Brit Tab: Celeb Homophobe Meets Gay Celeb Predator in UK Jail

A wholly unsavory tale from far right Brit tabloid The Sun:

Tweed_boygeorge "[Former UK Big Brother contestant and Jade Goody widower] Jack [Tweed], 21, was stunned when he bumped into the Culture Club icon in the wash
block of the nick where they are both serving sentences. Shy Jack, whose Big Brother star wife Jade Goody died of cancer last month,
repeatedly met beefy George after being sent to cushy Edmunds Hill jail in
Suffolk. A pal said: 'Jack isn’t exactly the most comfortable person when it comes to
getting attention from other men. As soon as he saw Boy George was standing
there naked having a wash he was gobsmacked. He grew up listening to George’s records but never imagined the first time
he met him he would be stark naked in a prison shower.' Sources said Jack TWICE went to the showers only to find 1980s icon Boy
George, real name George O’Dowd, already in there wiping himself down. The THIRD time he went into the changing room where Boy George was
getting undressed for his morning wash.

A pal told The Sun: 'Jack knew what Boy George was in jail for and didn’t want
to take any chances.'"


  1. realitythink says

    Get over it!! It sounds like a typical day at the gym for me, and there aren’t any guards there to move the troll along.

  2. carl says

    I watched his whole season on Celeb BB and he never seemed homophobic to me, just too dumb to talk at times.

    And his body was very sexy, enough for me to save caps.

  3. Midland says

    Can i just sound a note of caution: this is The Sun, one of the most unreliable, homophobic papers in the media. They routinely make stuff up.

  4. crispy says

    If it’s not already, “Wash Block” really should be the name of a gay porn movie. Anyone have Chi Chi’s number?

  5. Rovex says

    He doesnt seem very smart i grant you, but to be honest i wouldnt have thought a naked boy george was a particularly nice sight for anyone, straight or not!
    Midland i agree, the Sun is completely unreliable, they are gay friendly only when it suits them (i.e they have an exclusive they cant turn into a negative, like with Steven Gately), when it doesn’t we are perverts and child molesters.

  6. Dino says

    @ John S

    Towleroad also has some of the most ignorant,out of touch,asinine commenters.Get my drift?

  7. Rafael says

    Is it any surprise The Sun is unreliable? It is owned by News Corporation, just like Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The Sydney Sun, and the list goes on.

  8. EM says

    What a total crock of shit. Whatever Jack Tweed is or isn’t, “shy” is not one of them and notice how they make it seem like “beefy” Gay George is waiting to pounce on Defenseless Shy Jack in the showers? Jesus wept. No, this is actually The Sun’s fantasy of what they IMAGINE is happening in prison. I bet George and Jack haven’t even met.

  9. paul c says

    @John S. – you read this “lame” story, you took the time to comment on it…and your comment suggests you have a history of coming to this site. You’re a moron or a masochist.

    I’m going with both.

  10. paul c says

    Oh, and if I were going to prison, Jack Tweed would be my dream cellmate. I’d be more than happy to console him over his loss.

  11. DD says

    “He grew up listening to George’s records” – he must have been a retro kid then. I’m 11 years older than Tweed and I barely grew up listening to George’s records.

    The Sun doesn’t even try. Useless rag.