and dysentery. Africa is incapable of governing itself.

  4. Jasonite says

    Let’s see…. Kunda wants people to look with suspicion on lawyers and journalists as possible illegal nation-destroying queers…. hmmm… maybe they’re the ones giving him a problem and this is his way of turning the social spotlight of suspicion on them…?! Just maybe? I agree with Dan Cobbb above… pathetic and primitive.

  5. says

    he’s wearing pedophile glasses and has a mouth like a bass. is it any wonder he’s bitter?

    seriously though, one has to wonder if the leaders of some nations are hell-bent on ensuring that their countries are doomed to irrelevance.

  6. Lee Adama says

    My only question is has there been a sudden outbreak of homosexuality in Africa (or the developing world period)? I mean, there have been way too many stories about this topic of late.

    Me think this has more to do with a crumbling global economoy than with any sudden moral or religeous outrage. Since LGBT folks are about the only minority population on the planet where there is not universal condemnation of mistreatment…in countries with floundering economies they start worrying about the gays Russia

  7. Sportin' Life says

    What an embarrassment–the chieftains of these superstitious backwater shitholes thinking that homosexuality is what they need to be focusing on.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “Africa is incapable of governing itself.”

    So, true, Mr Kipling….I mean, COBB. And who do we have to thank for this primitive (no you didn’t use that word) politics of countries who cannot govern themselves? Well, Jolly Old England, Oooo la la France, Spunky Spain, PooPooPoo Portugal, the Goldest Twins of Holland and Belgium.

    Yes, there is always a history to shit like this, Mr COBBB. It’s my job (along with a few other Towleroadies of African descent) to remind everyone of that history. If we were to condemn Ireland unfairly, wouldn’t Irish and Irish-American gays speak out against that part of the anti-Irish statement that is unfair?

    Also (deep, weary sigh), let’s not forget Russia and her former “colonies” in Eastern Europe. They have some anti-gay leaders & people too. Some of the hairy real ones even look kind of “primitive”.

    (deep, weary sigh…mumbling racial slur also)

  9. noah says

    Dan Cobb,

    Thanks for your racist comments. It’s always nice to see an idiot like yourself show his true colors.

    Just how long ago were the “primitives” in the United States using homophobia to win elections and discriminate against gays? Oh, that’s right! Yesterday in Delaware! What about that nice white-skinned governor of Vermont who has pledged to veto gay marriage legislation? What about those nice white people in the Mormon Church in Utah that helped give us Prop 8. Hey, how about those nice European leaders in Poland, Bosnia, and Russia that always have something horrible to say about gays? What about that charming white Croatian gentleman who was just released from prison for assaulting people at a gay pride parade?

    BTW, weren’t the murderers of Matthew Shepard, Marcus Sandy, Brandon Teena, and Lawrence King all nice white guys?

    Yep, that homophobia, it’s an exclusively African thing. We never see it in the U.S or Europe or anywhere else practiced by white people. Nope. Never. Not all.

    African politicians are just following in the footsteps of American and European politicians who have used violently anti-gay rhetoric for years. What was it that Barney Frank just said about Justice Scalia?

    Dan, please, by all means, move to Oklahoma. There’s a certain white female politician who is known for how much she loves the gays. Really. It’s quite true. You might also consider a move to some towns in Michigan. I understand that they really welcome gays by not outlawing anti-gay discrimination.

    Three cheers for Dan Cobb, bigot doofus!

  10. david says

    can anyone just say what a bunch of animals. Stupid fucking animals. Let them starve to death. Any country with as little IQ as these people they should just let them die out. plain and simple

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “can anyone just say what a bunch of animals. Stupid fucking animals. Let them starve to death. Any country with as little IQ as these people they should just let them die out. plain and simple”

    Oh, come, come, come, Mr Duke…I mean, DAVID. If Colonial WHITE Americans had had your attitude 300 years ago, your peasa…I mean, immigrant ancestors would have had no America to come to. Some very black hands had to build Boston, New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Savannah, Charleston in order for “your kind” to come here.

  12. mepauladam says

    I sincerely hope this man dies a long, protracted, and agonizing death praying to his god. And I hope he does it soon.

  13. 1♥ says

    Let’s point out the real problem here. These people don’t hate Gays because they are African they hate Gays because they are Christian.

  14. TANK says

    And you don’t think that sexism and homophobia predated colonial imperialism in africa? Doubtless, it didn’t help it, but yes, war, strife, struggle, rape, genocide, sexism, and homophobia existed before colonialism got the chance to exploit and amplify preexisting prejudices to further control the peoples of africa.

    No beautiful people…never ever, ever in the history of humankind have there been the beautiful people. Humanity has always been despicable, ugly, vile…nasty brutish and, in napoleon’s case, painfully short. This anal fissure’s doing the same thing as a politician…repeating a packaged message the people will rally behind, and will win him approval and enable his party to more adeptly control the constituency. He’s scum, like any other militant ultra nationalist homophobe.

  15. clint says

    The fact remains that there is still no worse place for homosexuals to be than sub-saharan Africa, South Africa excluded. For whatever reason, this is the case. Why is it the case? Is it simply because the bad ol’ white guys taught them to hate homos? What is the root of cultural problems like forced marriages without hope of divorce? Is it merely education, or what’s the deal? Why is such virulent homophobia so rampant among Africans and African Americans?
    I’m just asking questions and wanting answers from people who have declared that they know more about this and the people/cultures involved than I do. I want an honest answer as to why, without any slant to make anyone look worse or better than they actually are.
    Is that so much to ask? No one here is running for public office…what have we got to lose by being honest?

  16. TimeToWork says

    Dan Cobbb : It wasn’t politically-correct of you, but the more and more history one reads on that subject shows you might be correct. Or at least correct enough where you shouldn’t get jumped on and called a – ho-hum- racist.

  17. JT says

    Go read Noah’s comments on the Duke lacrosse case back in 2006 sometime if you want to see the real “bigot doofus”.

  18. Derrick from Philly says


    we understand what you’re saying. The problem is that the insults that white homosexuals use to retaliate against African homophobia also predate homophobia and anit-gay sentiments. They are the anti-African/anti-black slurs white racists have used for decades, and they should be responded to.

    Who knows what shape Africa would be in if it hadn’t been carved into countries where different nations of people had nothing in common except skin color and sense of rhythm.

    The Europeans created Zambia and expected different African nations to live together under that entity. So, you have civil wars, unrest, corruption, etc. Yes, we would still have had these terrible things without colonialism–just like the Europeans. Colonialism seems to have made some things worse–like anti-gay hypocrisy.

  19. M from Germany says

    Don’t they have currently terrible floods in Zambia!?
    I guess it is just a question of time when they will come knocking on the door for help…
    Damn! Closed door!

  20. jimmyboy says

    Idiots on this board


    majority catholic and Protestant xtian with Catholics leading protestants. The Jesuits being the largest catholic missionary force in zambia from the begining of catholic pedophile cult push into zambia

    The jesuits who came into being in Spain 56 years into the Spanish Inquisition and took it over for the remaining 300 years of the inquisitions existence under the name of the “Congregation for Universal Inquisition”. They didn’t get rid of it , they just changed the name to “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ” with the jesuits still a heavy influence and controling force behind it

    This dude’s ignorance has nothing to do with his being African nor anything to do with the corrupt gov system enforced upon them by colonial Europe but rather due to the long standing influence of the bloody minded inquisitional jesuit missionaries and priests.

    One wonders if his new vocalization has anything to do with pope nazi’s recent trip to Africa? pope nazi who himself under John Paul headed up the renamed Inquisition “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ” Cardnal ratzinger pre his popedom and ruby red silk slippers

    The saddest part of this tale is that the majority of anamist/ pagan religions of Africa all accepted homosexuality in one form or another till the muslims and xtians swepped down into Africa bringing their anti-homosexual crazy religions and support of slavery. Hell many even prefered Queens (females) to kings with Queens having absolute power even unto ordering her own family members to comit suicide in front of the people and leading the armies into battle. With many African Queens , particularly from the horn area of africa being ceremonaly buried while kings were lucky to even end up in a grave. Anti-homosexuality and anti-Female swept into africa by the sword of muslim mullahs and xtian (mostly catholic) priests

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    “…but the more and more history one reads on that subject shows you might be correct”

    Who wrote the history you readin’, hon? The same honorable people who gave us “Birth of A Nation” & “Gone With The Wind”?

    African homophobia is horrible, hypocritical, dishonest & a despicable strategy for keeping the African public stupid on this issue. But when (pre-African homophobia) racist white bitches start to talking high & mighty and SUPERIOR…well, somebody has got to get y’all told–to remind y’all about Russian, Latvia, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Alabamian & South Carolinian homophobia.

    “Why is such virulent homophobia so rampant among Africans and African Americans?”

    Similar to why it’s so virulent among those whites who have a similar socioeconomic/ educational level/ fundamentalist Christian background of those blacks who are virulently homophobic. Who are the most homophobic in Europe? What is their standard of living compared to the liberal French or Dutch?

    The issue of manhood & masculinity is part of it. More black gays need to “come out”–different types of black gays, not just those of us who cannot hide in the closet.

    But just as you want answers about why Africans and African-Americans are so “virulently” homophobic, you need to think about why there is a growing contempt between black and white gays, and is that a bad thing in big urban centers where we come in contact with each other. Political correctness is necessary for civility sometimes.

  22. John in CA says

    There’s a long, ugly history of Europeans equating African populations with non-sentient beasts. When whites use such language, what’s being attacked is not homophobia. It is the African person’s right to their humanity.

    There are ways to criticise African homophobia without falling into the trap of saying all these people are sub-human. There’s a lot of homophobia in Africa. No doubt about it. And I would not pretend otherwise. The polls reveal an appalling ignorance about sexual orientation within many African countries (including the belief that homosexuals practice ‘witchcraft’). But that does not justify colonialism, slavery, or white supremacy.

    Not so long ago (i.e. before the 1970s), the vast majority of Europeans believed the same crap. Some of them – a fairly significant number I might add – still do. Though terrible, these comments are no different than those uttered by homophobic politicians in the United States, Northern Ireland, Poland, Italy, and Russia.

  23. TANK says

    “Anti-homosexuality and anti-Female swept into africa by the sword of muslim mullahs and xtian (mostly catholic) priests”

    This isn’t true. In one or two tiny kingdoms, perhaps, but gender roles were rigidly enforced for the most apart across africa, and homophobia did exist. Females as property predated muslim and christian missionaries. I guess hatshepsut’s existence means that sexism wasn’t a problem in ancienty egypt, either…well, no, it was. So far, there’s a great repackaging of historical paganism to make it gay friendly and egalitarian…when it wasn’t; moreso than christianity and islam, yeah, but not egalitarian by any stretch.

    Of course islamic and christian missionaries amplified preexisting prejudices and harmful social practices, but to suggest that it was an egalitarian paradise free from homophobia and sexism before colonialism and islamic interference is absurd.

  24. jimmyboyo says


    Nubia , Kush , Meroe (though could be classified as being just a part of Kush), some periods in Punt were not small kingdoms. Heck, Kush eventually conquered a large part of weakened upper egypt after the fall of dynastic Egypt

    They were called Kandake or Kentake, also known as Candaces

    The majority of Sudanese pyramids (outnumber egyptian pyarmids though much much smaller) are for queens not kings and not as consorts of the few kings.

    They also honored Isis and Hathor as chief deities in charge of the males…solar dieities etc

    – Queen Shanakdakhete, fought off the greeks and hellinization.

    – Candace of Meroë; kandake Amanirenas a contemporary of Augustus fought off the romans moving deeper into Africa

    -kandake Maleqereabar I had diplomatic relations with Roman Emperor Nero as documented by roman records

    – kandake Amanikhatashan succeeded Maleqereabar I. Her cavalry helped in the capture of Jerusalem in 70 AD by Vespasian’s army

    -Kandake Amanitore, who ruled at Meroe from 1 AD to 20 AD, known from wall paintings in sudan


    Hell if their is any truth to solomon and the queen of sheba, she is accepted as being from the nubia, kush, Moroe area and rulling Queen in the same manner as the Kandakes

    Though not accepted as historical fact due to the lack of evidence of Alexander the great going deeper than shiwa oasis, there are myths of his going deeper and being turned back by One eyed candice on her elephant leading the bow men of her kingdom and turning him back utterly in defeat. (like i said this account is thought of as only myth but their might be a bit of truth as in the female warrior queens of the area being known as fact)

    Nubia, Kush, etc comprise the modern area of southern most egypt, sudan, ethiopia, eritrea and down into somalia (whether somalia was kush and nubia or punt is up for debate due to other scholars placing punt in the levant area)

    The area is about the size of the East coast of America. That is no small area by far

    What is today Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea etc is almost as large as the whole of american east coast states. That is HUGE for that time period

    Augustus Caeser warred with Queen

  25. jimmyboyo says



    in no way did I suggest it was a utopia.

    Hell the majority of matriarchal societies practiced child sacrifices, and I’m not talking about abortion but rather 1-13 yr old children being sacrificed where as patriarchies tended to want such to grow up to be good soldiers.

    In no way do I equate animist/ pagan acceptance of homosexuality with their being enlightened humanists. far from it. they practiced slavery as well though on a smaller scale.

  26. TANK says

    While all of that is fascinating, it does not cast doubt on my main statement that sexism, gender roles, and homophobia existed before european and islamic imperialism.

  27. jimmyboyo says

    Post post script


    When i mentioned One Eyed Candice on her elephant, I meant one eye as in the other eye had been damaged in a different war pre Alexander. Though this particular account is considered more myth than fact, it does refer to an area which was known to have Warrior Queens

  28. jimmyboyo says

    I agree Tank, I did not intend to give that impression.

    Though i would say that such were exasperated and blown out of proportion thanks to islam and xtianity moving into Africa.

    Like I said, Matriarchies tended to be very bloody with the child sacrifices as vs patriarchies raising their kids to die in bloody wars instead.

  29. TANK says

    If you think that homosexuality was an accepted practice, then you’re basically denying that sexism existed, too. I could make a similar claim in elizabethan england or in ancient egypt; of of those claims would be patently and demonstrably false.

  30. jimmyboyo says


    I didn’t say in all of africa but animist/ pagan religions the world over tended to accept forms of homosexuality. With different areas accepting different forms.

    – froting (genitals rubbing against each other)

    – to sort of froting by rubbing genitals between thighs of a male

    – with the least accepted but accepted by some = anal penetration

    the majority of animist religions that did accept such though also tended to force said people into shamans / priests and not general citizens.

    in no way was this a gay utopia, but it was far more accepted than what latter came with the burnings and stonings of xtianity and islam

  31. Forward says

    Peter LaBarbera’s and Fred Phelps’ favorite world politician!

    This guy is a freakin’ idiot. Amazing.

  32. jimmyboyo says

    Post post script again

    Set/Seth was demonized amongst the Egyptians not for having sex with his nephew Horus but for not producing children and killing his brother Osiris, the father of Horus.

    The main gods of dynastic Egypt. Even then Set/ Seth was still considered powerful and due respect because he controlled the western deserts. But in the myths, Horus didn’t war with his uncle because of the sex they had when he was a boy but rather his killing Horus’ father in a bid for the throne of the gods (probably allegory for a war between 2 closely related dynasties in egypt…1 being from east of the nile in upper egypt and the other SET representing the western side of the nile in upper egypt warring for the crown of Egypt)

    Anyway; accepted that the God Set and the God Horus (their christ even with the feeding of multitudes with only 7 loaves of breads) had sex

  33. Jeff says

    Hmm, I always assumed that Zambia was be a mediocre at best country, but it sounds like they have it right.

    A 15 year sentence from gay marriage sounds just fine to me. If it were a developed country, I would support it fully.

    Maybe someday American politicians will open up their eyes and support the same kind of correct policies that Zambia supports (of all places).

  34. Ryan says

    Oh yeah, a “christian nation”…totally, it’s like the new ‘holy land’.
    51% of the country lives on less than one dollar per day, but darn who cares right?
    It’s about getting rid of all us pesky gays!
    That’s the christian nation’s priority!
    Because we all know once the gays are destroyed…the economy will flourish, birds will start singing, flowers will bloom, the sun will shine brighter and all will be fixed in the new kingdom of god known as Zambia.


  35. TANK says

    Yeah, I’m going to take a real chance here and go out on a limb in saying that racism, no matter who’s being racist or what context it’s in, is wrong.

    Last week, I said this about rape. You can start the slow clap without me.

  36. Just a clarification says

    Behind the Mask is an LGBTI media organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is not a Zambian news outlet, as stated in the news brief here.

  37. black socrates that right son says

    WTF like it or not being faggots are down right sick and dirty. it is against da order of nature and we all know nature is an expression of God’s thought.Faggots are not even human they are sub-human they should die slow and burn in hell.

  38. Jojo says

    Is this not another gimick of clamping down on political opponents. Such ‘crimes’ are hard to prove and innocent people can be accused of being gays. Makes you think of hitler and mugabe. When children are involved in homo activities the law must act with full force. However going after gays in this manner is a bit suspicious and divisive


    “DERRICK FROM PHILLY” (27 MARCH 2009; 2:27:32 PM),