1. Sean says

    I love the bitterness and ignorance of the homos who read and comment on this.So ill-informed of the world around them.But yall expect people to take you seriously? LMFAO!!!

  2. JalanGaio says

    I followed the Real World SF and was so in awe by how Perdo handled himself on the show and the movie Pedro was very emotional to watch. It was cool to see the real Pam and Judd make a cameo appearance.

  3. Kyle says

    @AZZZ: Yes, he is. He’s also the one who through us under that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell bus.

  4. Micah J. says

    But he’s white and he didn’t dethrone Queen Hillary so all is forgiven. We love ya, Bill!

  5. nic says

    Bill and Hill tried to do the right thing within the context of the 1990s. for anyone to continue to blame him for DADT or the DOMA now in 2009, given that Obama continues to struggle, betrays ignorance of the unfolding of time and the misconception of the power of the presidency. i don’t know what fairytale you all live in, but a president cannot just wave a fairy wand and make all our wishes come true. yes, Leland, i’m directing this at you, because you should know better, but not only at you, but any and all other dizzy queens who want to take to the streets and demand Obama’s head on a platter.

  6. Kyle says

    Thanks, Nic, for pointing out my ignorance and misconceptions. I’ll let you stew in yours, but I will note that Bill’s caving to Congress on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was the first in what became a non-stop attack on the White House from the Congressional GOP. He put his blood in the water by folding almost immediately on the issue, and guess what, the attacks increased and did not stop for the entire eight-year term. He showed that he would betray his friends for political expediency, and he paid a huge price for it–as did the country. I remain convinced that it was Clinton’s GOP-lite that resulted in a Bush presidency and a GOP-led Congress. But then again, I am ignorant and plagued by misconceptions.

  7. nic says


    yes, you are “ignorant and plagued by misconceptions”. sooner or later that may actually sink in. historical scholars are already placing clinton among the top echelon of presidents. if you defer to history, one of clinton’s initial acts was signing an executive order to allow gays in the military (much as harry truman did with the integration of the armed services). but his own senate lead by sam nunn defied him. so what was he to do?

    dear, dear kyle. rehearse your b.s. and give it a sense of credibility, and get back to me.

  8. rudy says

    Bill Clinton was not “forced” to sign DADT or DOMA, he did so willingly after he so badly screwed up the politics by failing to align the forces before he announced his intentions.

    Bill Clinton is only a natural “people politician” while Hillary is only a natural “policy politician”. Too bad for us that one needs to be both to get anything accomplished legislatively. That, along with the continuing psychodrama that is their relationship to each other and to the nation was the downfall of their failed promises.

    Moreover, Bill Clinton also encouraged Al Gore to make pro-DOMA commercials when he ran for president. The only thing that matters to the Clintons, as they have proven–and continue to prove–time and time again, is political expediency.

    And I have no need to research these issues. I was there and working to adopt strategies to achieve basic human rights for gays. We were repeatedly trumped by Bill’s “poltical concerns” and became merely window dressing.

  9. Kyle says

    Nic, sweetums, in the world of grown ups, there is the assumption that folks might see things differently, and therefore, have opinions that, um, differ. It leads to healthy discussion and hopefully a better understanding of the world. Of course, there are folks who are better at than others. Some have there opinions and are confident in them. Others, apparently fearing that might not really know what they are talking about, feel the need to resort to attacking those who have opinions that are different from theirs, and the really lame ones go so far as to call folks ignorant, implying that they are the one’s, out of the entire world, who have it all figured out. Sadly, they never realize that it is that very tactic that allows grown ups to dismiss them without much thought. Best wishes.

  10. nic says

    KYLE, re-read your comment and get back to me (again). have i not said how i detest the folksy “folks” noun? your statement, dripping with sarcasicm, is simply a fulite attempt to imagine yourself as smart.

    still, sweetums, you have yet to redeem yourself in the realm of what grownups call discourse. for guidance, look to RUDY directly above you. he will get you half way there, at minimum.

  11. nic says

    boy, is my face red!!?

    i meant futile instead of fulite (wtf?). and i meant to say, “he [RUDY] will get you half way there, at most.”

    thanks, REAL TALK.