1. BC says

    I find this extremely offensive. Whittling down an historic legislative victory to gay ice cream just b/c its “Ben & Jerry”? Just b/c Jon Stewart has been vocal in his support of gay marriage does not mean he should be diminishing the significance.

    So many gays got offended when Jay Leno said “Show your gay face” and he was strong-armed into apologizing. I don’t get it.

  2. paul c says

    I still remember that when Jon Stewart auditioned for the show that eventually went to Conan O’Brien (Late Nite), it was reported that he was rejected because aside from not being funny (without his current writers) his routine was inordinately homophobic.

    Word to the wise.

  3. James says

    The Ben and Jerry reference satirizes the Religious Wrong’s assertion that g-d “made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Stewart also points out that conservatives can’t blame the Vermont victory on “activist judges.” The segment seems, if anything, celebratory of the significance and quite NOT homophobic.

  4. MIKE in Houston says

    Jon Stewart destroyed Mike Huckabee over his stance on gay marriage. Jon’s one of the gay community’s most powerful and vocal allies. Leno has done nothing except bad Brokeback Mountain jokes.

  5. CJ says

    It’s amusing that the Republican commentators are now attempting to attack Stewart as being “homophobic”? Really guys? … really? … I’d still take Jon over O’Reilly EVERY DAY.

  6. paul c says

    I don’t have a link to the article because it was in 1993, and I read it an actual magazine.

    The reason I remember it quite clearly is because I had had a big crush on Stewart when he was on MTV’s “You Wrote It, You Watch It”, so reading that he was a homophobe in TV Guide upset me.

    Also, The Daily Show existed before Stewart’s arrival, with original host Craig Kilbourne and writer Liz Winstead and her staff it was already regarded as amazingly pro-gay at the time.

    Stewart was just someone looking for work who lucked into something that was already funny (because of other people’s writing) and successful….and pro-gay.

    Sorry, but to me he’s like anyone else in showbiz. He found a schtick that pays the bills. When Andrew Dice Clay was hot, Stewart was homophobic. When he got a job in a pro-gay atmosphere, he became pro-gay.

    I don’t know what his actual jokes were, but they were bad enough that they were deemed homophobic by 1993 standards and that’s what was reported to TV Guide.

    I’ve not been impressed by him since then.

  7. BC says

    CJ – I didn’t say homophobic and Paul was merely saying what an old report said. I, for one, don’t throw around inflamatory labels on people. The true meaning of homophobic would be “fear of homosexuals” and that can be very different than not liking us.

    All I’m saying was it was in bad taste (no ice cream pun intended). Had a relatively conservative person made the same joke that now Ben and Jerry’s was making Chubby Hubby, everyone here would be going nuts. Its just like “the N word” people. If its not good for one, its not good for all – and vice versa.

  8. says

    If Jon Stewart were any more pro-gay he would be gay. Anyone who saw him eviscerate Huckabee on marriage could tell he was speaking from a genuine place. He was obviously celebrating the VT victory and, because he’s a comedian–duh, poking fun at us and our opponents, just like he pokes fun at the Jews. Plus, he ranked VT #1 (when Stewart was here recently, he accurately called our governor a “shithead”) so I have to love him. I have a feeling that the people who are offended by this are offended by Stewart’s views in general. That O’Reilly sure is funny, only in his case it’s unintentional.

  9. paul c says

    I’m not offended by the comedy bit. Jokes almost never offend me. I just don’t trust people who seem to be coming from one place and then suddenly change their tune when they begin making money with a new angle.

    Kind of like one of those televangelists who say what their contributors want to hear, but who don’t really give a shit about religion…just money and adulation.

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