1. Rafael says

    More like a personal held view! If any single country should be used to gay people by now, that country is Australia.

  2. johnosahon says

    what did I say last week in hugh jackson’s column. Australia is even worse than U.S.

  3. Sean says

    Ok first off…Doug shut the hell up.
    NOT everyone who is anti-gay,gay themselves.What the fuck is wrong with some of you queens.Can someone just be an anti-gay BIGOT without the all the childish “He is so gay” bullshit.I mean for real.

    Sencond…AUSTRALIA IS NOT A COUNTRY,IT IS A CONTINENT.They teach you this in elemetary school.There are 7 continents and they are as follows:
    North America
    South America

    Wake the fuck up people.God damn it!!!

  4. Derek @ Madison says

    Oooohkay. Sean, you are a tool. It’s both a continent and a country. I’m like laughing my ass off over here that you actually took as much time as you did trying to establish an argument that it’s a continent, and “not a country.”

    What a troll. And a waste of space.

  5. James says

    Aside from the country/continent extravaganza (this just in, it’s BOTH!) this is actually very sad news.

    Australian culture prides itself an egalitarianism. If this argument was framed better then it would be a non issue. It’s a small country in terms of population, and the gay right movement seems to only now be developing some focus. Gay folks are still seen as ‘odd’, but this will change as the queer community becomes more visible.

    As an Australian that lives in the states it’s actually very interesting to watch the way the American gay community work towards what it has long considered it’s rights. Back home I think people have only just started to believe that they could be treated equally. It’ll take some time, but I think Australia will come to it’s sense’s.

  6. Donovan says

    Chill out, Sean — just calm down and take some deep breaths. As an Australian myself, frankly K.Rudd has always seemed like one of those shallow, idiotic little fascists too vapid even to fit into the Conservative mould. He just sides with whoever will take him (in this case the more “left wing” party) and in this case, he was lucky/vicious enough to make it to the top of this fecal hillock. He is a treacherous little bastard though — as much as the previous (literally conservative) Prime Minister. He has the face of a local priest sexually abused by his local priest. Sadly, in Australia the “left wing” party is dominated by a “right wing” faction within it — so we’ll never have an Obama of our own. (sob…) It’s a shame — in America you have polarities — Red vs Blue — but in Australia it’s just 90% complacent scum who vote for whoever their friends (or TV) tell them to vote for.

  7. says

    Moving on from ludicrous geographical debates, no one should be surprised by this result. Kevin Rudd is a fundamentalist christian, and as such, his views on gay marriage and civil unions are in line with “modern” “Christian” beliefs.

    I’ve never liked Kevin Rudd, certainly never trusted him, and have NEVER understood his strong popularity in Australia. While his stance on Iraq and his apology to the stolen generation of indigenous Australians were admirable, this decision is certainly on the wrong side of history.

    But compared to our last Prime Minister (of 12 years!), John Howard – a conservative who made George Bush look like Mary Poppins in comparison – I’ll take Labor Party policies with a flawed leader any day.

  8. Mr. E says

    I wouldn’t say Australia is worse than the US. It’s about the same. It has it’s metropolitan, liberal, accepting areas and it’s backwoods, redneck, ignorant areas. It’s more liberal in some senses and more conservative in others. I have a feeling that people who are saying it’s worse have never been there.

    And, Sean, really? Really!? I hope you feel like a total ignorant boob right now…

  9. mike says

    Dear Sean, please get back on the meds. Failing that, try MaxiPads. Also, try to get out in the sunshine more. The vitamin D works wonders.


    The removal of the acts of parliament that were discriminatory towards the LGBTI community was only one step in the process of making all Australians equal citizens. This is a human rights issue. If gay people aren’t allowed to marry then we don’t have the same rights as the rest of the community. Are we not Australian citizens? Do we not pay taxes? And yet this Christian bigot hiding out in the left wing political party is using his church’s agenda and his personal beliefs to dictate law. He can dodge the question as much as he likes as seen in the video above but he can’t hide from the cold hard facts. All for one and one for all.