Australian Government Rejects Civil Unions


Australian government rejects civil unions: "The Government’s response equated the proposal with same-sex marriage equality, saying the no gay unions policy 'reflects the widely held view in the community that marriage is between a man and a woman'. But the Government confirmed it still intends to recognise and support same-sex families through its community and social inclusion strategies, and convince NSW, QLD, SA, WA and NT to implement relationship registers."

Said Australian Marriage Equality advocates spokesman Peter Furness: "Opinion polls consistently show that a majority of Australians support same-sex marriage, making a nonsense of the Government's stated belief that its policy 'reflects a widely held view in the community'. The Rudd government has shown that its vision for the future is blinkered by prejudices from the past."

Rudd is questioned about same-sex marriage on ABC's Q&A program nearly a year ago, AFTER THE JUMP...